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Jojo system in scp universe Chapter 4: Interrogation and infiltration

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Previously on jojo system in scp universe,

We just learn that our protagonist Daiten Futeki has recently been training his body and mind.

"I guess this skill is bound to appear at some point." He said as he continues training.

He also acquired a bunch of money in the process.

"Well Ill take that and that and that and that..." He rambled on as he is grabbing the money from each of the Harvest one by one.

On the other hand, he encountered a little girl but it wasn just any girl but it was SCP-053.

"H-hello? Can you let me inside for a few days? Some bad people are after me, so can you let me inside please?" she said with the puppy dog face.

That was when he knew which universe hed been reincarnated to.


Present time, Daitens pov


"Huh, how did you know my name?" She asked as she tilts her head.

I didn replied as I stayed frozen in shock as SCP-053, the SCP-053 is standing right in front of my doorstep.

H-how is this possible? I thought as beads of sweat trickled down my face. Abby is only supposed to be in the scp universe unless...

"Uh mister are you okay?" She asked with a worried tone.

Wait a minute, [Gamers mind] prevents any psychological damage dealt to me, so her ability won work on me, at least I think so.

"Um mister..."

"Its nothing! Get inside quick!" I answered as she nodded and quickly runs inside as I shut the door and locked it.

"Woah, you have a really nice place mister." She stared around the place with wide eyes.

"Uh thanks." I replied back not looking at her while standing five feet away from her and quickly gave a mental command, Analyze.

Name: Abby Johnson

Title: SCP-053, "Young Girl", Death, Quarseta-ql-Paneu

Classification: Euclid Class Anomalous Humanoid, Child of the Fifth Scarlet Bride



MP-??? /???

Race: Human







[SCP-053 or Abby Johnson is a young girl who was gifted or cursed with anomalous abilities who technically killed her parents at the age of three and ever since then she was taken by the SCP foundation and was kept there and experimented on, until one day members of ??? organisation kidnapped her and she escaped and ran to Daitens house in hopes for safety.]

Wow, I know her life is bad but I didn know it would be this bad. She killed her parents at only 3 years old and she didn even know what she did. I thought and looking back at her only to see her sitting on the floor and staring at a picture.

"Furthermore, why can I see her MP? Is she really that strong?"

And also thank god I read the SCP archives otherwise I may drop dead before I even done something meaningful in this life.

Speaking of SCPs, damn you old man! You just have to send me to one of the most dangerous universes ever! You could have just sent me to the Dragon ball universe or the One Piece universe, hell you could have even sent me to the Naruto universe! At least that place is less dangerous than this one! I thought angrily.

Meanwhile up in the heavens,


"Is something wrong honey?" Rio asked while pouring tea into two cups.

"Its nothing sweetie! Just a cold." Kago replied as he takes a cup and holds it.

Huh, I could have sworn my grandson was taking about me just now. He thought as he slowly drinks his tea.

"Hmm delicious."

Okay back to the story,

Karin, did you know that I was reincarnated to this universe? Did you?

*No master, Im just as lost as you are.*

She replied back.

Sure, well we have to do something about this situation, SCP-053 is in my house and some bad people are after her, it could be the Scp foundation trying to capture her, or it could be the Serpents Hand or the GOC or maybe the Chaos insurgency. I shudder at the thought of those maniacs.

"Bang bang bang hey! Open up! We

e the police and you are suspected for some illegal activities." A voice yelled banging on the door.

"Well I know thats bull**." I whispered as Abby was clinging onto my leg.

"Please don let them take me, please." She whimpered clinging onto my leg tighter.

"Don worry, Abby. I promise I won let them take you." I pat her head while bringing out [Hierophant green] .

"Its show time." I said before hiding and letting them in.

1 minute ago, third persons pov

"Bro, you sure this is gonna work?" Said a guy wearing a beanie.

"Trust me Carlos it will work even if he or she didn hand her over we will kill them." said a guy with a pistol.

"Bang bang bang hey! Open up! We

e the police and you are suspected for some illegal activities." He yelled banging on the door.

"Bruh, you know thats not gonna -" Carlos said but the door somehow opened by itself as if he or she knew what they were up to.

