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Jojo system in scp universe Chapter 5: Fight with SCP-682 and Aftermath

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Previously on jojo system in scp universe,

We just learn that our protagonist Daiten Futeki and abby has recently infiltrated St. Patricks cathedral that was used as one of Marshall Carter and Dark organization bases.

Huh is there an auction going on? He wondered as he and abby looked through a hallway and saw multiple people with masks staring at a stage.

From there Daiten found a secret room and took all of the anomalous objects in it.

"Well, since the SCP Foundation isn here, Ill just take this, and this, and this... He rambled on as he put the all in my inventory."

He also met Lord blackwood or SCP-1867 who surprisingly have the ability to see stands when hes not a stand user.

Well off course I can see them, although it looks a bit blurry to me. He said crawling back to his shoulder.

And now Daiten will have to face one of the most dangerous SCPs that walked the earth.

And inside that cage lays a creature, a creature that looks like a humongous reptile and it is asleep.

Lets see what happens what happens when Daiten Futeki has to fight against the insanely hard to destroy reptile.

Present time Daitens pov

"Abby abby where are you?" I shouted as me and my new companion SCP-1867 or Lord Blackwood are currently looking for her.

Gasp. Oh my god!

I turned to where he looked and saw the bodies that were affected by abbys ability.

Wh-who would do such a thing?

He said with fear in his voice.

"Its abby. She did this." I said with the JoJo shadow eyes.

What kind of woman would do such a-

He was cut off before abby come running towards me and hug my leg.

"Mr Daiten! You

e here!" She yelled scaring Lord Blackwood.

Thats abby! Shes a little girl! He said as he was shocked that a girl, a girl was capable of so much death.

"Yes she is." I said confusing abby but she notices the slug that was on my shoulders.

"Ooh, what is that?" She asked as she picked up Lord Blackwood much to his displeasure.

Unhand me you wench! He spoke startling her, causing her to drop him in the process.

Daiten Futeki, just who is this girl! He said to him but I didn replied as I stared at the slug who is now running away from abby.

He-he can survive abbys death touch! But how! I thought shocked that he of all things was unaffected by her ability.

Hello, Im talking to you! Lord Blackwood said while trying to escape from abby.

I didn reply back as I was busy hauling bodies into the kitchen, [Harvest] also helped me out by taking all the dollars, credit cards and wallets and I put in into my inventory.

I also started taking all of the anomalous items that somehow haven been destroyed or damaged in the massacre.

I laughed at the funny scene as Abby was chasing Lord Blackwood in a circle but not before I stared at what it appears to be something covered by a cloth.

I don know whats underneath that cloth, but whatever it is I have a feeling that Im not gonna like it . I thought as I walked up to the stage.

With trembling hands I pulled the cloth to reveal a cage with strange red rune-like markings and inside is something inhuman.

"Woah, whatever that thing is, I don think I can fight it." I commented on the creature who was sleeping.

But what are those red markings though? I wondered.

I reached out to touch the bars but I get zapped by it.

"Youch, just what are those bars made out of?"

I reached out to touch it again but this time I didn stop until I touched one of the bars, but then those strange red markings lit up a bright red light and I was sent flying across the stage.

"Mister Daiten!" / Daiten my boy! They both stopped their banter and ran/crawled towards me.

"Cough! Cough! Im fine guys. Don worry about it." I groaned at the pain of my hand.

Preposterous! You need to get medical attention stat! Lord Blackwood yelled in a serious tone.

"Yeah, what the slug said!" Abby said pouting.

For the last time, I AM NOT A SLUG!

But neither of us realized that the markings on the case faded away and the creature opened its eyes, now awake and ready to kill.

There was a loud clang and we turned towards the cage at the creature was struggling to get out.

"Uh oh! Guys run!"

But it was too late as the creature was successfully released and pieces of the cage flown into separate pieces.

Me, Abby and Lord Blackwood hide behind a wall and watch as the creature rose itself up and now it is sniffing the

I can now see the creature in its full glory, its is an enormous reptilian beast with four legs, a tail, and a head, it also has razor-sharp claws, a mouth full of sharp teeth, scaly skin, and two eyes.

My worst nightmares have now come true. That creature is SCP-682.





[Warning! Warning! You are too low leveled to analyze!]

Wait what! W-why can I see his stats!

[Master, the reason is because you

e too low levelled to even take a glimpse at higher-leveled beings such as SCP-682.] Karin said.

