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Jojo system in scp universe Chapter 2: Hierophant green and first fight

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Previously on jojo system in scp universe,

We just learn that our protagonist Daiten Futekis adopted parents are actually gods.

"No Im not God god Daiten, just an ordinary old man with godlike powers"

We also discovered that he has been blessed with magic all his life.

"I thought it was the cranberry juice that I drank on that day."

Hes now reincarnated into another world with a personalized system to boot.

"Hello Master, I am an AI, and this is your personal JoJos Bizarre Adventure system."

And now hes acquired his first stand [Hierophant Green].

"Congratulations you acquired the SR stand Hierophant Green."

lets see what happens now with our protagonist.

Present time, In the middle of a forest, First persons pov


I-I cant believe I got [Hierophant Green] as my first stand!!!

Hierophant Green is a very versatile stand and it is also one of favorite stands in the world.

*Master, don forget that you have skills as well* Karin my personal AI said.


A screen appears in front of me and showed me two skills that are common in the Gamer System.

[A Gamers Mind(Passive)]

[Allows user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind, immune to psychological status and effects.]

[A Gamers Body(Passive)]

[Grants the user a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game, you can be cleaved into tiny bits, yet if your health doesn reach 0, you will fully regenerate in time.]

"Huh those two will come in handy" I thought as I closed it.

"Hey karin, how do I call out my stand?"

*Well master you just need to picture your stand and say its name.*

"Okay then, Hierophant green!" I shouted as a green light surrounded me, as it dims down a group of connected membranes appeared and it surrounded my entire body.

Wait what? This isn Heirophant Green s base form, its is true form, just what is going on? I thought as i tried to analyze it.

[By doing a certain action, you have acquired a skill.]

Analyze Lv-1

[By analysing a target one will get information about said object.]

[Lv-1-Max HP,MP and info]


A screen popped up and it honestly caught me off guard when it showed me its stats.

[Name: Hierophant Green]

[User: Daiten Futeki]


[Appearance: Hierophant Greens appearance is tentacles covered in complex patterns. These tentacles can vary in size and even be connected to each other.]

[Namesake: The hierophant (Tarot card)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Artificial Humanoid]

[Stats: Power: E, Speed: E, Range: E, Durability: E, Precision: E, Growth potential: E ]




"What the **!"

W-what happened! Why is Hierophant greens stats are so bad? Did I just get tricked! Just what is going on? I thought as I was going through a mental breakdown.

*Um, master...*


*Uh, while you did summoned it, you didn actually use it.*

"Huh, use it? What do you-" I thought but then I realized as I remembered a certain quote from Stardust Crusaders.

For personal reasons, i trained for nearly ten years.

Do you get it now master? She said in a smug tone.

Yeah yeah, i have to train my stand if I want to use it.

"Now then lets g-" I said but was cut off by my phone ringing and its my grandpa calling me.

"What do you want old man!"

Dainy boy, why are you so rude? What happened to the little boy who always asks for his dolphin hmm?

What do you … grandpa?

Thats better! Well Im calling to inform you that you have 10000 dollars in your inventory, oh and uh good luck staying in your new world you

e gonna need it. he said the last part ominously before hanging up.

"Well thats not ominous at all." I said before putting my phone back in my pocket.

"Now then Inventory "

A brown screen opens up and it shows that I do have 10000 dollars in my inventory.

I heard in some fanfictions that you can put cooked food and people inside it, well I guess ill figure that out later I thought as I closed my inventory and now I begin my first journey in this bizarre and anomalous world.

New York City, First persons pov

Its been a few hours since I was reincarnated to this world and i realized that Im in New York City and its 2017, ten years into the future.

And thats when I encountered something terrible in an abandoned warehouse.

"Oh my god, you killed him!"

"Shut up Jacob! I didn mean to kill him, I was only going to threatened him with the knife thats all."

"Well, now that hes dead, we can steal his money or anything else he might have."

"But what if we get in trouble for what James did?"

"Shut up, James! No one knows where we are and besides we are the only ones wo knows so stop being such a worrywart."

I peeked into a door and saw three guys standing over a dead body.

The first one wore a purple brown pants and he looked timid.

The second one wore a red shirt, black coat, he looked angry and he had a bloody knife in his hand, probably the one who killed the guy.

The third one wore a black suit, black coat and he has a mohawk on his head.

Seriously, another mohawk, what is it with me and mohawks? I thought but i accidentally made the door creaked startling the three men.


[Mission alert]

[Defeat the three thugs without killing them.]



[Rare item: Recovery pill]

[Rare stand: Harvest]

I immediately pressed yes as soon as I see [Harvest], its power may be weak compared to the other stands, but its range is the entire town of Morioh making it one of the best stands for beginners like me.

"Hey whos there? Come out! I promise I won hurt you." The mohawk said.

I know hes lying but because i have no choice and due to the mission ive been given, I stepped out from revealing myself to them.

Hey, your just a kid! What are you doing here? Said the guy in the red shirt who i presumed its James.

S-shouldn you be in school? you didn see anything right? Said the guy in the purple shirt who I think is Jacob.

"It doesn matter, he seen the body we have to kill him." Said the mohawk who i presumed is the leader of the group.

"W-what why do we have hes just a kid."

"Do you want to get paid?"

"... yes."

"Well then, guys get him!" He shouted as they both ran towards me as Jacob readied his fists and James with his knife .

In the past , this might have work but ive changed and i wont fall for the same trick again.

So i rushed towards Jacob and unleashed the Seoi Nage.

Seoi nage is a shoulder throw, one of the traditional forty throws of Judo as developed by Jigoro Kano. It belongs to the first group, Dai Ikkyo, of the traditional throwing list, Gokyo, of Kodokan Judo. It is also part of the current 67 Throws of Kodokan Judo.