"See, I told you it will work, now lets go find the girl."

"Yeah, but I got a feeling that its a bit too easy." Carlos said worriedly.

"Oh shut up, lets go and find her quickly and get out before the foundation goes after us." Pistol guy said before they slowly entered the house.

"Huh this is a nice place, he or she must have good taste." Carlos said impressed looking at the living room.

"Shut it Carlos! The girl must be nearby. Stay alert!" Pistol guy whispered looking for SCP-053.

"Emerald splash!" A voice yelled out before an emerald suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit Carlos in the chest while he crashed into a table knocking him out in the process.

"Carlos!" Pistol guy yelled before firing a few shots around the room with his pistol.

To his perspective, Carlos was suddenly sent flying as if he was hit by something, crashed into a table and was knocked out.

"Where are you coward! Where are you!" He shouted not even caring about SCP-053, he just want revenge for what happened to his partner.

"Here." A voice whispered behind him.

He turned around but a fist broke his nose and he was also sent flying across the room and crashed into a wall, also knocking him out.

"Well that was easier than I expected." Daiten said looking at the now unconscious men.

"Yare yare daze, looks like I have to pay a lot of money for this" He muttered looking at the now broken table and wall.

"Oh well, its time for some Interrogation." He said walking over to Carlos.

In a dark room, Carloss pov.

"Ugh." I woke up still dazed about the fact that something hit me.

"Huh, what I can move!" I struggled but thats when I realized that Im in a room and Im sitting on a chair and my arms are tied to it.

Thats when I saw a teenager walked in and he was wearing a white masquerade mask.

"What, you

e just a kid! What are you doing here!" I shouted shocked that a teenager, a teenager managed to knocked out two experienced men all by himself.

"Shut up! Im the one asking the questions here." He yelled slapping me in the face.

"Ow! Hey that hurts!" I whined.

"Shut up!" He yelled again slapping me in the other side of my face.

"Ow! Okay, okay, Ill stop." I whined again seriously it really hurts, I didn expect a slap on both of my cheeks hurt really bad.

"Okay, first question, what do you want with abby?"


"SCP-053, what do you want with her!"

"Okay, first off how did you know about Scp-053 and second can you please let me g- ahhh!" I shouted as something pierced my shoulder drawing blood.

"Ive told you already, Im the one asking the questions here, don make me repeat myself, I hate repeating myself." He said not even caring that I was bleeding.

"H-how did you that?"

"Second question, what type of organisation or faction did you work for?" He ignored my question and asked.

"I ain telling you n- ahhh!" I shouted as something pierced me again, this time right next to my balls.

"Ive just pierced your common femoral vein, now if you don start talking the next one will go right between your legs." He glared at me.

"Ahh, okay okay Ill talk Ill talk, just please don do that again!" I winced now confirming that he is an unidentified SCP and a dangerous one at that.

"I work for the Marshall Carter and Dark organisation, we specialise on purchaseing and selling anomalous objects across the globe. We normally sell Safe class objects to our clients, and sometimes Euclid classes."

"What about Keter classes?"

"No, those are much harder to acquire and sell."

"Then, how did you know managed to kidnap SCP-053?"

"I can tell you about t- ahh!" I shouted once more as I felt something pierced my feet.

"Tell me!"

"Okay, we managed to raid a scp containment facility and managed to kidnap her!"

"I see." He muttered putting his hand on his chin.

"Where is your base located?" He asked.

"No! I can tell you about that! I won betrat my -ahhh!" Then suddenly I felt two more pierced my thighs.


"Our base is located at the St. Patricks cathedral! Me and John are just the guards standing outside! Please just stop!" I started crying in front of the teenager.

"What about Marshall, Carter and Dark, are they the founder of your organization?"

"I don know." I muttered.

"Sorry what was that? I can hear you."

"I don know." I said louder this time.

"Don lie to me! Surely you must have something! "

"I swear I really don know! Im just a guard for them and I usually get orders from the higher-ups, not from them, please I swear thats all I know." I cried with tears in my eyes.

"Good, you actually managed to talk and give me some actual valuable information, unlike your friend over there." He said pointing to the right.

