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Jojo system in scp universe Prologue: Death

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Daiten "Dai" Futeki was 16 years old and he was abandoned by his parents since he was a baby, until a kind old couple adopted him and took care of him as if he was their own. He dreamed about why his parents left him and so he desired to become a pilot so that he can travelled the world to find out why they left him.

He never realised that his first day will lead to his death.

"Alright grandma. Im heading out now." a young male said.

"Be careful dear, and good luck on your first day of school." a kind elderly voice said.

"Alright bye" the young man replied. He was Daiten Futeki but his classmates called him Dai, he was about the same height as the average high schooler and his looks are above average and he is considered handsome at his middle school, but the noticeable difference is his eyes, the one on the left is black while the other is grayish white. He was often bullied for his eyes but he didn mind as he thought it was his signature look. He was wearing a blue uniform with buttons and dark blue pants and was carrying a blue handbag.

He was on his way to a school where his new home was until someone familiar grabbed his arm.

"Hey Dai. Your going to the same school as well? Thats great! Im going there as well." a male voice said.

"Oh its you Chusei." Daiten replied. He was looking at a boy the same age and he looks like a nerd and he was wearing glasses, he has brown hair and he was wearing the same shirt and pants as Daiten but he was wearing a blue jacket and he was carrying a brown bag. Hes Chusei yukan and hes also Daiten childhood friend.

"Oh come on whats with the cold shoulder? Or is it because kokoros not here hmm?" Chusei asked while looking at him teasingly.

"N-no it isn s-stop it" Daiten stuttered as he forcefully removed his arm from him.

"Oh really cause I think-" Chusei said before was Interrupted by someone running towards them.

"Daiten, Chusei there you guys are" a young woman said. She is Kokoro yasashi another of Daitens childhood friend and secret crush. She is slightly taller than both Daiten and Chusei and she has raven black hair, silver eyes and she is wearing a golden necklace, her clothes are white with a red tie and has a white skirt, her looks are slightly beautiful than most girls in their school and she was bullied fot it.

"Oh hey Kokoro, about time you show up we were just talking about-" chusei said before he was interrupted again by Daiten as he put his hand on Chuseis mouth.

"JoJo! We were talking about JoJo right, chusei?" Daiten asked while Chusei was struggling against him.

"Oh you guys are talking about JoJo, I thought I heard you guys were talking about me." Kokoro said as she looked confused.

"No no we were not talking about you at all kokoro." Daiten said as he lets go his hand from Chuseis mouth.

"Gahhh it looks like the bus is here and don you ever do that again dai!!" Chusei said while wheezing.

They turned their heads and saw that a blue bus is waiting for them. They quickly get on the bus and they are now heading towards their new school.

Whats their school you wonder, well it is a flight school.

You see both Chusei and Kokoro already know that hes an orphan and his dream, so they will support him by signing up for the school as well.

"Man, I know Wonder of U is dangerous but I didn know it was that dangerous." Chusei said with a surprised look on his face.

"I know, the ability to kill its victims by using accidents is kinda overpowered." Daiten said with a slightly shocked face.

"Well you guys have been studying too hard, we all just barely manage to pass the entrance exam." Kokoro said with a slight giggle.

"Speak for yourself, dai and I have been studying our ass off for weeks while you only need to memorize some lines." Chusei said loudly but this only made Kokoro giggled louder.

"Ugh, anyways it looks like we finally arrived." Daiten said as they looked to where their school is.

They had no clue that someone was watching them.

"Hmph, so this is the son of those meddling wanderers" an unknown voice said, then it chuckled. Well it looks like it will be easier than I thought the voice thought before it disappeared.

"Woah it is huge" Chusei said as he stared at it along with the other students that also joined in.

The school looks like a regular airport, a sleek horizontal terminal with an unique transparent layout, it has runways, taxiways, aprons, and strips, which are used for the landing and takeoff of aircraft, for the maneuvering and positioning of aircraft on the ground, it also has airfield markings, signs and signals, and air traffic control facilities. Overall, it looks like an ordinary airport that you can find anywhere.

