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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Marry a Vegetative Man

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Lin Qinghe came to Shi Qian and looked at her with disdain.

“Arent you and your mother stubborn How can you have the cheek to beg me! Youre asking for 500,000 yuan right away. Is your mothers cheap life worth 500,000 yuan”

Bam! Shi Qian used all his strength to slap Lin Qinghe!

Lin Qinghe was caught off guard and fell onto the coffee table, blood flowing from the corner of her mouth!

“How dare you hit me, Shi Qian!”

“Youre rebelling, youre rebelling! Shi Qian, you lunatic!” Su Youwei, who was sitting on the sofa, helped Lin Qinghe up.

Seeing that Lin Qinghe was bleeding, she immediately glared at Shi Qian.

“How dare you hit someone!”

“Did I hit a person Are you people” Shi Qian retorted coldly.

Su Youweis expression turned extremely ugly.

Shi Qian secretly clenched her fists and held back all the words she wanted to curse back. She stared coldly at the mother and daughter.

Su Youwei was wearing a branded nightgown and the slippers on her feet cost nearly 20,000 yuan!

The dress that Lin Qinghe was wearing was a limited edition dress that was worth more than 70,000 yuan! The hair clip on her head was about 100,000 yuan!

This mother and daughter were only greedy for wealth and glory!

Only that scumbag Lin Shiming would be deceived!

In this world, good people really didnt live long.

Lin Shiming had an affair in his marriage, and Su Youwei came to his door with her child. Was it wrong for her mother to get a divorce

“Qian Qian, your father and I met first. However, your grandfather insisted that your father marry your mother. In that case, who is snatching whose man” Su Youweis lips curled into a cold smile as she looked at Shi Qian and asked softly.

“I never wanted your father to get a divorce, nor did I want any status. Qinghe just wanted to see her father. Was she wrong She didnt want to compete with you at all. Back then, it was your mother who wanted to take you away from the Lin family.”

“Have you really not thought about it” Shi Qian asked coldly.

“Lin Shiming is gone. Put away your disgusting hypocrisy!”

Su Youwei smiled with the air of a victor.

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“Shi Qian, your mother was too tough and caused your father to lose all face in Cloud City. He still hates your mother, so hes unwilling to give you a single cent.”

Shi Qian suppressed her anger. If she didnt need this money to save her mothers life, she would definitely tear Su Youwei and Lin Qinghes faces apart!

What do you mean, her mother embarrassed Lin Shiming

It was these two shameless women who wanted to get a higher social status and forced her mother to get a divorce!

She had to throw the blame on her mother!

How shameless!

“However, I have a way to get you 500,000 yuan.” Su Youwei changed the topic.

“What way” Shi Qian asked immediately.

“Your grandfather has a good friend who has a life-and-death relationship with him. When your grandfather was young, he set up an engagement with that friend. Before your grandfather passed away, he mentioned this matter. However, this friend hasnt been contacted for many years, and we cant find his whereabouts. Recently, that friend suddenly came to our door and wanted our Lin family to fulfill the engagement.”

“Although that family isnt rich or powerful, I think this marriage is not bad. After all, women have to get married.”

“You mean you want me to marry him” Shi Qian had already guessed what the mother and daughter were up to.

She was afraid a bigger pit was still waiting for her.


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