"What?" Suddenly the lights turned on and I saw John also tied up like me, he was not moving and he has holes all over his body.

"Ahhh! John! You killed him! You killed him!" I yelled trying to escape once more.

"Oh relax hes fine. I didn pierced any vital part of him." He said nonchalantly.

"Y-you won get away with this, my teammates are going to come here and take back our property!"

"Yeah right." He said not even caring what hes getting into.

"You-your a monster a demon!" I yelled at him for putting us so much torture.

"Im not a monster unlike you and your organisation. You only cared about the money your getting, not about the consequences of your actions! You

e all are just thieves! We

e done here! " He stated and thats when I felt something pierced the back of my head before I blacked out.

In the basement, Daitens pov

"Huh, so SCP-053 was captured by the Marshall Carter and Dark organization, managed to escape from them, and came to my house ironically, and now more of them may come here to get back their Stolen property! " I growled in anger clenching my fists at the fact that they don care about a child a child who is about 3 years old and only care about money.

And those men dare to asked me to release them even after that their plan is foiled, the mere thought of them just make me shake in rage by their lack of morality.

*Master, please calm down.* Karin pleaded.

"Calm down! Calm down! I won calm down! How can those insignificant people treat Abby like shes a source of money! I won stand for this Ill-" I started shouting but thats when Abby came from out of nowhere and started hugging me.

"Mister please calm down." She pleaded looking at me with the dreaded puppy eyes.

The first time was because I was shocked to see her but the second time however those puppy eyes came in full effect and Id immediately caved in.

"Its okay abby, Id calmed down now, and can you please call me Daiten Futeki, not mister okay?" I said as I pat her head.

"Okay, Mr Daiten!" She said smiling at me.

"Thats not whatd I... Nevermind."

I slowly picked her up and started walking out of the basement and after I leave the basement, I put her down and Immediately received a few notifications afterwards.


[Mission Completed!]

[Interrogate the two intruders and find some information on what they know, do or work for.]


[30 Exp]


[Due to you being so scary that you can even make two grown men fear for their deaths a new skill has been created!]

[Blood Lust, Lv-1]

[You scare the ** out of your enemies]

[10% chance of working.]

[5% scary]


[Congratulations, you have levelled up.]

I closed all the screens and checked my status and I am surprised to see that to see that Ive grown so much for the past few weeks.

Name: Daiten Futeki

The gamer

Title: None

Level-5 Exp-0/500



Race: ?

Stands: [Hierophant Green], [Harvest]








MONEY- 8525$

I winced at my current money as I had to rent the house at it cost me a lot of money and now that I know which universe I reincarnated into, I need to save as much money as possible if I want to escape from the SCP foundations hands.

And also I told Karin to not give any notifications until the end of my missions to which she agreed to.

On the other hand, I unlocked my second stand slot, that means I can use two different stands at the same time and that will help me a lot in the future.

I sighed, now for the real problem.

"Sigh... Sate Sate Sate, Abby do you want to go to that place where you were kidnapped to?" I asked her.

As she soon heard that she froze in place.

"N-no please don make me go back there! I... I want to stay with you, please don make me go please!" She cried while wiping her tears.

"I know abby but some more bad people may came here and take you and I can protect you from them if you stay here so please come with me, Ill protect you I promise." I said with a soothing voice and hug her.

"... Okay." She complied.

I smiled at her and was determined to protect her and end the Marshall Carter and Dark organization once and for all.


[Mission Alert!]

[Infiltrate the St. Patricks Cathedral and retrieve any or all anomalous objects.]

Bonus objective,









I looked at the screen for a second before quickly pressed yes.

"Great, but first we need to prepare." I said coming up with a plan.

A few minutes later

"Im finally done, so abby how do I look?" I asked her.

"Woah you look so cool!" She said with stars in her eyes.

I was wearing a white pilot outfit, long pants, a belt, black shoes, black gloves, red tie and to finished it off I wore a white pilot hat.

All in all it is the perfect outfit for me.

Karin? I asked my trustworthy ai if it is cool.

*I must admit your outfit does look cool, but its not practical.* She mercilessly replied.

