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Jojo system in scp universe Chapter 3: Training and SCP 053 ?!?!

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Previously on JoJo system in scp universe,

We just learn that our protagonist Daiten Futeki acquired his first stand, [Hierophant Green].

Hierophant Green is a very versatile stand and it is also one of favorite stands in the world.

He got into his first fight and won.

Well that will come in handy. Daiten thought as he stored the medicine pill in his my inventory after which he left the warehouse leaving the three thugs behind with their money in tow.

He also acquired his second stand [Harvest.]

"Now then, harvest!" He shouted as a pink aura surrounded him and 500 harvests appeared on the table in front of him.

But he doesn know that the three thugs are after him.

"Calm down Jacob, we are going to find the freak and kill him." Mac said determined that they will find the bastard and kill him.

Lets see what happens now with our protagonist,

New York Central Park, Third persons pov,

Its been a few days since the fight with the three thugs and hes recently been exploring New York, specifically Central Park.

Central Park is an urban park in New York City located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan. It is the fifth-largest park in the city, covering 843 acres (341 ha). It is the most visited urban park in the United States, with an estimated 42 million visitors annually as of 2016, and is the most filmed location in the world.

I really like this place, the atmosphere, the people, it is truly amazing. He thought as he was walking down a path, wearing a blue tracksuit and looking at the people going about their daily lives.

It is also the perfect place for training. He thought as he was standing in the middle of a forest.


For you see, ever since that day, hes constantly been training and developing new skills to become stronger.

On one such occasion, while he was reading a English book called History of new york and he obtained this skill.


Skill gained!

[Language: Modern English, Lv-10]

[Due to you being a japanese, you have poor English reading skills, you can talk it, but can walk it. Your reading is now better, grade level-10.]

[30% in understanding what you read.]

"Huh, guess those English lessons paid off after all." He sighed as he goes back to reading.

The same happened to him when he read a japanese manga.


Skill gained!

[Language: Japanese, Lv-MAX]

[You have a perfect understanding of Japanese due to the fact that you live in Japan for most of your life.]

[100% in understanding what you read]

"Well I guess that was to be expected, yare yare." He sighed again before going back to his manga which features a man with a monkey tail.

In another, while he was training his body while using various martial arts techniques in his garage he obtained a skill.


[For performing a certain action, you have acquired a skill.]

[Martial Arts Proficiency lv-1]

[The user gains Basic knowledge on all martial arts techniques.]

[All Martial Art based techniques/skills do 10% more damage]

"I guess this skill is bound to appear at some point." He said as he continues training.

As days pass, he trained, improved and acquired new skills all with the determination of getting stronger, but all of this is nothing compared to the power of his stands.

For you see, he successfully managed to make [Hierophant Green] into its human form.


[Name: Hierophant Green]

[User: Daiten Futeki]

[Grade: SR]

[Appearance: Hierophant Green is an athletic humanoid with robotic features, such as the eyes and legs, but its true form is that of a long web of tentacles. It is only slightly taller than Daiten himself, though it can stretch itself to great lengths. Hierophant Green possesses a body covered in veiny lines, which is protected by a light-colored armor. Despite its emotionless face, it seems to have a human-looking mouth underneath its mask.]

[Namesake: The Hierophant (Tarot card)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Artificial Humanoid]

[Stats: Power: D, Speed: D, Range: D, Durability: D, Precision: D, Growth potential: A ]

[Abilities: Coiled body]

"It took me an 30 minutes to even get it to turn it to its human form and true form oh my god." He facepalmed looking at Hierophant Green.

But [Hierophant Green] wasn the only stand that improved.

"Harvest!" He shouted as [Harvest] immediately spread out as it run or fly around the house and brought back 500 dollars, 1 dollar per unit.

"Aww, thank you harvest." He said before taking the dollars with a single swipe.


