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I want to be a side character, but can not Clay Weapon

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The wood is heavy, but I have to carry it. Of course, I didn bring everything, I only brought what I needed and tomorrow it can be taken again.

"Woah, its time to go home!?"

I walked slowly while carrying a pile of logs tied over my shoulders. The free hand is used to hold the sword.

"A warm bath seems so delicious?!"

I want to relax when I get home. However, mom and dad are reluctant to relax too.

The two of them had already appeared in front of the terrace of the house with the large wooden wall, which had three floors. They are waiting for the return of their children.

I seem to have slept too long after chopping the logs. It was late, a reddish-orange light shone from behind the leaves up there.

"Rie, wheres your sister?" asked my mom.

"Amara said she wanted to hunt rabbits."

"Hunting rabbits?" Dad responded, and his expression looked very troubled.

I nodded at dads question. He looks at mom and sends some kind of eye code.

"Rie, you stay home with your mom. Im gonna find your sister!"

Father went back into the house and came out with a robe and a sword, "something must have happened!?"

Dad hurried away.

"Mom, is it my fault for not taking care of Amara?" I asked innocently, like a child.

"No, honey! Please, don blame yourself! Maybe its just a little accident." Mom stroked my cheek to calm down.

Well, this is a general Boy mask.

"Yes, Amara must be fine. Shes strong!"

"Thats right, Amara is a strong child." My mom smiled, "Calli, can you prepare some warm water for Rie?"

"Yes, Madam." I heard a voice from inside.

It was Calli, a Maid devoted to our family. She was my most loyal Maid, having worked for my family while still a Baron.

"Take a shower after you eat."

"Yes, mom."

I went to the back of the house to put the wood, and after that directly into a tub of warm water that has been prepared by Calli.

Hmm ... wait! If Amara is dead ... that would do little harm. I need a pawn to cover my every action in the future. I had no intention of bathing.





"You troublesome, my sister!"

I jumped from one branch to branch, noticing a red trail running along the terrain. Be it on tree trunks, grass, or rocks.

It was Amaras magic energy. I don know what kind of ability. I already had it when I first opened my eyes to this world. I can see the color of everyones magic energy, even the ones in nature as well.

Every human being generally has magic energy produced by the body continuously. And when a persons magic energy vessel is already within the maximum limit, it will be passively expended in a very small amount. Yes, squandered, its a pity!

However, I found a way to reduce that loss. I found a material that has a tendency to absorb magical energy and can be used again. So, I didn feel like my magic energy was wasted since the material was within my control.

And after a lot of hard work, I found this. One of the steps to revolutionize the magic system in this world, yeah ... I guess?

Hmm ... I seem to be bragging too much!

I continued to follow the trail of red-colored aura that existed, forming like a long dangling thread. After a while trailing that trail of red aura, midway vanished.

"Hmm? That means Amara started using her magic energy?" I look around.

I then sighed, "hope you

e okay, little sister!"

I continued The bandit hunt by relying on the traces of someone passing through the forest area. Thats the only clue. And Im 100% sure about the truth, maybe she has also started to fight. There is a sharp object incision in one of the tree trunks. This forest has become a playground for me. Ive explored the whole area.

I am now 50 meters away from Amaras location. Perched on a tree branch and hid in the dense foliage. Until now, no one has been aware of my existence

You fought hard, my sister. But, your fate is also unfortunate!

Amara lies helpless with several men surrounding her. Their faces showed anger, the cause was clear because one of their friends had been killed. You see, my sister managed to finish off one. Well, thats not bad.

I showed a fierce grin. "Lets start the real bandit hunt!"


e good rats for this material finding. Time to test ... Clay Weapon!

The black robe I was wearing changed texture, now it became mushy like mud, and the Black color turned brown. The object then crept down from the tree and headed toward the bandits.

I added some other ingredients, such as slime and other ingredients to the Clay mixture. It was a perfect mixture, it could change shape at will, harden or soften, and change color. I just let out a little bit of my magical energy ... and yeah ... I can control Clay who is rich in magic energy. Well, it must also be balanced with perfect magic control. Otherwise ... then its useless.

Okay ... lets focus on the demonstration.

"Hmm ... what is this thing? A new kind of Slime--"



Clay Weapon changes shape to be like a sea urchin that has sharp spines. They were all badly hit, their bodies pierced.

Yep, done. I quickly approached to see the situation.

"Well, it works great! Its so hard, even bones break!"

I heard footsteps. And it turned out that there was one tail that had been hiding and avoiding this great found object. It won take long...


Clay weapon elongated like a stick and stab right in the heart.

This hunt was over within three minutes, I didn even break a sweat. Well, either way, my creations are too spectacular. Moreover, these bandits were too weak.

The Clay Weapon crept up again, surrounding my body. It turned back into a black robe.

"Id better get back soon. I must have been a little suspicious about soaking too long. Eh? No ... I have a good idea. Im an older brother, right?"

Very good idea, Ill be the best brother who loves his sister very much. Well, although it is so, anyway. I still love Amara!





"My sister, are you conscious?"

I was the first to greet Amaras consciousness in her room. She opens the eyelids slowly and is working on adjusting the lighting in the room.


Just so happens, mom and dad also happened to enter the room.

"Amara, are you awake?" Mom rushed to the bed and immediately hugged her. "Thank God, you

e okay. Im afraid of losing you both."

I was finally given a hug.

"Both?" Amara raised one eyebrow in confusion.

"Rie, Amara, you will be punished. Especially you, Rie. You sneaked away to find your sister, but you only put yourself in danger!" Dad sighed harshly. "You guys are so lucky! There was a mysterious man who had finished off the bandits."

Amara was fixated on me, she looked at me closely. And I pretended not to see her.

Im a good brother, yeah!

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