Ouch, you don have to be that rude about it, plus abby said she likes it. I thought before I took a pose, I put my right hand on my hip and I covered my face with my left hand.

*Fine, but are you sure you going to take her, it could be too dangerous.*

Yes I am, besides abby is not an ordinary girl and she can even be harmed and she has the ability to regenerate so shes gonna be fine.

*I guess so.* She reluctantly agreed.

"Alright, abby are you ready?"

"Yeah." She said.

"I can hear you."

"Yeah!" She said loudly.

"Now then, abby grab onto my back and hold on tight because we

e going to fly," I told her as I put on the same mask I wore during the Interrogation.

She didn know what I was talking about but she did as she was told and we were off.

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Daiten running away from Chibi Abby.

"Woohoo, this is awesome! This is the best day ever!" She said with stars in her eyes as we were briefly flying over new york.

"Heheh, I told you you will like it." I told her as I was using [Hierophant Green] and use it as a grappling hook like Old Joseph Joestar did with his [Hermit Purple.]

"How did you do that Mr Daiten?" She asked.

"Um... Its a secret." I told her.

She was confused as to her perspective it looks like Daiten is pulling something before releasing it and pulling it again but still she didn ask as he did save her life.

On the way to the church, we dropped off Carlos and John at a nearby hospital and by dropped I mean I literally dropped them and watched as they fall on top of an ambulance, scaring the people who were there.

Although I don really care about those two but Im not going to kill them, even though they kind of deserved it. I thought before I escaped the scene.

"Mr Daiten, why did you do that?"

"Um, youll understand when you

e older."


"When you

e older!" I cut her off.

It took us a few minutes but we finally arrived at St. Patricks cathedral.


e here." I said as we arrived at St. Patricks cathedral.

St. Patricks Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. It is the seat of the Archbishop of New York as well as a parish church. The cathedral occupies a city block bounded by Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, 50th Street, and 51st Street, directly across from Rockefeller Center. Designed by James Renwick Jr., it is the largest Gothic Revival Catholic cathedral in North America.

As expected there were two guards standing in front of a gate with their guns waiting to shoot anyone who gets in their way.

But those two were no problem for I already came up with a plan to end them as quickly and efficiently as soon as possible.

"Abby, stay here for a while, I need to go do something." I said to her as I put her next to an alleyway.

"Okay, be safe Mr Daiten." She smiled at me.

I nodded before I leave her alone so I can carry out my plan.

St. Patricks Cathedrals entrance, third persons pov.

"Yawn... Hey, do you think we

e going to get a break soon? Im tired." One guard said.

"I know right, I mean no ones even here. What is the chief thinking! No one is going to come here in the n-ahh!"

The other guard yelled before was lifted up by something.

"Anthony!" The guard yelled before he look up to find a person strangling the other guard before he dropped him.

"Hey who are you- agh!" He coughed before he was strangled by something before he was also lifted up before he blacked out.

"Sigh... I thought this is gonna be hard but I guess I was wrong." I muttered before landing on the road and quickly run back to the alleyway to get abby.

"Hey abby, Im done now. Lets go."

She nodded as I carried her and they reach the gate and walked past the two unconscious guards.

"Mr Daiten, what happened to them?"


e taking a nap abby. Just ignore them." He said as they entered the church.

"Wow, its bigger than I thought." I exclaimed as I looked at the surroundings.

"Yeah." She replied as she too looked at the church with wide eyes.

"Is this your first time visiting a church?" I asked.

She nodded, "I never been to a church before, I only seen pictures of it."

"I see." I said before I stopped at a large door.

"Is this where their secret base is?" I wondered as I sent Hierophant Green to investigate.

Since a stand is a representation of ones soul or fighting spirit and it is technically a ghost, it can faze through any object, and I can see what it sees, making Hierophant Green the perfect reconnaissance stand.

I can see a hallway that leads to another door and through it there are two more guards standing beside another door.

Why are there so few guards in this church? I guess they let they

e confidence get the better of them. Suckers. I thought as Hierophant Green quickly strangled them until they fall unconscious .