Sigh... Well at least it can get even worse.


[Mission Alert!]

[Defeat SCP-682 and escape the church alive.]

[Bonus Objective]









Goddammit! A mission! Now! Why me! I thought crying my eyes out.

Well I can just let it roam free and let it do whatever it wants, might as well face my fears. I thought adjusting my hat and pressing yes on the screen.

With determination in my heart, I stepped out of my hiding place and faced SCP-682 much to the other two s dismay.

"Huh who

e you? Are you the one freed me?" He said as he now had his full attention on me.

"Yes, I was the one who freed you, SCP-682." I said staring at him.

Huh, you

e not running away? Most humans ran away when they saw me." He said.

"I have no reason to fear you other than you

e an overgrown lizard." I said without any hesitation or doubt in my voice.

But I was not expecting for SCP-682 to laugh after what he just heard as he was thinking that human was no threat to him at all.

"Ah! Hah! Hah! Hah! You

e quite amusing for a human. Tell you what, if you pretend you didn saw me, Ill let you and those two hiding back there off the hook."

My eyes widen along with abby and Lord Blackwood as he said that "You knew?"

"Off course I knew, my sense of smell allows me to sniff out any prey in any where."

"So if I pretend I never saw you and let you roam free, youll let us live?" I said with my hat covering my eyes.

"Sure, after all why would I care about the three of you when theres a whole city of people waiting to be devoured." He said showing me his teeth.

"So whats it gonna be?"

I thought about it for the moment before I finally made my decision.

"Daga kotowaru."

"What!" He exclaimed shocked that this human would reject his once in a lifetime opportunity.

"You see, one of my favorite things I like to do is to tell people or beings who I think is strong No." I said grinning at him.

Lord blackwood and abby are shocked and in awe at my decision and they have increased their respect for me.

"Then if you don accept my offer, Ill just have to kill you!" He growled before charging at me at full force.

Obviously I managed to dodged out of the way just before SCP-682s Jaws snap shut.

He looked at Lord blackwood and abby before focusing on his sister, abby flinched back by his stare before he turned his attention to me.

"Hey, over here you bad breathed lizard!" I taunted waving my arms at him.

Of course the taunt worked and hed come in charging to which I dodged out of the way but he turned at the very last second and almost managed to bite my feet but I managed to jump on SCP-682s head and use it as a springboard and leaped to the ceiling which conveniently has platforms for me to stand.

"Whew, luckily SCP-682 doesn have wings or else Im really screwed." I said shaking off a bead of sweat.

Pthui! Something hit the left side of the platform and it is slowly dissolving.

"Is that acid?" I questioned before looking down to see SCP-682 looks up with his mouth in a spitting position.

"Oh **! I forgot that SCP-682s most dangerous ability, his adaptability." As soon as I said that SCP-682 spits another acid ball right at me.

Pthui! Pthui! Pthui! I immediately ran away as the balls of acid quickly dissolving the entire left side of the platform before SCP-682 spits another acid ball at the right side of the platform.

"Uh oh!" Like a cartoon the platform immediately breaks and I fell right into the gaping jaws of the lizard.

But at the last second, I used [Hierophant Green] to grappled myself onto a nearby chandelier.

This utterly baffled SCP-682 as to his perspective, that human used something to grappled himself onto that chandelier.

He tried using his adaptability but to his surprise it didn work.

What! My adaptability didn work! Impossible! He thought before he felt something piercing inside his body.

What, my insides... are getting pierced?! He thought before feeling multiple piercings stabbing on his insides like someone put a lot of needles inside his body.

Is this his doing? He said before looking at me.

It appears that my plan is working. I thought grinning to see the Hard to destroy reptile in pain.

You see the reason he was in pain was because I put a bunch of [Harvest] inside of his body every time he opens his jaw, during which I put about 200 of them inside of him and since he can see stands he doesn even know what happened to him.

I now see the insides of SCP-682 through [Harvest] and saw he was producing a bunch of sharp spikes inside of his body, hoping to kill whatever it was that was hurting him.

Obviously that didn work as I didn feel any pain in the slightest, nor did Harvest got destroyed as it just phased through the spikes, and also stands can only be hurt by other stands, but he doesn need to know that does he.

Now for the next phase of my plan. Hierophant Green! I summonned him out and instructed him to use Emerald Splash on him.

He did so immediately as the emerald was successfully created and was fired and it hit onto SCP-682s side.