"Wow, it looks so beauti-" Kokoro said but was interrupted by someone shoving her down to the ground.

"Out of my way bitch!! " a loud male voice shouted as he shoved past kokoro who let out a cry of pain.

"Hey! You are gonna apologize to her right this instant." Daiten said firmly grabbing the guys shoulder before looking at the guys face.

He looks like a typical bully with red hair, hes at least 5 inches taller than Daiten and a face that screams I gonna beat you up.

"Oh, and why would I do that? Is she your girlfriend or something?" the bully asked smirking.

"N-no she is not my girlfriend!" Daiten said unknowingly hurting kokoros feelings as she was helped by chusei.

"Hmph, as if Id listen to a weakling like you." the bully said as he forcefully removed his shoulder from daiten, then walking away.

"Why you little-" Daiten growled but was interrupted by a voice on the intercom.

"All students please report to the auditorium for the welcoming ceremony."

"Guess I should go then" Daiten said before he turned around because he thought he sensed someone only to find no one.

Thats odd, i could have sworn that someone was following me.

"Daiten hurry up we

e gonna be late." Chusei said as he and kokoro are already in the school.

"Coming." Daiten said before taking one last glance behind him then he shrugged guessing it was his imagination he walked to his new school for the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile in the forest near the school,

"Tch, he almost found me, I guess I underestimated him." the same voice said. "Well I won underestimated him again." the unknown voice said before it disappeared again.

Inside the school,

"Goooodd morning ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!" a voice yelled.

Suddenly spotlights lit up to reveal a man with black hair, wearing a traditional pilot uniform and he is wearing sunglasses and holding a. microphone on a stage.

"My name is Yuki Shintei and I am your new principal and welcome to....."

Suddenly, the lights turned on to reveal a poster with a name on it.

"Japan tsubasa high school!!!!" he yelled.

The students cheered except Daiten and the bully.

"Now that everyone is here, we will now go to your new school!!!!!"

The students are now confused as why they need to go to their school as they are already here.

"Now I know that you are confused as to why you guys need to go to another school, it is because that due to the recent terrorist attacks that hijacked the planes, the government has decided to build a new high school in an island, not even the public knows about this." he said rather seriously.

The students are surprised by this and now knows the risks of being a pilot.

"Now that thats over lets go outside and go to the island."

The students and shintei leave the school and to their surprise a plane was there to take them along with two pilots waiting for them.

"Students, these two are chikara and shira, these two will be your pilots and will take good care of you until we reach the island." he said while chikara and shira waved at them.

"Before we board the plane, Ill be asking around questions so that you guys didn cheat your way here."

The students are shocked as they weren expecting this to happen.

"You with the weird eyes, can you tell us what is the name of this plane and its top speed? " he said while pointing to Daiten.

"Its name is an Airbus A350-900 and its top speed is 945km/h." Daiten calmly spoke surprisingly was the only one who wasn affected by the surprise questions.

"You with the red hair, what is the wingspan and length of the plane?" Yuki said while pointing to the bully.

"Its wingspan is 65 m and its length is 67 m and don call me

ed hair its Mujihina imi you got that teach!!!!" he responded yelling the last part.

Shintei ignored that comment and goes around asking more questions and everyone answers them correctly.

"Well then, since everyone answers them correctly, we will now board the plane. Everyone must board the plane in an orderly fashion."

Everyone board the plane without any problems and they all finally get ready to go to the island.

"Hey daiten, come sit with us we are over here." Chusei said as he and kokoro were sitting at seat 17-a and 17-b.

"Ahh, getting here was a tough journey, might as well sit down right here." imi said while sitting at 17-c unaware of the glares of daiten, chusei and kokoro.

"Excuse me, but I think that this is my seat." Daiten stated while crossing his arms.

"Well I don see your name on it and first come first serve loser" imi said with a hint of amusement.

"Its okay dai lets just go pick another row." Kokoro said getting up along with chusei.

"Fine" Daiten said before they all seat at row 23.

