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The man’s jewel eyes were mysterious. 


It shimmered in multiple lights, unlike any human being. 


I couldn’t easily take my eyes off the beauty I saw for the first time.

The man smiled softly at me.




He had a beautiful and gentle smile, but somehow I felt like he was laughing at me.


“I understand your displeasure, but right now you need my help.

Don’t you know what will happen to the esteemed lady in your arms if you chop off my head”


The man’s tone was still cocky.


“The order has been reversed.

If she dies, you die.

If you want to live, you’d better fix that cheeky attitude.”


Lionel was still speaking terrifying words in a calm voice. 


Even though everyone in the room was nervous, the man still smiled with a soft face. 


“You’re scary.” 


The man spoke softly without any fear. 


“But without me, who can save the Lady”


The man looked away for a moment and scanned the nearby priests. 


The priests, who received his gaze, flinched and stepped back.

Amongst them, the man approached a young priest who looked particularly foolish. 


The priest, who was shuffling backwards, was caught in the man’s grasp instantaneously.


Unlike his cheerful steps earlier, the man grabbed the young priest’s chin with a secret gesture somewhere. 


Perhaps because of the man’s beautiful face, the priest’s pupils shook violently. 


The man smiled beautifully like when he made eye contact with me earlier. 


I realized it clearly when I saw it.

He was definitely right to laugh at me earlier.


“What can these stupid priests do” 


Unlike his singing voice, it was clearly sarcasm. 


The faces of the priests flushed red in an instant.

It seemed unpleasant to be ridiculed by a black priest. 


The man rejoiced at such a reaction and took a step back and took his hand back from the priest’s chin. 


I don’t know exactly who he was, but I was sure he was a handsome nutcase.

I felt that. 


It was a person that I never wanted to get along with. 


The man’s gaze turned to me once again.


“You haven’t introduced me yet.” 


I didn’t want to know who he was from the moment I realized that the man was crazy, but I couldn’t tell him not to introduce himself. 


I didn’t want to increase the number of crazy people around me because there were already too many. 


However, despite my wishes, the man introduced himself to me.


He bent down at me with a graceful motion, like a peacock with open tail feathers.

He looked accustomed to receiving attention. 


His appearance appeared very formal and polite on the surface, but it made it even more mocking. 


“Nice to meet you.

My name is Melanie Crostan, a servant of Rutte.” 


‘Is he a priest who worships the God of Death’


The man was a priest.


Rutte’s priests usually consisted of only elderly men, so it was the first time I saw such a young ma.

Of course, it was also rare to see Rutte’s people. 


But it wasn’t that strange.

Rather, I was amazed that such an unfortunate man was a priest of a serene temple. 


Even if it’s a temple dedicated to death. 


In any case, it seemed that personality is not taken into account when becoming a priest. 


“Did the priest save me”




“Thank you for your help.” 


“Don’t mention it.” 


The priests and the black priest were distinctly different. 


Both used the power of God and worshiped God, but those with healing power were under Ursilla and those who could use other powers were black priests.


This was generally a distinction between Ursilla and Rutte, so I did not know what the priests of Rutte were like. 


“Did you use healing power” 


“I, the servant of Rutte, can’t use healing power like those.

It’s under the jurisdiction of the priests.” 


“Then you’re not the black ‘priest’.”

TL/N: Lindel is referring to the one everyone is searching for to cure Lindel 



Unfortunately, I’m not the one the Lady is looking for.”


He was dressed all in black, so I thought he might be the “Black Priest.” But I guess he wasn’t. 


I didn’t know how that man came to save me, so I asked Lionel to explain. 


But Lionel was looking at me with a handsome frown. 


At that gaze, I flinched. 


He looked displeased.


“Why Why” 


When I asked why, Lionel shook his head silently.

Instead, he raised his head and looked at the man. 




Lionel’s voice was infinitely cold.


The man made his first uncertain face at the sight of Lionel, who suddenly spoke an unfamiliar word with a cold look. 


It was the same for me as well. 


However, without regard to our response, Lionel urged the man in a cold voice. 


“Put your hood on, if you don’t want to die. 


We were all silent.


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