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Chapter 25: I Want Your Shares

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Gu Moling was very friendly. “Please tell me, Ill try my best to satisfy you.”

“No, no, no. You dont need to do anything this time. Since its the Qiao familys matter, of course, theyll have to handle it themselves.”

Qiao Xi supported her chin with one hand, her exquisite eyebrows looking languid and nonchalant. “Mr. Gu, do you mind if I talk to Mr. Qiao”

Mr. Qiao took the phone in a flattering manner. “Hello, Black Tide. Im Qiao Zhenguo.”

His hand that was holding the phone trembled slightly. He was both excited and nervous. If he could be on good terms with Black Tide, the entire Qiao Corporation would be able to rise to greater heights.

A top hackers ability was immeasurable!

“Black Tide, Im not sure what you want but as long as its something thats to my ability, feel free to bring it up. Although its said that family scandals shouldnt be made public, since things have already developed to this stage, I really dont have any other choice. My eldest daughter is threatening Rou Rou with a video. If the video is made public, Rou Rou will be completely ruined. Weve tried talking to our eldest daughter and begging her, but she refuses to listen. If there was even a chance, we wouldnt have made such a move.”

Qiao Xi ran her fingers through her hair. “It must be hard for you to have such a daughter, right”

Qiao Zhenguo sighed. “What can I do Shes my daughter, after all. Even if she has done something wrong, shes still my daughter.”

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart. “Since thats the case, I wont make things difficult for you, Mr. Qiao. Ill take 5% of Qiao Corporations shares.”


Before Qiao Zhenguo could reply, Xu Mei objected. “I dont agree! This 5% of shares are supposed to be given to Rou Rou. Why would you give them to an outsider”

“Shut up!”

Qiao Zhenguo covered the phone and shouted at Xu Mei, “What does a woman like you know! Do you know what Black Tide taking Qiao Corporations shares represents!”

As long as he released this news, Qiao Corporation would be able to take a big step forward. This deal would definitely be profitable to him. He, Qiao Zhenguo, would definitely not lose out!

This was the power of a top hacker!

“Dont worry, Black Tide. Ill transfer 5% of the shares to you right away… Then, about my daughter…”

“Mr. Qiao, your love for your daughter is truly touching. Dont worry, this matter will be resolved soon.”

With that, Qiao Xi hung up.

At the Qiao familys house.

Xu Meis heart ached for the 5% of shares. She kept muttering, “5% of the shares! 5%!”

The old master was too biased. As long as Qiao Xi got married, 65% of the shares would automatically be transferred to her name. Qiao Zhenguo only had about 20% of the remaining shares, while the rest were in the hands of random shareholders.

Now that the Black Tide was given 5%, it would be strange if Xu Mei did not feel bad about it!

This 5% was originally supposed to be given to Qiao Rou!

Qiao Zhenguo glared at her. “How can you be so lacking in knowledge! You take it as Black Tide is taking 5% of Qiao Corporations shares, but I see it as us making use of Black Tide to make Qiao Corporation soar into the sky!”

Qiao Rou also tried to persuade her mother gently. “Mom, I know youre doing this for my own good, but Dad is right. A top hacker is too important for the corporation. You also said that these shares were originally for me. Now that youre using my shares to solve my problem, itll also lessen my guilt. Recently, you and Dad have been anxious about my matter. I feel very sad about this…”

“Good child.”

Qiao Zhenguo was touched and patted the back of Qiao Rous hand. “Were family. Its only right for your mother and me to help you out.”

Gu Moling hugged Qiao Rou and coaxed her in a low voice. “Uncle and Aunt are right. Were one family. Dont give yourself too much pressure, okay”

“Alright.” Qiao Rou lowered her head shyly.

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Qiao Xi hung up the phone.

She sighed in great distress.

[Mo Yuan, what do you think it means to like someone]

She tapped her fingers lightly on the screen. Perhaps it was because she had been asking Mo Yuan about her relationship issues recently, so she immediately thought of him this time as well.

The strange thing was that in the past, Mo Yuan would always reply instantly. This time, he only replied after a long time. [I got angry because of her. I cant tell whether Im happy or angry with her. This must be that legendarylike!]

Qiao Xis mind was filled with questions. Was this what it meant by liking someone Why did she feel that Mo Yuans words sounded more like he wanted to skin that woman alive

Without waiting for her reply, Mo Yuan sent another message. [You have someone you like Let me give you a piece of advice. Dont fall for anyone! Even if you do, you have to let that person fall for you first! Otherwise, the feeling of being the first to fall for someone and that person not liking you back is really too much to handle!]

Qiao Xi instantly sat up straight. [Alright, I understand!]

Matters of love were too scary. Even someone as calm and composed as Mo Yuan had started to curse because of someone he liked!


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