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"I know you

e scared why I called you in my office,am I right?".

"Yes sir,I was wondering. Its the first time Im being called by you and Im scared,am I in some kind of trouble?".

"No, everything is ok". Autumn nodded as the pastor spoke " I don plan on taking much of your time because I know your parents might be worried about you now, is just that Im curious,your father hasn been in Church for months now and I haven seen your mother for two Sundays now. Is everything ok at home?".

Autumn signed with relieved, at least shes not in trouble,but how can she answer this question now,she can tell the pastor her daddy had another weekend family,she also can tell her mommy has cancer, because then her siblings will find out. Infact,if her mother wants people to know about her illness; shed say it herself.

"Do you understand my child?", the pastor asked wondering if he crossed the line with his questions.

"Yes sir,I understood. Its just that, daddy is always busy doing the weekends,he goes in the city for work every weekend and my mom came down with flu some times back,she hasn recover fully yet. I will try and talk to them today,and Ill tell them what you asked me".

Autumn said quickly to ask the pastor from asking anymore questions,and mostly to stop herself from lying to him.

" What work does your father attend to in the city that made him stayed away from Church for several months,and if your mothers sickness is that serious, why didn you or your siblings speak up to the church so we can gather at your house for prayer?".

The pastor saw that Autumn was terrified by his questions so he told her to tell her parents that he wanted to see them on Tuesday night vigil,she bowed her headed for the door

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