SCP-682 cried out in pain as something hit him in the side.

I instructed Hierophant Green to use [Emerald Splash] on him again and again.

The reason for this is A. Im using SCP-682 as a training buddy or a very hard to destroy and very angry training buddy as a way to improve my stands attacks, since both Hierophant Green and Harvest have their stats dropped down to E, I have to use something to improve them and I don want to get arrested for destroying trees, so I figured I would use him as my training buddy.

And B. I am really happy to see SCP-682 in pain and that put a smile to my face.

While I was busy hitting SCP-682 with everything Ive got, he is struggling to get on his feet, in all these years of his immortal life, he never felt so humiliated.

Ughaa! What is this feeling Im having right now! Is this pain! Am Im really in pain! This is the worst day in my entire life! Ughaa! He thought as he groans in pain as he keeps feeling like something hit him from both inside and outside of his body.

Wait a minute. He thought before looking at abby and Lord Blackwood or specifically SCP-1867, he just thought of a plan so crazy that it might just work.

So without a moments notice, he shrugs off the pain and immediately charged towards the two of them.

For you see, SCP-682 is taking a gamble here, he doesn know what abilities her

sister had and she could kill him since its their first time meeting each other but no, what hes actually targeting is that slug whos on abbys shoulder. He is risking his life in order to kill the human who is still standing on the chandelier

My eyes widen as somehow, SCP-682 is still standing and charging towards the two of them, and I realized two things.

One, SCP-682 is charging towards abby, and I think he does not know of her ability.

Two, hes baiting me to try and save them and he may just kill them.

But... I jumped from the chandelier and immediately ran towards him to push him out of the way.

I can just let him kill them!

With a grin knowing his plan worked, SCP-682 shoved past me with all of his strength, sending me crashing towards a nearby wall.

In the storeroom, Third persons pov

"Groan... W-what happened?" He groaned as he looked at his surroundings.

It would appears that I crashed into the storage room. He thought as he looked at the boxes of crates stacked on one another.

Wait whats this? He wondered as he analyzed a syringe.

[Power enhancing drug]

[It enhances your power by 200%. It also makes stronger, smarter and faster.]

[Side effect: It only works for 30 minutes and potential death.]

Wait what! Potential death! Does the power enhancing drug really work? He thought as he stared at the syringe with curiosity.

"And it would seems that there are a lot of them in this crate." He looked at the crate that he crashed into and it was filled with hundreds of them.

"Well, I got no choice but to use it, I need all of the help I can get if I want to beat that **ing lizard." He muttered he put on his hat which had fallen beside him and he injected the drug in his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Abbys pov

I just sat there terrified that the big scary lizard just push Mr Daiten aside like it was nothing. But thats impossible! Nobody can beat Mr Daiten.

The scary lizard walked up to me and asked "What are your powers girl?"

I was confused as to what he was saying "Powers? What are you talking about?"

"You know what Im talking about girl, you were the one who killed those people. I know because I can smell your scent on each and every one of them."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean sister!"

My eyes widen as he said that "Sister? Im not your sister you big bully!" l yelled out.

"Don lie to me, I am your brother and you know it. Now lets get out of here together." He assured me as he stretched out a claw.

I looked at the claw and started to reach towards it before Hey!

We looked to the slug who crawled in front of me. Just what do you think you

e doing you beast!

But my brother just looked unamused "And you are?"

My name is Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, and I will not let you hurt that girl! He said standing defiantly in front of him.

But my brother just stared at him for a second before using his foot to squish him.


My eyes widen as he squished him "Noooooo!"

For some reason my brother looked like he was struggling to stand his ground.

"Grrr... You

e strong sister. Much stronger than that human earlier. Ive decided that Im going to take you with me. Whether you like it or not!" He declared before he started to approach me.

I stumbled back as he continues to approach me.

I just said the only words that appeared on my mind.v"Please save me.... Papa!"

There was a loud "Emerald splash!" and something happened to my brother I turned to see who was that shouted and my eyes lit up to see Mr Daiten standing there... menacingly!

Back to Daitens pov

After I took that drug, I feel that my body suddenly feels like Im burning from the inside out. I can feel the effects of the drug starting to kicked in.

But what I didn notice was that they were red markings all over my body.

"I can feel my power has increased dramatically!" I said to myself as I clenched my fists.

Suddenly I heard a voice saying "Please save me.... Papa!"

