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The man made a ridiculous face for the first time. 


Everyone in the room suddenly wondered about the emperor’s intention to point out the man’s hood, but no one could understand. 


The man was bewildered to see Lionel, who was about to kill him if he didn’t wear his hood right away.

Fortunately, he put his hood back on because there was no reason to be stubborn. 


The large hood covered the man’s small face to the point where only his chin was shown again.


Lionel’s cold gaze brightened.


I wondered if I hated seeing that gloomy face. 


Anyway, I had to ask vaguely again because of the sudden interruption of the conversation. 


“How did he save me anyway” 


“As I said, your breath stopped and I couldn’t wait to find the Black Priest any longer.” 


I was silent for a moment at the story of my breath stopping.

Lionel, who explains, also had a troubled face.


“I called all the priests in the palace, but it was no use.

So I immediately came to Rutte’s temple.

Ursilla’s priests judged that Rutte, who had a power closest to the soul, was a better chance.


Lionel added in a hoarse voice. 


“It was already quite a while after I stopped breathing, so it was impossible in a normal way.” 


He was silent for a moment. 


“Come to Rutte and me.”


The Black Priest was said to be a man who could touch the soul.

Therefore, my twisted soul, which was very ridiculous, could only be healed by that man. 


Nevertheless, it was amazing that he also had such a great ability. 


The man who received my gaze shrugged his shoulders playfully. 


“The power of God I have is to hold on to the soul.

When the Lady arrived here, the soul was separated from the body.”




“It was about to happen.

That’s why you stopped breathing.”


I was confused about whether my ears were crazy or the people here were crazy. 


My ears aren’t crazy, so the latter would be correct. 


However, it was hard to believe that everyone was crazy when they all had serious faces together.


When I looked back at Lionel with a pale face, he was biting his lip.


“Wait a minute.

That can’t be true.

My soul cannot be separated.”


At this point, I began to wonder if I was crazy too. 


I just vomited blood from the aftereffects of the contract and there was nothing wrong with my health. 


Of course, the decline in physical strength was a side effect, but it was mainly due to the fact that I had been lying down without eating properly. 


However, the sudden separation of the soul, and the story of three days without breathing, were enough to confuse me. 


‘There’s no way this kind of nonsense would happen all of a sudden.’


I was denying the reality, and at that moment, memories of the past flashed through my mind. 


If you have any problems with your body when I’m away, eat this. 




As Laroque’s voice came to mind, I instantly felt my blood drain out of my body. 




Maybe this is the problem Laroque was talking about. 


‘I’m collapsing and not breathing.

How can I eat it’ 


I remembered the red powder I had secretly hidden in order not to be caught by Lionel. 


The man’s voice tickled my ears again as I was shaking with intense anger at Laroque. 


“Anyway, I saved the Lady.”


The man spoke to me in a gentle tone. 


His refreshing voice still sounded cheerful, so it was quite comparable to my feeling of crawling on the floor now. 


The man was still happy when my jaw dropped because I was dumbfounded. 


“However, the Lady’s soul has not fully stabilized yet, so I must cast a spell to lessen the symptoms.”


“It will be better to do it while the Lady is up.

So will you all leave for a moment except the Lady”


At the end of the man’s words, uncomfortable air flowed through the room. 


I didn’t know how holding onto a soul worked, so I looked at the atmosphere around me.

However, everyone was also waiting for one person’s answer. 


Lionel stared at the man quietly as people looked at him. 


I thought he’d refuse to leave me alone. 


“You’d better not do any nonsense.”


But Lionel stood up from his seat.

To everyone’s surprise, he obeyed the man. 


The man smiled as if he knew it, and the priests quietly walked out of the door at Lionel’s decision. 


I was bewildered by the chaotic situation and called for Lionel.


“Sir Lionel.” 


“It’s all right.

I’ll be waiting outside.

I’m not going anywhere.”


Lionel looked at me with deep eyes and whispered affectionately, maintaining eye contact.

He gently touched my cheek with his hand, as if he thought I was nervous. 


“I’ll be right in front of you.

There’s nothing to worry about, Lindel.” 


I couldn’t hold him any longer and nodded.

The white door closed as Lionel left the room. 


Now, only me and the man are left in the room. 


“Your Majesty seems to care more about the Lady than I thought.”


The man chimed in and spoke.

When I looked at him, the man tilted his head and turned toward me. 


“I heard that the Lady’s life was in my hands, so you couldn’t move very much.” 


The man still had a mocking voice.

The atmosphere of the man suddenly changed when I made a frown, feeling displeased by it.

The man slowly approached me, taking off his hood that was covering his face.


“But how will he react if he finds out that what he cherished so much is not a human girl” 




I made a puzzled face at the man’s mysterious words. 


 Not human.

I didn’t understand what that man was saying to me. 


“What are you talking about all of a sudden”


“Are you still pretending you don’t know” 


The man’s words were shortened.

He dropped his courtesy completely and switched up, so the man was now no different from a thug.

As I tried to stand up with a stiff expression, the man’s figure quickly moved right in front of my nose. 


In the blink of an eye, the man’s big grip was holding my neck. 




“You’d better stop acting.” 


“Ah, since before, what nonsense, hey…!” 


The strangling made my breathing unsteady.

Before I knew it, the man was staring at me with an expression that was smiling all this time.


The man who had been so cheerful earlier was now gloomy and cold. 


He opened his mouth while strangling me. 


“Human beings die the moment their soul is separated.

It is impossible for you to live for three days in the first place.” 




“And this smell.”


The man’s face came closer to me.

His jewel eyes radiated a strange light and captivated me. 


“You’re a dragon, aren’t you” 


I shouldn’t have met this madman, either.


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