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“I think they said bad things about me, but you can rest assured that I am very kind to female pilot.” He laughed, not to mention it was still a female pilot with different status.

Ruan Sixian nodded: “Well, thank you.”

After saying this, Helan Feng looked back at Fu Mingyu.

Very good, still sleeping.

Seemingly doesn’t care about it at all.

During the whole preparation process, Helan Feng almost did not speak much, all were handed over to Ruan Sixian to operate it.

It wasn’t until the plane was launched that he solemnly said: “During the take-off roll, due to the influence of the wind, the rudder should also be reached on the windward side, but do not easily press the lever.

Just be aware when pressing the lever on the windward side when leaving the land at the moment when the wind is strong, and it will be okay.

If you pull too much, the spoiler will rise when the wind becomes stronger, and it will affect the performance and operation of the aircraft.”[TN]

Ruan Sixian nodded and said: “Got it.”

“After leaving the land, the aircraft will automatically form a drift angle, so pay attention to the inclination correction.”


“At that time, pay attention to the shift of sight from outside to the cockpit, and there shouldn’t be inclination on the horizontal side of the lateral-direction, nor should there be any inclination on the meter.”

“Okay, got it.”

“Alright, these are all I have to say.

Next, you operate it and I watch it, and ask me if you have any questions.”

Ruan Sixian put on the headset and contacted the tower.

Soon, the plane entered the runway and started a run-up.

Helan Feng also paid attention to Ruan Sixian’s actions with great dedication.

When the feeling of pushing back came, Fu Mingyu slowly opened his eyes, and his gaze fell on Ruan Sixian.

He could see Ruan Sixian’s profile face and her eyes behind the sunglasses.

She looked at the dashboard attentively and communicated with the tower, with a serious expression and there was no trace of cosmetics at all on her face.

But at this time, she has a unique charm that Fu Mingyu has never seen in other women.

The plane was running at high speed, going at a lightning speed.

Looking at the person who was controlling the plane in front of him, Fu Mingyu felt that his chest cavity was also slowly swelling.

At the moment of leaving the land, the corners of Ruan Sixian’s lips curled slightly.

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Fu Mingyu’s eyes stayed there for a long time, and his heartbeat missed a beat at that moment.

He took a deep breath, but it seemed difficult to exhale smoothly.

Half an hour later, the plane entered a cruise state.

Helan Feng unfastened his shoulder belt, flexed his muscles and bones a bit, and said: “That’s good.

You took off perfectly this time.”

Ruan Sixian couldn’t hide her smile no matter what when she heard a compliment from this instructor.

Helan Feng couldn’t hold back and looked back at Fu Mingyu, “Why are you sleeping all the time Don’t you want to give your employee an evaluation”

Fu Mingyu opened his eyes and faintly swept across Helan Feng, “With you here, I have no qualifications for evaluation.”

Helan Feng snorted lightly and suddenly said to Ruan Sixian: “Do you have a boyfriend”

Hearing this question, Fu Mingyu’s eyelids twitched and his brows frowned, but it was a pity that the person in front of him would not even notice his expression at all.

Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a moment, “Huh”

“I am just asking casually.” Helan Feng said, “People at our age like to talk about this kind of thing.”


Why didn’t those colleagues tell her that this instructor still liked to gossip when they entered the level flight state


“Then you have to hurry up.” Helan Feng said, “The best time to solve personal problems is when you are still in the Co-pilot period.

It will be more inconvenient when you become a Captain later, because you will be too busy to be on the plane.”

“Ow… Got it.”

“I will help you look around too when we get back later.”

“Oh… Thank you…”

“What are you thanking me for.

This is just a small thing.” He hesitated for a moment and glanced at Fu Mingyu.

“What do you think of my nephew The one who was sitting in the back.

He looked handsome, right Young and promising, and still single too.

How about considering him as your boyfriend What do you think”

Ruan Sixian said, as if almost without thinking at all: “I think it’s just so-so.”

There was a sudden silence in the cockpit, that even fell more into a strange awkwardness.

Helan Feng touched his nose and turned his head quizzically, preparing to change the topic to ease the embarrassment.

Just then, the man behind him sneered slightly, “Have I been your boyfriend How can you conclude that it will be just so-so if I were to be your boyfriend.”

Ruan Sixian thought it was funny: “To evaluate how good the cooling effect of a refrigerator is, do I still need to personally go inside and freeze for two days there”


[TN] : I am sorry for all of the technical translation in this chapter part, as I really don’t understand how the airplane works, so I just translate it as much as I can TT_TT because I really understand nothing at all about it.

Any corrections are welcomed.


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