My eyes widen as I heard abby calling for help and I figured that I test my newfound power for a spin.

"Emerald splash!" I yelled out as [Hierophant Green] performed the technique, only this time instead of one emerald there were five and all of them stabbed into SCP-682.

"Grrr... You survived. How?" He asked.

I didn replied but instead I said "Get away from her!" in an angry tone.

SCP-682 just scoffed at what I said "Hmph, and what are you going to do about it?"

I grinned at his response and I snapped my fingers and immediately SCP-682 fell to his knees in pain.

"Gah! W-what did you do to me!" He growled and asked.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk. Not telling." I wag my finger around with a smile on my face.

"Grrr... rah!" SCP-682 charged towards me but his front left leg stepped on something and he was immediately hit by a barrage of emeralds.

He growled but his tail swiped at something and was again hit by the barrage of emeralds this time in the back.

"Argghh!" He tried to use his adaptability but was met with multiple piercings inside his body.

Its working. I smiled at the sight of SCP-682 screaming in pain.

You see when I injected myself with the power enhancing drug, my stands power increased a lot.

For example, [Hierophant Green] wasn able to produce five emeralds in a single attack but now it can do it easily.

And as for [Harvest] , well lets just say it slightly evolved.

[Harvest] now has six articulate arms and four fingers on their hands, its purple stripes turned to red and most importantly its numbers increased from 500 to 600.

And they are all inside of SCP-682s body which is currently being healed by his regeneration because of Harvest repeating piercings.

And as for SCP-682, he is one of the most powerful SCPs in the SCP universe and his adaptability is broken as hell, but it has one major weakness.

He has to consume to adapt to said object and since stands are intangible to non stand users he can absorb a ghost now can he?

I know that I can kill it, no one can. But I can make it unconscious by injuring it very severely and Hierophant Greens new ability can make that happen.

"W-what is happening?" SCP-682 said as hes in a defensive position and he didn realize that hes right in the middle of a giant string-like web made by Hierophant Green and its time for the final attack.

"Take this SCP-682! 5-Meter Radius Emerald Splash!"

And all of a sudden, a dozen of emeralds appeared in all directions front, back, left, right, nowhere is safe, its impossible for SCP-682 to come out unscathed.

The emeralds hit their target but as the smoke cleared, I realized that something was wrong.

SCP-682s scales are shining and glittering like a tortoise shell and all of the emeralds didn even penetrate the skin.

W-what! Shit he adapted to make a tortoise shell and hide inside it!

But, I grin "The tortoise shell may be hard, but on the inside its soft and squishy."

As if on cue SCP-682 revert back to his normal state and is now stumbling around like hes drink

"Argh! W-what did you do to me?" He said but his voice was slurred when he said that.

"I injected some alcohol straight to your veins, and you

e gonna feel the worst hangover ever." I smiled as he tried to walk towards me, keyword tried.

But now before he screamed in pain as he felt something stab inside him and is now thrashing around like a mad man.

"Oh did I mentioned that I injected some acid and other chemicals in the kitchen ? Although I hate those bastards they sure have a lot of cleaning equipment." I said putting my hand to my face smiling smugly.

SCP-682 has had enough of this. He will kill that human and will take his sister with him.

So with a loud yell, he split his whole body into pieces and they all bounced in the entire room breaking and crashing any object that comes across its trajectory.

"Shit! Harvest!" Harvest returned to me and immediately it surrounded me as armour protecting me from the pieces that come flying towards me.

Oh come on! When is this gonna end? I blocked off some of the pieces that flew towards me, those I didn managed to block it were quickly pierced by [Harvest] stinger who act as spikes of my armor.

The ones that targeted abby were somehow fall to the ground and not one of them get even near her who kneeled over SCP-1867.

Slowly all of the pieces of SCP-682 stopped and slowly they began to form into its original state only this time his red eyes are burning with pure hatred.

"You insignificant human! Just what are you?" He growled in anger.

"Who me? Im just a normal regular human. Why you asked?" I taunted.

It clearly worked as SCP-682 went into its rage state and charged at me while raising a claw wanting to strike me down.

However, before he could harm a hair on my head, he stopped all of a sudden.

"W-what! I c-can move!" He exclaimed as he tried to move his body but can even move an inch.

Huh, it worked. Well how about that. I thought

You see, when SCP-682 was reassembling his body, I send [Hierophant Green] into his while it was merging himself together, granting me full control of his entire body.