James coughed out a lot of blood and due to the fact that the force from my Saoi Nage he was knocked unconscious.

Both James and Mohawk are shocked to see that Jacob was defeated so easily.

"D-damn you!" James shouted as he was rushing towards me, knife in hand and with the intent to kill.

But it was useless for him because I immediately ran towards him and perfectly executed the Kosoto Gake.

Kosoto Gake, sometimes known as "minor outer hook", the English translation, is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by Jigoro Kano. It belongs to the third group, Sankyo, of the traditional throwing list, Gokyo, of Kodokan Judo. It is also part of the current 67 Throws of Kodokan Judo.

As you expected he was down for the count.

Suddenly there was a loud bang and I fell to the ground by a bullet in my chest.

"T-take that you freak I hope you burn in hell!" Mohawk shouted with a gun in hand and he was trembling.

Despite the fact that I had a bullet hole in my chest, I slowly stand up and took a pose from one of my favourite characters in the jojo series, Jonathan Joestar.

I stand upright with my feet wide, my left hand covering my face and my right hand open wide.

Ping! Ping!

[By doing a certain action, you have acquired two skills.]

Mohawk was confused as to why Im posting in the middle of a fight, but that feeling soon turned to anger as he fired his gun again only to find out that he had run out of bullets.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I swiped the notification away and dashed towards him intending to finish this.

"Hierophant Green!" I shouted as Hierophant Green immediately appeared on my body and quickly trapped him in a vice like grip, leaving him with no way to escape.

"Wait what! Whats going on!" Mohawk yelled as he struggled to get rid of whatevers trapping him.

"This ends... for you!" I shouted as I now going to say my favourite stand cry of all time.

"Muda muda muda muda muda!" I shouted as I punched in the face five times in the face, breaking his nose and causing to lose unconscious.

I released [Hierophant Green] from him and he immediately collapsed.


Name: Mac fleetwood




Race: Human







Nani? He only has five health left! I thought as I was checking him for any severe injuries.

I know I was holding back from him, this doesn make any sense. I thought as I was now checking him for any money he might have.

Maybe humans are generally weak compared to the anomalous beings whatever that is. I wondered as I pocketed 20 dollars from him.


[Mission completed]

[Defeat the three thugs without killing them.]



[Rare item: Recovery pill]

[Rare stand: Harvest]


[Congratulations, you have levelled up.]

Suddenly, a veil of light surrounded me, as it dims down, the bullet wound completely disappeared, and I can feel that [Harvest] and the recovery pill in my hand.

Huh, did levelling up heal my wounds.

I checked my status page and was impressed to see how much Ive grown.

Name: Daiten Futeki

The gamer

Title: None

Level-2 Exp-0/150



Race: ?

Stands: [Hierophant Green], Harvest








MONEY- 10050$

After satisfied with what Ive seen, I checked the recovery pill that I had gain from the mission.

Recovery pill

[Grade: R]

[Appearance: It looks like an ordinary medicine pill but it has anomalous effects.]

[Ability: It recovers you duh, heals 50 HP, recovers 50MP]

[Side effects: None]

Well that will come in handy. I thought as I stored it in my inventory after which I left the warehouse leaving the three thugs behind with their money in tow.

In a city, First persons pov

"Well everythings all set for you enjoy your house."

"Thanks." I said talking to a landlord before he left.

Ive decided to rent a house for a few days because I still don know which earth I am, I tried to call my grandpa but he never answered.

"Good grief." I said before sitting on a chair.

"Now then, harvest!" I shouted as a pink aura surrounded me and 500 harvests appeared on the table in front of me.

"Well at least harvests numbers didn decrease." I sighed as I analyze it.

[Name: Harvest]

[User: Daiten Futeki]

[Grade: R]

[Appearance: They are oval-shaped, insect-like creatures with a design based on worker bees, having a large abdomen on their posteriors. Harvest has four articulated arms and two legs, with their hands having three fingers each. A pattern of horizontal stripes covers their body, although the stripes on their head vertically curve downward instead. They have a pointy nose and vertically segmented eyes lacking irises and pupils. Below their eyes are small wavy lines.]

[Namesake: Harvest (Neil Young song and album)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Natural Non-Humanoid, Colony]

[Stats: Power: E, Speed: E, Range: E, Durability: E, Precision: E, Growth potential: E ]

[Ability: none]

"Hey Karin, can I summon both [Hierophant Green] and [Harvest] at the same time?"

*At your current level no, but you will unlock a stand slot when you reach level 5.*

"Stand slot?"

*Stand slots are slots that you can use your stand but you as of now you can only use one stand.* She replied.

"I see." I said before dismissing harvest and leaning back on my chair.

"I bet coming to this world is going to be very exciting." I said before I closed my eyes and sleep not worrying about whats going to happen in the near future.

In the abandoned warehouse, Third persons pov

"Ugh, what happened." Mac fleetwood said as he was rubbing his head from the beatdown that Daiten gave him.

Wait a minute. he thought as he checked his pockets for the money he had but it was gone.

"M-my money, its gone!"

James and Jacob immediately woke up and checked their pockets only to find out that there stolen.

"Their gone!"

"M-my money that my mother gave me, its gone! My moms gonna kill me."

"C-calm down everyone! We just need to report to the police that our money was stolen." Mac said.

"We can ! I stole that money from some old lady! If we go to the police, Im gonna go to jail!" James said angrily.

"We have no choice but to let it go." Jacob said depressed.

"Are you saying that we just going to let it go!" James said while holding Jacob by the collar.

"Calm down Jacob, we are going to find the freak and kill him." Mac said determined that they will find the bastard and kill him.

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