They had no idea that soon calamity will fall upon them.

The plane had travelled approximately three hours and almost managed to reach the island and they are confident that nothing will go wrong, too bad they didn notice the storm clouds up ahead.

Well well well it seems that the end of the wanderers bloodline is at hand the mysterious voice thought as he is the storm clouds.

He chanted some strange gibberish before a red lightning bolt crashed the right wing of the plane.

"Now then, lets see if he dies from the crash or from the spy. See you later Daiten Futeki ahahahaha " the voice laughed madly while creating a lot of storm clouds.

In the plane,

"Mayday! mayday! We are going down" Shira yelled as he and chikara are trying to steer the plane.

"Wait whats going on?" Yuki shouted in worry.

"I don know, something hit the right side of the plane, the controls are down, and the autopilots not working!!!" Chikara yelled.

"Wait what! Then what are we going to do?"

"I don know theres nothing we can do"

"Attention everyone! This is your captain speaking, we are hit! I repeat we are hit! Everyone brace for impact!" Shira yelled before they all crashed onto the beach of the island.

One minute earlier,

The protagonist was in dilemma, his left side was kokoro and she was sleeping while leaning onto daitens shoulder, while on his right was chusei constantly teasing him about it.

"Come on Daiten! Just wrap your arm around her, I know you want to." Chusei whispered.

"N-no I-I don want to" Daiten stuttered completely blushing because of kokoros breath made him shudder.

"Come on just wrap your arm around her, and when she wakes up, you two will finally k-" but was cut off as the plane began to shake violently.

"Wait whats going on? " Kokoro asked now awake as the plane started crashing down.

"I-I don know, it looks like something hit the plane and now we

e going to crash. " Daiten said with worry.

"Attention everyone! This is your captain speaking, we are hit! I repeat we are hit! Everyone brace for impact!" the intercom spoke before they all crashed onto the beach and everything went dark.

Daitens pov

"Ugh my head hurts, I can believe that on my first day and we already got into a plane crash, this is not my day for me." I groan

Yup thats me Daiten Futeki, the main character of the story, an orphan who was adopted, wanted to become a pilot and now we

e all going to die if we don do something right now.

"Ugh now I know how the stardust crusaders felt every time their plane crashed." Chusei said while rubbing his head.

Thats Chusei, hes my best friend and a huge jojo fan just like me, and hes also the most optimistic person I know.

"Uhh is everyone alright" Kokoro asked.

Thats Kokoro, shes also one of my friends and I have a crush on her, she may not look like much but she can definitely handle her own in a fight.

To my surprise most of the students are okay while the rest are unconscious.

"Quick someone check the pilots." I shouted as Chusei and a girl with glasses quickly opened the door only to discover that they were all passed out.

"Ahhh their dead" the girl with glasses shouted.

"Calm down their not dead just knocked out" Chusei said after he checked yukis pulse.

"The doors won open its stuck!" a blonde guy said while trying to force it open while doing very badly.

"Oh my god! I don want to die!"

"No no no this can be happening."

"I want my mommy!"

"What do we do now?" Kokoro asked in worry.

I look around and saw that everyone is panicking and freaking out and I realized that I has to be the one whos gonna have do to something, so like the protagonist Im gonna be I quickly took charge of the situation.

"Everyone listen up, I know this looks bad, oh who am I kidding this its very bad but the fact that we are alive and the plane hasn exploded yet still means that we have a chance of leaving this plane, now theres an emergency slide located near the door that we can use to escape, we just need to find a way to open it and get the pilots and our classmates out of here so we can all be okay." I said fearlessly.

Everyone felt inspired and in awe at me and wanted to help me well all except one.

"Huh, and why the ** should we listen to you weakling."

To my surprise, imi was still conscious and hes staring at me with anger clearly on his face.

Is he serious? His life could be in danger and hes still going to act like my existence infuriated him, I don know if he is stupid or just an idiot.

I wasn the only one who thought about that as the rest of the group are staring at him in shock, surprise even anger at him and kokoro looked downright furious.