"By the power vested in me, I command you to dance." I snap my fingers and SCP-682 stand on its hind legs and started to dance in a very funny way.

Abby giggled at the funny scene while I was holding my stomach in laughter at this hilarious scene.

SCP-682 is fuming in anger as he tried to use his adaptability but it doesn work.

"Hah Hah Hah! Okay, now I command to roll over your back."

Begrudgingly, SCP-682 did as he asked and rolled over.

"Aw, whos a good lizard? You are. Yes you are." I rubbed his belly which made abby laugh again while SCP-682 let his tongue out by instinct.

After I pet SCP-682 I looked to abby. "Hey abby wheres Lord Blackwood?"

She looked up to me and said "Who?"

"The slug."

"Hes here." She pointed to the slug who was not moving.

"What! No No No No. This can be happening!" I rushed over to him carrying his body.

"Come on little buddy, wake up please wake up." I put a finger on his chest and started pumping it trying to revive him.

"Come on. Come on. Come on." I keep pumping his chest again and again.

"Open your eyes damn it!" I poked his chest very hard but he doesn respond.

"Whats wrong?" Abby asked.

"... Hes gone." I replied with the JoJo shadow eyes believing he was dead.

Abby was shocked at that but she looked down knowing that she can do anything about it.

But suddenly there was a loud cough in my mind and I look down to see it was SCP-1867 and he was coughing out green blood.

" Gasp... You

e alive!"

Ugh, what happened. He groggily said.

"Who did this to you?"

"Um, a big lizard. I don know how he did it, but he squashed me."

But while I was talking SCP-682 was able to move again and he took his chance to slowly sneak up on me ready to strike.

"Papa look out!"

But before he could hit me, I just raised my hand stopping him in his tracks.

"So your the one who did this to him huh?" I stared at him with my mismatched eyes.

SCP-682 flinched back at my stare and I commanded him to kneel before me.

"Abby please close your eyes and cover your ears. I have some business with him."

She reluctantly did so and looked away.

"Now, SCP-682. Im gonna give you a beating of a lifetime and your gonna live the rest of your immortal life knowing that a human beat you" .

SCP-682 has his eyes wide open and tried to use his adaptability once more but I was faster than him.

"Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda

Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda..."

I keep repeating that word over and over again and I keep punching him in the face again and again knowing that he will remember this moment for the rest of his life.

"Wrryyyyyy! Ill smash you flat!" I launched a final punch in his face that I actually left an imprint on it making him unconscious.

"Whoo, alright we

e done here, lets go."

I put Lord Blackwood and abby in my inventory before I felt the side effects of the drug took effect and I immediately cough out blood.

"Cough cough cough damn I think potential death means for regular humans but then again Im not a regular human." I take the recovery pill from the inventory and swallowed it and I feel like Ive recovered a bit.

"Oh man this is gonna be so hard to clean up, wonder if they have some high quality cloth laying around?"

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Daiten beating the ** out of Chibi SCP-682.

"Whew, I think I cleaned up all the evidence that I was here." I said to myself as the entire secret room was cleaned to perfection, nothing was bloodied and I cleaned all my blood in case the SCP Foundation wanted to take a sample of it.

*Master, you better leave quickly, the SCP Foundation is closing in on the church.* Karin said.

"What! Why?"

*Well you weren exactly quiet during the battle with SCP-682 and people have been awoken and reported on strange noises at the church and naturally the SCP Foundation are curious and so they sent a strike team to investigate.* She said like its no big deal.

"And how do you know about this?"

*Im your AI. And also its quiet obvious in the SCP universe, anything strange or anomalous gathers they

e attention.* She said matter-of-factly.

"Well if you

e right, then I just have to use the Joestar Family secret technique."

Then I punched a wall and immediately ran away while saying the forbidden word.


Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Daiten running away while saying nigerundayo.

"Okay, I think I need to be on the down low for now."

I was sitting in my home currently thinking on what to do for now.


[Mission Completed!]

[Infiltrate the St. Patricks Cathedral and retrieve any or all anomalous objects.]

[Bonus objective.]

[Leave without getting caught by onlookers.]

[Leave with no trace that you were ever there.]

[Steal all the gold and files in St. Patricks Cathedral.]


[Skill, Instant Dungeon Create & Instant Dungeon Escape]

[2000 EXP]

[2 SR gacha ticket]

[Mission Completed!]

[Defeat SCP-682 and escape the church alive.]

[Bonus Objective.]