"Alright, they

e down. Lets go abby." I told her as Harvest quickly dismantled the lock on the first door then the locks on the second and third door and we silently walked in and slowly open all three doors and closed all of them quietly before we walked into what looks like an auction going on.

Huh is there an auction going on? I wondered as me and abby looked through a hallway and saw multiple people with masks staring at a stage.

"Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Illian and i will be your host for this auction." A man said wearing a red suit, green tie, a top hat and was holding a microphone.

"We all know why you

e here. To buy some of these anomalous object to benefit this world or ruin it." He said ominously.

"But we all know that you all want to use those objects for yourselves so as long as you have money we will gave you the objects and we guarantee that it is not a fake so you won be discouraged." He announced causing all of the audience to smile at that.

"Now lets cut to the chase shall we? Our first object is a hat that can read peoples minds." He showed them a bright blue hat. "Now this is a very useful object as it can be used for multiple scenarios, one of which is to find out that if your husband is cheating with another girl. "He exclaimed which caused some of the audience to laugh.

"Now the starting bid is 1 million dollars, to I hear a 2 million?"

A woman wearing a peacock mask raised her hand. "2 million."

"2 million dollars, now do I hear a 4 million?"

A man wearing a bull mask raised his hand. "4 million."

"4 million dollars, now do I hear a 6 million?"

No one raised their hand.

"4 million dollars going once, going twice, sold to the man with the bull mask!"Illian said loudly and a pair of guards presented him with the hat and he gave them exactly 4 million dollars.

"Now don start wearing the hat now. We don want to ruin the special surprise by reading our minds right?" He pointed to Bull Mask man.

Bull Mask man looks at the hat and shrugs before putting it by his side.

"Now the second object is..."

I tuned out the conversation and turned to abby. "Hey abby, Im going to investigate this place for a little bit, stay here for awhile okay? Don go anywhere until l come back."

She looks a bit worried but nodded regardless.

I soon left my hiding spot while abby stayed behind to watch the auction.

But what they didn know was that a security camera was looking at them.

Sigh... Lets see whats behind this door. I thought before opening the door and surprisingly it wasn locked.

Well, this was unexpected. I was looking at a kitchen, a kitchen that rich people have and it is beneath the church.

Oh my god! I put both of my hands at my cheeks as I stared at all of the delicious food that layed on the table.

Is this the famous filet mignom? I wondered as I hold a plate with said food on it.

I slowly took a bite out of it... and immediately vomited into a trash can.

Bleh! I don think the filet mignom is good for me. Bleh. I vomited again

After that, I cleaned myself up, checked the place for a few minutes, walked out of the door and was immediately met with multiple guns trained on me from everywhere. .

"Oh, we have an intruder? Thats surprising, no one has managed to infiltrate this establishment in years." Illian said while standing next to something covered in a white sheet.

I slowly put both of my hands up while summoning [Hierophant Green] and [] [Harvest]. Even the buyers are starting to get out of their seats while sipping some champagne, interested in this unexpected entertainment.

" Not only that, but you managed to bring back SCP-053 back to us." My eyes widened as a guard pushed out of her hiding place.

"Abby!" I started to run towards her but one of the guns shoot beside me which almost hit my shoulder.

"Ah ah ah, who said you could move?" Illian shakes his finger. "After all the trouble you brought us, I think its fair that you are killed on sight instead of being captured don you think?"

"Guards kill him!" With a snap of his fingers, a bunch of guards rushed forward to kill me but one of the guards pushed another guard to the floor causing everyone to stop and look at him.

"I-Im sorry. Are you alright?" The guard asks but reaching his hand out to him but was slapped away by him.

"Whats your problem you bastard!" He said before punching the guard in the face, knocking a few teeth out.

"You mother**er! You knocked out my teeth! You

e gonna pay!" He yelled shoving him into another guard.

"Hey! Why did you do that!" The guard yelled and me and a select few knew what was gonna happen.

"Abby! Close your eyes and cover your ears!" She did as she said and now there was a literal death match going on right now and from there it is now a bloody bloody bloodbath literally, there were punches being thrown, stabbing and gunfire all around, and there was a lot of blood, all because of abbys ability

"Holy **! They

e killing each other!" I thought as I looked at the scene in horror as everyone even the guests are trying to kill each other.

