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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 120: Fiend Warrior

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Chapter 120: Fiend Warrior

“What the hell is going on… Why… Why is the boss suddenly attacking the other monsters” Nina mumbled in a dazed voice as she watched the Fiend Warrior butcher the Mountain Cyclops and the Vengeful Treants with its large cleavers.

However, even weirder about the situation was how the monsters didnt appear to be resisting, as they all just stood there, silently waiting for their turn to be killed by Fiend Warrior, almost as if they were offering themselves to it.

Leo and Nina were so puzzled by its actions that they subconsciously decided to remain a little longer to see how the whole thing plays out.


p ᴀɴ da-n ᴏv el “Leo! Nina!”

A familiar voice called out to them.

Leo turned around to see Miss Camille descending from the sky like a goddess.

“Miss Camille What are you doing here” Leo subconsciously muttered.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

“Im here to stop you, you idiot! How can you do something so reckless! A boss in the Wilderness isnt something you can mess around with! Thats how you get yourself killed!” She lecturered him the moment she landed.

“Actually, we had no intention of fighting the boss and were just leaving. However, when the boss suddenly decided to start slaughtering its own kind, we had to stop and watch a little longer.” Leo said while pointing at the Fiend Warrior that was still killing the other monsters.

Miss Camille turned to look at the red monster in the distance.

“Fiend Warrior!” She immediately recognized it.

And she continued, “Fiend Warriors have a natural modifier calledBloodlust, which allows them to get stronger the more it kills, and it doesnt matter if its humans or other monsters.”

“So its killing the other monsters because its trying to get stronger Why are the other monsters allowing this though” Leo asked.

“Thats just their nature. A boss monster is akin to a god in the location they were spawned in. Anyways, this is bad for us. If the Fiend Warrior isnt dealt with quickly and we allow it to grow stronger, it could potentially grow into an S-Rank monster. However, I wont be able to deal with it by myself, and it might be too late by the time reinforcements arrive…” Camille frowned. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

“You want to deal with the Fiend Warrior now” Leo asked.

“That would be ideal. You have no idea what an S-Rank monster is capable of…”

Leo then said without any hesitation in his voice, “What if we help you take down the Fiend Warrior”

She looked at him with a frown and said, “Im not putting either of you in danger. It may only be an A-Rank monster, but its far stronger than any normal A-Rank monsters out there. Not even 100 Mountain Cyclops would be able to defeat it.”

“But were only going to support you. Nina and I can summon skeletons to distract the Fiend Warrior. I also have a powerful artifact that can restrict its movements and lower its defenses.” Leo said.

“A powerful artifact that can restrict the movements of an A-Rank boss monster” Camilles eyes widened, as that sounded like only something an S-Grade artifact could achieve.

“Let me see this artifact,” she urged. ,c,om

“Here you go.” Leo handed her the Elders Orb of Restraints.

“T-This is…” Camille swallowed nervously when she sensed the overwhelming aura from it, and the aura felt oddly familiar for some reason, almost like her Elders Ring of Regeneration and Elders Ring of Empowerment but even stronger.

“Where in gods name did you acquire this treasure” She asked him after snapping out of her daze.

“Not long ago inside a cave. I will explain everything to you when we return to the academy.” Leo said.

After pondering for a moment, Camille looked at him with a serious expression and asked, “Are you sure this artifact can restrict the Fiend Warriors movements”

He nodded, “Im fairly positive.”

“Alright, then well do it. Listen, this is what were going to do…” Camille proceeded to tell them her plan.

A few minutes later, Nina summoned her skeleton servants and had them distract the Fiend Warrior.

Leo decided to not waste his mana and to use it to solely restrict the Fiend Warriors movements.

When the Fiend Warrior noticed the army of skeleton warriors and mages, it immediately diverted its attention from the other monsters to these unknown intruders.

Meanwhile, Camille hovered above the battlefield and quietly prepared her most powerful magic spell.

The Fiend Warrior quickly shreds through the skeleton warriors numbers. Every time it swung its cleavers, over a dozen skeleton warriors would perish.

However, Nina continued to summon them, so the army of skeleton warriors didnt diminish. As for the skeleton mages, they were bombarding the Fiend Warrior from a distance, not that it did any damage. In fact, the Fiend Warrior completely ignored their attacks.

Soon, the other monsters there started assisting the Fiend Warrior, destroying the skeleton army at an even quicker pace.

Ninas mana was being drained at an insanely fast rate because she needed to keep summoning new skeleton warriors. If it werent for the high-quality mana potion that Camille had given her beforehand, she wouldve run out of mana by now.

“I-I cant anymore! Leo! Its up to you now!” Nina said to him as her mana was exhausted.

The moment Nina ran out of mana, all of her skeleton warriors and mages collapsed.

This puzzled the Fiend Warrior and the other monsters.

It was at this moment they noticed the mana disturbance coming from above, causing them to look up, and thats when they finally noticed Camille, who was only halfway done with her magic spell despite many minutes of preparation.

However, before the monsters could disturb her, Leo drank a high-quality mana potion and activated the Elders Orb of Restraints, sealing the movement of the monsters, including the Fiend Warrior.

‘Shit! My mana is being drained much quicker than when I used it for the trial even though there are fewer monsters here! Is this because it needs more mana to restrict the Fiend Warrior! Leo gritted his teeth and silently hoped that his mana would last long enough to let Camille finish her spell.-

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