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Jojo system in scp universe Chapter 1: Reincarnation and stand ?!?!

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Previously on jojo system in scp universe,

We just learn that our protagonist Daiten Futeki, was going to his new school.

"Japan tsubasa high school!!!" Yuki yelled.

Unfortunately for him, someone wanted him dead.

Well well well it seems that the end of the wanderers bloodline is at hand the mysterious voice thought.

He successfully got everyone out of the plane but at the cost of his life.

"Goodbye everyone." those were the last words he said before the plane exploded taking his body with it.

Luckily for him, someone saved his life.

"Daiten my boy, it is truly horrible for you to die this early, I hope I have more time but it seems that we have to prepare you." said a glowing figure.

And its someone he knows all too well.


In present time, Daitens pov


I am shocked, surprised, I am so surprised that even my death couldn compare to this. My old man, the man who always asked me to play poker, the man who won stop flirting with grandma, Kago Futeki is God ?!?!

Kago Futeki was wearing a japanese brown yukata and black sandals he has white hair, beard and hes wearing glasses.

"No Im not God god Daiten, just an ordinary old man with godlike powers" the now named kago futeki said blankly staring at me.

He-he can read my mind!

"Yes I can now sit down while we wait for rio to show up" Kago said as he summoned a traditional Japanese table with tea to boot.

"So old man, care to tell me how Im talking to you right now and whats this about grandma coming he-"

"Oh, Daiten, honey, you guys were having tea without me? Dainy what have I told you about manners?" said the elderly woman from earlier as she steps out from a blue portal.

Rio Futeki is also wearing a yukata but it is blue and cyan slippers, she has grey hair, glasses and she always has a kind smile on her face.

"Grandma!! What did I say about calling me that embarrassing nickname!!"

"Giggle sorry daiten I couldn resist"

"Sugarbun, come sit down next to me, its time to tell him the truth." Koga said patting the side of the table.

Wait what truth? Just what is going on.?

"Okay" she said sitting down and taking a sip of her tea.

"Daiten, remember that time when I said that you appeared on our doorstep when you were a baby?"

"Uh huh. "

"Well I kinda lied. "

"Wait what! You lied! What do you mean! Just what are you talking about! What is this place! Wha-"

"Daiten, calm down." Rio said gently.

I take a few deep breaths and asked "Explain yourself old man."

"To tell you the truth you did appeared to us on our doorstep, but your parents were the ones who bought you here."

Wait what!

"They said they have an emergency and they will take care of it, and so they asked us to protect you from them"

Huh hem just what does he mean by that!

"So Rio and I blessed you with our strongest magic we have to protect you from danger."

"Okay Im confused just what do you mean by magic? I don have any magic!"

"Do you remember the time when you fought off those group of thugs the other day."


Its been a rough day for me, I just did a bunch of work and I just want to go home but suddenly a group of thugs appear out of nowhere and now they want me to give them my money to them.

"Hey freak! Listen up! If you want to stay alive, then give us all your money you have! Do you understand!!!" a guy with a mohawk screamed at me who I presumed was the leader.

"No I don have any money, now can you please leave me alone."

"Oh you don have any money eh, okay then, boys get him!"

Im surprised to see the other two members of the group charged towards me, and I instinctively cross my arms to protect myself, but instead of attacking me, they seized my arms and put me in a scarecrow position leaving me with nothing to defend myself against the ongoing punches from the mohawk.

"So if you don have any money, then Ill accept this as payment. Take this!!!" he yelled as he continues his flurry of punches across my whole body.

I screamed in pain as he continues his onslaught, thats when I realized I had enough, so with all my strength I somehow managed to throw the two thugs off of me and grabbed the mohawk guy by the neck.

"Do that again, and I swear Im going to call the police do you understand." I growled with my eyes glaring at him.

He nodded quickly and so I let him go and he immediately ran away with his two buddies in tow.

I sighed and said the one thing Chusei would be proud of

"Yare Yare Daze."

Flashback end

"I thought it was the cranberry juice that I drank on that day."

"No it is not, but thats the strange thing you see when you were trapped on that plane the magic should have protected you but it didn ."

"So you were saying-"

"Yes, someone deliberately wanted you dead and he negated the magic causing you to die instead of slightly injuring you." Rio said

I absorbed all the information and I just noticed something.

"If thats really the case then, how did he find me?"

"We don know, but we have made a decision that we are going to reincarnate you dainy."

Ignoring that nickname aside, my mind finally exploded that I am going to reincarnate to another world.

"Wait what! You

e going to reincarnate me! Then that means-"

"Yes daiten youll be getting a system."

I couldn help myself after I heard that and I immediately stand up and started jumping around.

I was in ecstasy, I am getting a system, it is every otakus dream of getting one, oh how I wish chusei was here right now.

Thats when I realised I don know about the conditions of my friends, my eyes widened in realization.

"H-hey old man, what happened to chusei and kokoro?" I asked scared of what happened to them.

"Chuseis fine hes just a bit roughed up after your death but kokoro... Shes not doing so good." kago said solemnly

I stared at him and realized that kokoro must be depressed after my death, she may have had a crush like I suspected she would.

"I see....."

"Don worry about them daiten, at least theyll honor your memory by attending the flight school. " Rio said while putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Its fine now what am I going to do now."

"Well since your original bodys been destroyed, well have to create a new one when we sent to a world I think you might be familiar with."

"And that would be....."

"Sorry daiten but we are already breaking the rules and our time is short, so we must sent you there immediately." Rio said as he lets go of her hand.

Huh, what rules?

As I was thinking that I can see that spirit was slowly disappearing.

"Wait what? Whats going on? Grandma, grandpa help!" I shouted as my lower half completely disappears.