[Beat SCP-682 until hes unconscious.]

[Humiliate SCP-682 that he lost to a human.]

[Use SCP-682 as your training buddy.]


[5 stand arrow shards]

[1 random perk]

[Hamon training Guidance card]


[Due to constant use, your skill has leveled up x 4]

[Physical Endurance, Lv-4]

[Posing, Lv-2]


[Congratulations on your first perk!]

[Perk- A perk is an ability that is always on, unless the user wishes them turned off. One can use several perks at the same time, only if the effects of one perk doesn clash with the effects of any other Perk.]

[Anomalous attraction]

[Due to you making first contact with a SCP, chances of meeting anything strange, bizarre or anomalous increased by 30%.]

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Skill gained 3x

[Power Attack: Lv-1]

[By putting all of your strength into a single attack, you manage to get out a little more oomph in exchange for being a little more tired.]

[Increases Melee Damage by 5.]

[Detect bloodlust, Lv-2]

[This skill will detect any bloodlust directed at the user. It is an instinctive skill.]

[Will detect within 25 feet and will tell origin.]

[Taunt, Lv-2]

[You can cause your opponent to lose their cool and do something stupid.]

[10% chance of working.]

[[Stealth Lv-1]

[The ability to move silently like a ninja.]

[Decreased noise of movement by 5%]

[Movement speed reduced by 50% when active.]

[Can only be leveled up if there are others nearby to sneak past.]

Well that is a weird perk. I thought looking at the screen in front of me.

Even though the drug wore off, I can still feel its effects if not briefly. I flexed my arm, still feeling that I can go another round with SCP-682.

I guess thats why its called a drug, because if you survive you want more of it.

Though I should see if my two stands still have their increased power or not. I thought as I checked my stands stats.

[Name: Hierophant Green]

[User: Daiten Futeki]

[Grade: SR]

[Appearance: Hierophant Green is an athletic humanoid with robotic features, such as the eyes and legs, but its true form is that of a long web of tentacles. It is only slightly taller than Daiten himself, though it can stretch itself to great lengths. Hierophant Green possesses a body covered in veiny lines, which is protected by a light-colored armor. Despite its emotionless face, it seems to have a human-looking mouth underneath its mask.]

[Namesake: The Hierophant (Tarot card)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Artificial Humanoid]

[Stats: Power: C , Speed: C, Range: B, Durability: C, Precision: C, Growth potential: A ]

[Abilities: Coiled body, Anatomy control]

[Techniques: Emerald Splash: 5 Emeralds, 5-Meter Radius Emerald Splash]

[Name: Harvest]

[User: Daiten Futeki]

[Grade: R]

[Appearance: They are oval-shaped, insect-like creatures with a design based on worker bees, having a large abdomen on their posteriors. Harvest has six articulated arms and two legs, with their hands having four fingers each. A pattern of horizontal stripes covers their body, although the stripes on their head vertically curve downward instead. They have a pointy nose and vertically segmented eyes lacking irises and pupils. Below their eyes are small wavy lines.]

[Namesake: Harvest (Neil Young song and album)]

[Type: Long range, Reconnaissance, Natural Non-Humanoid, Colony]

[Stats: Power: D, Speed: C, Range: C, Durability: A, Precision: B, Growth potential: A]

[Abilities: Strength in numbers Harvesting, Stinger]

"Well, my stands definitely increased a lot, thanks SCP-682." I chuckled at the fact that I won be able to thank him for his help.

"Now then, how am I going to keep all of this." I said looking at the pile of weapons that we

e in the closet, there were also more weapons leaning against it because I ran out of space.

For you see, when I was putting away the bodies in the kitchen. I had taken all of their weapons their soldiers had. Those weapons included: pistols, knives, rifles, submachine guns, and a sniper rifle.

I also found the armory when I was cleaning SCP-682s blood and I took all of it. Can you believe they had a rocket launcher? I sure didn and I took it.

"I guess I can use them if Im under attack by an SCP. But what am I gonna do with this?" I said holding a piece of SCP-682s flesh.

For you see, when I pummeled SCP-682 with my Muda Muda barrage, I accidentally made one of SCP-682s flesh come off and I took it for my self.

It doesn seem that it hasn go back to him yet, maybe hes still unconscious. I hoped pulling out a magnifying glass and studied it.

"Hmm but first, I should probably let abby and Lord Blackwood out of my inventory." I said before pulling them out of it.