"Are you serious imi we are all going to die if we don to something right now and you still going to act like that?" Kokoro said growling.

"Oh and why should I listen to you bitch" he said arrogantly only to flinch back as he saw that Kokoro furiously staring with her silver eyes slightly glowing at him.

"Hmph, alright fine Ill help, but don think that I owe anything for you, this is only for my survival you got that?" he said.

"Yeah I know one day hes gonna be a great pilot someday." Chusei muttered.

So everyone worked together and finally managed to bust the door open and bring the open up the slide and one by one everyone with the unconscious students and pilots slide down the slide.

"Phew thank god we finally got managed to get out of there, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack." Chusei sighed in relief.

"Yeah, everyone is alright and okay just like I said"

"Wait a minute, my necklace its gone!!" Kokoro yelled.

"Wait what? Ill go get it!" I said before Kokoro grabbed my hand

"No daiten its too dangerous to go back there."

"Kokoro I know its important to you, I have to go back there" I said staring at her.


We now see a 6-year old Daiten and a 6-year old Kokoro in a classroom all alone.

"So kokoro can I ask you why you always wear that necklace?" Young Daiten asked.

"Sure it belongs to my grandmother, she gave it to me on my birthday." Young Kokoro replied.

"What happened to her?"

"She … died."

"Gasp, Im so sorry to hear that!"

"No, its fine Im used to it." Young Kokoro replied with slight tears in her eyes.

"Anyways, my grandmother said that it is very special to her and she entrusted it to me to keep it safe and sound, she also said that it will help me in times of danger."

"Flashback end"

"I... I..... I"

"Don worry about it kokoro, Ill see you soon promise." I said giving her a smile before I swam back to the plane.

"Daiten NO! Come back!" Kokoro yelled but was held back by chusei.

"Its too late kokoro. Hes already going up the plane!" Chusei shouted.

"No hes gonna die!! I can feel it! I have to save him!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I- I don know, I just have this weird feeling about it. Now let me go!!!"

Meanwhile with Daiten,

"Oh come on where is it where is it it has to be somewhere around here." I said looking around for kokoros necklace.

"Ah there it is." i said finding it in the bottom of my seat.

"Now time to get out of here" I said before suddenly pieces of the plane are starting to move.

"Oh **!" I said trying to run for the exit before It crashed down leaving no way to escape.

No no no this can be happening, there must be some way out of here! I thought before I started to dig through the pieces, but as soon as I do that, more pieces came tumbling down keeping me more trapped with no way to escape.

"Shit ** theres no way out! I paced back and forth trying to find a way to escape this death trap.

Third persons pov

Thats when he realized that theres no way out and hes going to die. Daiten accepted this fact completely, he felt no fear and no pain, face to face with no way to escape, he began to accept his death, coldly and calmly, he only has a few regrets he forgot to share as he took a seat for one final time.

Kokoro, Im sorry, Ill never get to say my true feelings back then, Chusei, you better protect her because if you don , Ill come back from the dead so I can kill you, grandma, grandpa Im so sorry, Ill never get to say Im truly grateful for adopting and turning into the man I am now, Im really sorry Daiten thought with tears in his eyes as he clutch Kokoros necklace.

"Goodbye everyone." those were the last words he said before the plane exploded taking his body with it.


The students were crying and grieving for him, even the pilots who just woke up were also crying for not trying to save him the worst of it was kokoro who was constantly crying while chusei was confronting her with tears in his eyes.

Overall, everyone was crying for him, the boy who saved their lives all except one.

"It is done." imi thought before walking away, but his shadow seems awfully distorted and not matching him at all.

In another realm,

"Daiten my boy, it is truly horrible for you to die this early, I hope I have more time but it seems that we have to prepare you." said a glowing figure.

"Huh who are you? " Daiten questioned as he believed he was talking to God.

"Oh sorry here let me turn back to my human form" he said before shrinking and the light glows dimmer until it faded away completely.

Daiten was shocked as to who he was talking to.


And that was the beginning, the beginning of the greatest stand user of the multiverse.

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