[Name: Harvest]

[User: Daiten Futeki]

[Grade: R]

[Appearance: They are oval-shaped, insect-like creatures with a design based on worker bees, having a large abdomen on their posteriors. Harvest has four articulated arms and two legs, with their hands having three fingers each. A pattern of horizontal stripes covers their body, although the stripes on their head vertically curve downward instead. They have a pointy nose and vertically segmented eyes lacking irises and pupils. Below their eyes are small wavy lines.]

[Namesake: Harvest (Neil Young song and album)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Natural Non-Humanoid, Colony]

[Stats: Power: E, Speed: D, Range: D, Durability: A, Precision: D, Growth potential: A

[Abilities: Strength in numbers, Harvesting]

He has discovered that the more he trained his stands, the stats increased bit by bit. Of course different stands mean different stats increased.

But enough talk about the past, lets talk about the present and see what happens to our protagonist.

New York Central Park, Third person pov

"Well looks like no ones here, its time to start training." He said while doing some exercises.

The reason he came to this is because he want to do some outdoor training with his stands.

"Now then, Hierophant Green!" He shouted as [Hierophant Green] in its Human form appeared right next to him.

"I always wanted to say this, Emerald splash!" He yelled out as [Hierophant Green] gathers energy into its body and fired but nothing happened.

N-nani!! W-why didn emerald splash worked! He thought with a shocked look on his face.

"lets try this again, Emerald splash!" He yelled again as [Hierophant Green] repeats its action but nothing happened again.

"Im going to try this again and again until it works. Emerald splash!" He yelled as he keep shouting Emerald splash over and over again.

Unknown to him, a mother and son just so happens to be passing by as they him keep shouting emerald splash over and over again.

"Mommy whats he doing?" The boy asks.

"Nothing, sweetheart. Lets leave him alone." She said as she lead the boy away from Daiten who still keeps saying emerald splash over and over again.

Many hours later

"Okay, if I can get this right then I give up!" Daiten said as hes sweating and [Hierophant Green] is still standing there.

"Okay, one more time. Emerald Splash!" He yelled as [Hierophant Green] gathers energy into his body, but unlike before it is glowing bright green, and soon enough it fired off a single emerald, breaking the tree that was in front of him.

"W-what the hell?!"

"A-a single emerald destroyed an entire tree!" He looked at the now destroyed tree.

Though it is a shame that I can only summon one emerald, but its still an accomplishment no less. He looked at Hierophant Green before dispersing it.

"Now onto the next agenda, Harvest!" He yelled as harvest appeared all around him.

"Harvest, find any coins or dollar that you may find." They quickly went to work and soon he began walking out of the forest and into a nearby walk path.

Its such a pain that harvests range is bad, but at least I can gain some points while Im at it. He started a slow jog as [Harvest] already started searching for money or monetary value on the ground or anywhere else that they may find.

You see, while not only was he developing new skills, he was actually increasing his stat points. For example he began reading books which increased his WIS, solving mathematical solutions increased his INT, and doing his daily training which is 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 km run or jog which increased his STR, VIT and DEX exponentially.

Many minutes later

"Huff, huff, huff that was exhausting." He wheezed as his tracksuit is covered in sweat and [Harvest] still hasn finished the task yet.

"Wait whats that?" He said to himself as he hides behind a nearby building and saw something quite surprising.

In a cafe, Third person pov

"Slurp, man this is good!" Jacob said as he slurps up his noodles from a bowl.

"Ugh, do you have to do it so loudly? Your disturbing the other people." James said as hes biting on a piece of grilled chicken, very loudly I might add. This cause the customers to look at them.

"Pot meets kettle." Mac said as hes eating a slice of pepperoni pizza and burped loudly, once again disturbing the customers and one woman looked at them with disgust.

"Okay I think we

e d- wa-wait a minute? Wheres my money?!" James said as hes checked his pockets and found nothing.

"Don know man, *burp*" Jacob said now full.

"Was it you? Did you take my money!" James yelled tackling Jacob into the ground, causing his money to fall off from his pocket.

"I knew it! You stole my money you bastard!" James yelled tightening his hold on Jacobs neck.