"Whoa, we

e back at your house already, Mr Daiten?" She asked in amazement.

I must say that it is rather peculiar that we somehow arrived here from- Cough! Cough! Cough! Lord Blackwood coughed at my worktable.

"Woah Lord Blackwood, I think you need to rest for a bit after all you been squashed by the lizard." I said with concern.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Yeah I guess you

e right. He said before sleeping on the table.

"Sigh... anyways abby, did the big lizard said anything to you?" I questioned her.

"Well, he did called me his sister." She mumbled twirling her fingers.

"I see and did he say anything else?"

"Um, he said that I had a special ability, but I don have any special abilities right papa?" She said before closing her mouth with her hands.

"Okay, and why did you call me papa?"

"Uh, well my grandma said that my parents had to go away somewhere from a very long time, and ever since then, I felt lonely, please don kick me out." She cried with tears in her eyes.

"Its okay abby, Im not gonna kick you out. Just surprised thats all. If thats all you want you can call me papa from now on." I said smiling at her.

"Really? Thanks papa!" She smiled before hugging me.


e welcome. Now why don you go to bed now. Its on the second floor and the first door to the left." I said pointing at the door.

"Okay papa!" She hug me one last time before leaving and closing the door.

"Sigh... alright now that shes gone, I really should think about what do to with this." I said looking at the piece of SCP-682s flesh.

"Hmm, in some fanfictions the protagonists gain similar powers by eating a piece of their victims." I said holding it and studied it carefully.

"Will this grants me the power of SCP-682 ?" I said before asking my trusty AI.

*Master, I strongly advise you do not eat it.* She said crossing her arms.

"Oh, and whys that?"

*Well, there is a 73% chance that your cells will mutate and will kill you.*

"And the 27% ?"

*You can gain similar properties of SCP-682 and it will change your appearance entirely. Now are you sure this is what you want?*

"… I have to Karin, I need to get stronger to protect abby, and besides there are many dangerous SCPs that can easily kill me. I have to do this." I said firmly before eating and swallowed it.

Immediately, I felt a pain in my stomach, and I felt unconscious not knowing what happen to me tomorrow.

At the same time at St. Patricks cathedral, third persons pov

Alright team, spread out and look for any clues that might caused disturbance. A man wearing a helmet ordered to his team.

"Yes sir!" They said and they went to work.

You see, there was a lot of noise complaints coming from the St. Patricks cathedral and the SCP foundation knew that all of its members have already left the church, to something must be happening there right now and so they sent a MTF team to investigate.

"Sir, we captured some people who are from the Marshall Carter and Dark organization." One of the MTF operatives spoke as two of them are holding them in place.

"The MC&D? It appears that they are still selling anomalous items. Have you interrogated them?"

"Yes sir, they said that someone knocked them out."

"Strange, it seems that someone was here before us. Two of you, stay here and keep interrogating them, the rest of you follow me."

"Yes sir!" They responded and they opened the doors to the church and immediate found sometimes amiss.

"Sir, the doors lock is in pieces., A MTF operative spoke.

What? What do you mean?

" The lock has been disassembled sir, all of the pieces are right here." He said showing all of the pieces to the commander.

"Hmm." The commander picked up a screw and analyzed it thoroughly. "This must be the work of the perpetrator who knocked out those two guards. Everyone proceed with caution."

"Yes sir." They responded as they opened and discovered the other two doors whos locks have also been disassembled, they quickly opened the doors only to discover a horrifying sight.

"Gasp! Oh my god!"

They all see SCP-682 not moving and had an imprint of a fist on the centre of its face.

"A-are you seeing what Im seeing?" A MTF operative spoke with shock in his voice.

"Y-yeah, SCP-682 is down and its not moving." Another one of the MTF operatives replied back.

"Director zolgomax, this is commander Red from Alpha-4 Pony Express, we need some backup, and I think you need to see this." The man-wearing helmet talked on his walkie-talkie.

Timeskip brought to you by Chibi Abby drawing on a piece of paper.

"My god, Id never seen anything like it, I mean I have seen a lot of dead bodies but never in one huge pile." Said a guy wearing a helmet while standing next to a guy with red hair.

"Yeah, I have to agree that this is overkill but this is nothing compared to the SCPs Carson." The guy with red hair said to him.

"Yeah, I have to agree with you Lawrence but that doesn mean that a body pile in the bottom of a church isn strange, I mean this act alone makes this place feel sinful." Carson said.