"Don worry about it, daiten we are merely sending your spirit into your new body."

I immediately calmed down after I heard that, theres no way Im going to jeopardize my reincarnation.

"Im going to miss you guys you know that."

We know, goodbye dainy, I hope we will see you again If you

e still alive that is.

"Huh, what do you mean by that? Guys! guys! Ahhhhh!!!" I yelled as I completely disappear from this realm.

"Hes gone, now..... What were you thinking!!!" Rio yelled and slapped her husband in the face.

"Sweetheart it is necessary for him to mature and grow if he wants to survive the upcoming apocalypse." he said calmly while ignoring the pain on his face.

"But is it really necessary for us to send him to hat dimension ?" she said while glaring at him and crossing her arms.

"It is, besides I think he will enjoy what we have in store for him." he said while looking at a screen while praying for his safety.

In a forest, Third persons pov

"Ugh, w-what just happened?" a voice said.

It now shows that its daiten futeki who was laying against a tree with only a few slight changes.

For instance, he has definitely gotten a lot taller, around 187 cm, his body is also buffer, his six pack turns into an eight pack his clothes were right next to him and the only clothing he wear was his underwear.

W-what is this! O-oh **! Why did they have to take off my clothes! Oh come on! he thought as he hurried to put on his clothes.

While he was doing that, he didn noticed a voice thats in his head.

[ 23%.... 58%....80%....100%! Connection Established! ]

Oh my god! It actually worked! I really have been reincarnated. he thought excited as he finished putting on his clothes.

[ To access your system please say *status* ]


A blue screen immediately flashes to life and it read:

Name: Daiten Futeki

The gamer

Title: None

Level-1 Exp-0/100



Race: ?

Stands: None









Holy **! Stats aren supposed to be this high!

Just then, something appeared on his screen.

*Hello Master, I am an AI, and this is your personal JoJos Bizarre Adventure system.* said a figure.

It was then revealed to be a girl with pink hair thats tied into pigtails and shes wearing a dark blue flight attendant uniform.

Daiten to say was confused as he thought that Ais were supposed to communicate inside his head.

*Oh but I can master, if you want me to be that is.* she said in my mind.

"Okay, but why are you wearing that outfit?"

*Because my creators told me to, they said its for your own enjoyment.*

Is that so, damn it old man why are you obsessed of me getting a girlfriend.

"Anyways, why don you have a name? Usually AIs have names."

*I don have a name, master.*

"Why do you keep calling me master?"

*Because I was programmed to..... Master.*

Daiten sighed of the embarrassment that hes going through.

"Anyways you should have a name now that we

e stuck with each other so your name will be... Karin!"

*Thank you master for me giving me my new name!* she replied with a smile.

"Can you explain to me more details about this status page?\

*Yes master* right in front of him the blue screen expanded and the information it gave him gave a slight headache but he was fine so he began reading the information.

[HP: HP represents your health obviously. The amount of HP is different for each species, and due to your heritage and blessed by two gods, you have 100x HP then that of an average human.]

MP: MP represents your Mana Points. Due to this world you and other anomalous beings have MP, and due to your heritage and blessed by two gods, you have 10x the amount of MP then that of an anomalous being.]

[STR: STR represents your strength duh, for example: Strength, Endurance, Longevity, Durability, Healing time and Combat abilities.]

[VIT: VIT represents your vitality, for example: Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Sexual health.]

[INT: INT represents your intelligence, for example: Memorization ability, Learning ability, Information Processing ability, Deduction, Reasoning, Problem solving.]

[DEX: DEX represents your dexterity, for example: Agility, Flexibility, Reflexes, Senses, Speed, Accuracy and Body coordination.]

[WIS represents your wisdom, for example: Knowledge, Judgement, Wise.]

[LUC: LUC represents your luck. This improves all aspects of life, for example: Work, Social, Romantic, Personal, Financial, School and basically life as a whole will become easier, happier and you will excel completely, it is also useful in certain skills and also determines what you get as loot, the higher your luck the more chance you get of obtaining higher loot.]

Daiten was impressed with the information he received, he doesn know whats anomalous beings but he got a feeling hell know in the future.

"Now then, explain why my stats are so high? They weren supposed to be like that from the beginning."

*Well its because of my creators, you see master while you

e um dead they personally constructed a new organic body with all sorts of improvements.*

"Yeah I can see why" he said as he admired his body especially his eight pack.

"Now explain to me how the system works?"

*Yes master, as you can see, this is the JoJos Bizarre Adventure system meaning everything related to it will be in the system and I mean everything.*

Daiten nodded at that as he hoped he have a system like that.

*However this will be different for you see while you can use Hamon you can also use magic.*

Daiten nodded once again as he was told hed be able to use it.

*And this right here is the gacha draw which you can draw a lot of stuff which you can find in the jojo world.* She said while showing a red screen to him.

Daiten was a bit surprised as he didn expect to have a gacha in his system.

*As of now you only have one SR gacha token. Would you like to use it?*

"Wait what SR token? What do you mean by that?"

(The gacha system only has up to three tiers R, SR, and SSR, the gacha token are also tiers as well.)

"So that means is there a UR tier?" He asked while thinking about a certain requiem stand.

*There are, but you won be able to use it unless theres a secret mission which you may get a UR token.*

"Okay, Karin I would like to use the SR token now."

*Right away master.* she said while daiten watched as the SR token he had was used up and a golden gacha wheel spins.

Come on come on. Get something good something good. Daiten thought as the wheel spins to a stop and a golden light shines.

[Congratulations you acquired the SR stand Hierophant Green.]


And that was the day when he acquired his first stand.

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