And suddenly there was a load growl. "Raghhh!" I turned around and was met with a fist sending which only made me stumble a bit and it removed my mask.

"Why you!" I punched him back, sending him flying and soon I was filled with these, these thoughts telling me to kill everyone.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Death! Death! Death! Bring destruction!

I almost went mad but luckily [Gamers mind] came into effect and calmed me down.

Ugh, worst hangover ever! Just how powerful is her ability! Her powers the same as [Survivor.] I thought as the massacre was over and everyone even Illian except Daiten and abby was dead.

This is awful. I feel like Im gonna throw up! I put my hand over my mouth as I look at the piles of dead bodies on the floor.

I found my mask and put it back on before putting my attention to abby.

"Abby, are you alright?" I slowly walked towards abby with no intention of hurting her.

She slowly opened her eyes, uncovered her ears and smiled at me.

"Mr Daiten! You

e okay!" She said with joy.

"Yeah, Im okay. Let me just look around for a bit and see if they

e any more bad people." I told her not looking at her.

She nodded and I check behind the theater only to find nothing.

Huh, where the hell do they keep all the anomalous objects? I thought before checking the walls for any secret doors or entrances.

Now if I were a secret room where would I be? I thought checking the walls for anything that seems suspicious.

But then I realized that I can use Hierophant Green to see if there were any, and so I did just that and found only one of them.

I looked at the wall for a few seconds before punching it with all my strength while shouting "Muda!"

The wall toppled down easily to reveal a secret room with all sorts of anomalous objects.

"Well, since the SCP Foundation isn here, Ill just take this, and this, and this... I rambled on as I put the all in my inventory."

"Wait whats that?" I wondered as I checked a crate that is full of tomatoes.

Are those tomatoes? I thought as I analyzed one of the tomatoes.

Name: Critical tomatoes

Title: SCP-504

Classification: Anomalous object, safe class

[SCP-504 is a species of tomato physically and genetically identical to that of the typical commercially-grown tomato. It was recovered in Kentucky after a woman reported to the police that her farmer husband had been "murdered by his lunch". The SCP Foundation is currently working to identify and destroy loose strains of SCP-504 in the surrounding commercial farming areas. When a poor attempt at humor is made verbally within human hearing range of SCP-504s tomatoes, they instantly accelerate to a speed of at least 100 miles per hour (approx. 160 kilometers per hour, 45 meters per second) in the direction of the sounds source. One of SCP 504 crates is recovered by the Marshall, Carter and Dark organization in hopes of selling it for a high price.]

Huh so this SCP-504. It may come in handy in the future. I put them in the inventory before analyzing what it appears to be a ball.

Name: Super Ball

Title: SCP-018

Classification: Anomalous object, Euclid class

[SCP-018 has the appearance of a Super Ball made by the Wham-O company in 1969. It is six centimeters in diameter and coloured red. SCP-018 was noted to be able to bounce with extreme SCP-018 can only be thrown once. Upon being thrown it will begin bouncing and rebounding faster until it gains enough speed that it explodes. Different speeds can induce differing degrees of damage. During a raid by the Marshall, Carter and Dark organization, they managed to grab SCP-018 and SCP-1867.]

"Woah, this is definitely gonna come in handy." I exclaimed as I put it in my inventory.

Psst, hey over here! A voice speaked from my mind.

"Karin, was that you?" I said looking

around the room.

*No master, that wasn me.* She sounded confused as to who besides her was talking to me in my mind.

Its me! Up here from the corner of the shelf! The same voice replied.

I looked at the direction and realized the voice was coming from a sea slug on a glass box.

"Uh, you

e a sea slug." I pointed at him.

Good sir, I imply you that I am not a sea slug. The sea slug spoke to me.

"No Im pretty sure you are a sea slug." I said analyzing him.

Name: Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood

Title: SCP-1867

Classification: Anomalous organism, Safe class

[Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, CBE, 7th Viscount of Westminister, is a British explorer and naturalist who was heavily active during the 19th Century. At some point shortly after the turn of the 20th Century (circa 1910), Blackwood was changed from a human into a member of the Nembrotha kubaryana species of sea slug. During a raid by the Marshall, Carter and Dark organization, they managed to grab SCP-018 and SCP-1867.]