"I didn steal your money you asshole! I bring my own money unlike you you son of a bitch!" He yelled.

"What did you say, you bastard!"

"Both of you calm down this instant!" Mac shouted as he stands up from his seat, unknowingly causing his own money to fall out from his pockets as well.

"Wait! Is that money? I thought you said you didn bring any you asshole!" James yelled back as both he and Jacob are looking at him.

"Wait! Its not what you think!" Mac said holding his hands up.

"Its not what I think my ass! You lied to us!" He shouted as he released Jacob and is now advancing towards Mac.

"Jacob! Wait! Calm down now before I-" Max yelled but was cut off by James as he was punched in the face, breaking his nose before he was tackled by James and from then on it was a fistfight between the two.

"Hey guys knock it o- wah waaah!" Jacob said before he was unwillingly dragged into the fight as well.

"Whats going on here!"

They all stopped to see two of the workers at the cafe and were now glaring at the trio.

"Im sorry sir! We were just having a chat you see-"

I don want to here it! You are all coming with us right this instant! One of the workers yelled before they tackle all three of them.

The trio struggled before they were all eventually was thrown out of the cafe and was banned for even stepping foot in this place, but what they don know is that the money they picked up by invisible beings before being carried away.

Back with Daiten,

"Wow, didn seen that one coming. Hehe idiots." Daiten said as three harvests grabbed all of their money before bringing it back to Daiten who was actually hiding beside the cafe before commanding [Harvest] to grab all their money and bringing it back to him without anybody noticing.

*Master, are you sure its wise to steal all that money? They might need it in the future.* Karin said cutefully pouting at him.

"I know its wrong Karin, but hey. At least they

e money will be put to good use, and besides I highly doubt that they

e money will be beneficial for them."

*At least leave some money for them master?*

"Ill try. Oh look! Harvests back!" He said as all 500 of harvests came back along with some coins and dollars they are holding or carrying.

"Well Ill take that and that and that and that..." He rambled on as he is grabbing the money from each of the Harvest one by one.

Karin can only sighed at the stupidity of her master.

8:01 pm

"Alright, I think after this Im finally going to sleep." He said wearing his pajamas as he was going to do extra training before turning in for the night.

"Now then, [Harvest]!" He yelled as harvest appeared and was looking at him waiting for orders.

"Harvest carry me to the top of the roof!" They complied as they carried me from my back and was now crawling to the top of the roof like a lizard running away from danger.

"Well now that I know I can do what shigechi did lets try something different." He looked down below and did something truly daring.

He jumped off the roof of his house.

"Harvest!" He called out as harvest all appeared on the ground and as one they all catched him before he fell to his death.

"Huh, without even a scratch. I guess I can chalk falling to my death off of my how do I die list." He said before he dusted off his clothes before heading back to his house and go to sleep.


"Huff huff huff." a girl in a yellow dress was panting as she was running from two men.

"Get away from me you creeps!" She yelled determined to get away from her kidnappers.

"Hey get back here!"

"SCP-053 get over here right this instant."

SCP-053 was running and she was turning left and right multiple times until she turned left and hid behind a fire hydrant.

"Dammit where is she?"

"Calm down, she has to be around here somewhere, I go left you go right."

The other guy nods and soon they split up and tried to find her, completely missed her before she abandoned her hiding spot and continued running.

Huff huff huff gotta find somewhere to hide, maybe one of those nice people will help me. She thought before she choses a house who ironically was Daitens house and rang the doorbell.

In Daitens house, First persons pov

"Ding dong dong dong"

"Ugh, whos ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night." I groaned before eventually I get up and answered the door.

"Alright, who do you think you are? Its the middle of the night and do you have any idea how-" I complained before I looked down and saw a girl but it wasn just any girl but an anomalous girl.

"H-hello? Can you let me inside for a few days? Some bad people are after me, so can you let me inside please?" she said with the puppy dog face.

But it didn affect me as I stumbled away from her and realized which universe I been reincarnated to.


That was the first time that I have encountered an scp.

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