Besides, have you had any news from Dr Collingwood? Carson asks.

Yeah, I think she wanted to see Dr Buck, something about theres more to this story apparently.

Okay, in the meantime why don we check around the place. See if the Pony express guys left out someplace. Carson suggested.

Good idea. Lawrence said and they left the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in a SCP facility.

"Dr buck!" A woman with brown hair and glasses opened the door to Dr Bucks office.

"Hmm?" A woman with blonde hair looked up from a pile of notes with a stern look on her face. "What is it Dr collingwood?"

"I have reports about tonights incident." She said as she placed a file on the table for Dr buck to see.

"Go on." Dr Buck said

"Well we have identified some of the victims and it turns out that they

e all from different organisations"

"And what organisations do they belong exactly?"

"Well, two are from the Serpents Hand, five are from the Chaos Insurgency and finally theres one person whos from the Children of the Scarlet King" She said in a somber tone.

"The Children of the Scarlet King, that seems rather odd for them to send one of their men. Then again I didn expect SCP-682 to be beneath a church." She said surprised that the cultists managed to sneak their way into New York City.

"Thats not all Dr Buck, Im afraid to say that someone took all of the potential Scps in the MCD secret base."

"Tell me something that I didn already know Dr Collingwood." She said not impressed.

"Well, the MTF Team who found the secret base, Pony express found a secret room in the secret base that had a vault in it and it was likely that the same guy took everything in there."


"Everything. Anything that was valuable stolen. Anything that was not valuable stolen. Whoever this guy is hes left no trace of himself."

"And what about SCP-682?"

"Hes just woken up and hes trying to get out of his containment and hes keep saying that hes gonna find that human and will kill him as brutally as possible."

"It must be the same guy who took everything in the base, have you had any idea about who is he?"

"No Dr Buck, and we don know if the intruder is really a man or a woman, and we can just ask everyone around if they went to the church, their so many people to interview and by then the perpetrator would have already moved out of the country by now."


e not wrong about that, contact Director Zolgomax and tell me if he makes any decision on whether or not to find this perpetrator right now." Dr buck said with a serious tone.

"Yes Dr Buck." She said bowing before closing the door.

"Sigh..." Dr buck rubs her eyes before skimming through the file thinking who could have fought SCP-682 to the point that hed go unconscious.

All in all, its just another day in the SCP Foundation.

But what they don know is that someone was eavesdropping on them before quickly leaving.

In another place, third persons pov

"Sir, its been hours since the last time we contacted Jeremy, Im afraid to say that hes gone." A man said in front of many computers.

"Damn it!" Another man exclaimed slamming his fist onto the table. "I told him it was too dangerous for him to do this but now hes dead and he took all the money we had, goddammit!"

"Sir, I believed its time we pack up and get out of here. We have overstayed our welcome here in New York." He said getting up from his table.

"Yeah yeah lets go, but just so we

e clear, if Jeremy was killed by those money-grabbing thieves or by someone else, they

e gonna regret messing with the Serpents hand." The leader said wearing a coat with the Serpents hand logo on it.

In another another place, third persons pov

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" A guy shouted destroying the computers in front of him.

"The plan failed! We lost all of our money and worse someone stole all the money we had in our possession! We were gonna use the money to buy all the SCPs in order to conquer the world! This sucks!" He yelled before he was knocked out with a karate chop.

"I really hate this guy but he gets the job done, even when he goes a little overboard." A guy sighed before slinging the man and walked out of the room.

"Though, whoever this guy is, hes gonna regret pissing off the Chaos Insurgency." He said wearing a suit of armour that has a Chaos Insurgency logo on it.

In another another another place, third persons pov

"Sigh... It seems that Liam has fallen, well he should have been grateful that he was killed by one of our kings children." Said a man wearing a red robe.

"Yes, he should be grateful."

"I wanted to be the one who sacrificed my life for the king."

"Hes so lucky that hes with our king even in death."

A group of people wore the same red robes with their hoods on whisper in jealousy.

"Gentleman, it is true that we had given Liam all the money we had in hopes of purchasing SCP-682, but have hope we know where the SCP Foundation is keeping him and tomorrow we will rescue him if our name isn the Children of the Scarlet King!" He declared holding a book with the Children of the Scarlet King logo on it.

Daiten Futeki has no idea that three organisations are coming for him, but they had no that the Perpetrator is bizarre and incredibly powerful.

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