Good heavens boy, I am NOT a sea slug! Have you been drinking? He asked.

"No I have not. But I gotta ask are you Lord Blackwood?"

Why yes I am. The now named Lord blackwood said in my mind.

"Then can you tell me whats behind that vault?" I asked him pointing to a giant vault at the end of the room.

Well I don have the foggiest idea, those hooligans kidnapped me and placed me in this prison.

"Its a glass box Lord blackwood." I deadpanned at him before opening the glass box releasing him.

"Anyways lord blackwood do you have any special powers whatsoever" I asked him as he crawled to my shoulder before commanding [Harvest] to open the vault.

My dear boy I don know what you

e talking about. I don have any special powers. Im a human. He said despite the fact hes a variable neon slug and hes using telepathy to communicate with me.

"Well you

e about to see something truly spectacular." As if right once the vault door opened and there was a bright light shining in the vault.

Ahh, what is that bright light! He hissed as he looked away.

"Its too bright!" I exclaimed as I covered my eyes.

Soon the bright light dimmed down and inside was something that truly shocked the two of us.

"G-gold bars?!?!" We both shouted/telepathically shouted.

Yup its true inside the vault theres probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of gold bars along with valuables, records, and documents that probably contains where they got the information from other Marshall, Carter and Dark Organization bases.

T-theres so much gold! I haven seen this much gold ever since The Great Gold Robbery on 1855! He said enthusiastically.

"Yeah and its all mine!" I said with my eyes shining as I can move from place to place and I won be broke at least for a few decades.

Wait wait wait you can just steal all this gold, you have to give it to the people. He said while looking at me.

"Oh really, and give it to the people means that I have to give it to the ones who kidnapped you?" I countered glaring at the slug.

Thats not what I meant!

We glared at each other for a moment before I asked "Hmm, hey Blackwood, when was the last time you gone exploring?"

Why I thought you never asked. The year was 1867...

"Ah great listen Lord Blackwood you do not tell anyone about this and Ill take you on an adventure of a lifetime."

Oh my another grand adventure, It does seem tempting, oh I cannot pass this offer, fine you win take the gold.

"Perfect, now you stay right there while I go take the gold." I said before placing on a shelf before going into the vault.

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Lord Blackwood telling stories to Chibi Daiten.

"Huff huff huff alright think thats everything." I said as beads of sweat ran down my face.

It took me a while before everything that was in the vault and in the secret room was put into my inventory, [Harvest] helped me out a lot as I need the extra hands in order for me to put everything was inside my inventory in a short amount of time.

My word, Ive never seen such creatures in my entire life. What are those things my dear fellow? Lord Blackwood asked.

"Wait what! You can see them!" I was shocked as SCP-1867 of all people managed to see my stand even though hes not a stand user.

Well off course I can see them, although it looks a bit blurry to me. He said crawling back to my shoulder.

"Um well its complicated."

Well whatever it is its your secret, now tell me what is your name my boy? You look like a young adult to me.

"Its Daiten. Daiten Futeki, and for the record Im 16." I revealed my face to him.

Well I didn realize that you are 16.

"Well now you know and besides we gotta hurry abby might be waiting too long."

Wait whos abby?

"Ill tell you about her later but for now lets get out of here." I said putting my mask back on and walk towards the stage.

Meanwhile with abby.

Um Mr Daitens hasn come back yet. She wondered as she looked around despite the stench of death enveloped around her.

"Huh, whats that?" She turns her attention to the big cage that is on the center of the stage.

She slowly walks toward it and sits in front of the cage looking confused as to what was inside the cage.

Inside the cage,

Beneath the huge cloth there was a huge cage hidden underneath it.

But this was no ordinary cage as the bars are covered with strange red like rune shapes.

And inside that cage lays a creature, a creature that looks like a humongous reptile and it is asleep.

It slowly opens its eye and its color is blood red.

Daiten has no idea what he will face next and he better pray that he will survive this fight or it will kill him ruthlessly and viciously as possible.

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