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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 166: Leo Takes the Stage

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Chapter 166: Leo Takes the Stage

It didnt take long for the stage to be fixed, and within minutes, the tournament was ready to continue.

“Leo, go ahead. Its your turn. Remember, youll fight until you lose.” Eve reminded him.

“I know. By the way, am I still only allowed to use up to Tier 2” Leo then asked.

“Since youre up against the Red Moon Academy, Ill allow you to use up to Tier 4 magic spells— but only if you really need to use it.”


“Then I will see you all later— once I defeat all of them.” Leo glanced at the others before walking onto the stage.

“Its Leo! Hes going again!”

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ0ᴠᴇʟ “Ha! Lets see how long hell last before the Red Moon Academy!”

“Hell probably be blown away in less than a minute.”

“Leo Magnus.” Leo introduced himself once he was standing before his opponent on the stage.

“Finn Cunningham.”

‘This guy will most likely go for a fast Fire Blast like his previous matches. I wont make it in time if I use any high tier magic spell. Once I block his Fire Blast, he will need some time to recast. I will use this chance to defeat him! Finn thought to himself and planned the whole fight in his head right before the tournament started.

The moment the fight began, Finn quickly cast a Tier 1 defensive magic spell on himself, creating a fire barrier around his body.

‘He also uses fire magic, huh My Fire Blast will have a weaker effect on him because of his Fire Barrier that greatly reduces all fire magic damage. Leo thought to himself.

However, he didnt care about that and proceeded to cast Fire Blast anyway.


The Fire Blast consumed Finns figure.

Once the flames died down, Finns figure was revealed, and to nobodys surprise, he wasnt damaged by the Fire Blast.

“If you want to fight fire with fire, your fire magic must be stronger than mine, and that is clearly not the case!” Finn laughed out loud from within his fire barrier, feeling quite confident in his magic.

Leo smiled and said, “If one isnt enough, I just need to keep doing it until it breaks.”

He then cast another Fire Blast, then another— and another.

Leo spammed Fire Blast every second, leaving the audience and Finn speechless.

‘How can he cast this fast! I cant find an opening like this! He cried inwardly.

No matter how fast one can cast spells, one would normally need a moment to prepare their next spell after casting. However, Leo didnt seem to have this flaw as he kept casting spells one after another with barely any pauses in between.

“Is Fire Blast the only spell he can cast What a waste of mana!”

“Hahaha! Thats definitely the case! No wonder why his Fire Blast is so powerful! Turns out its the only spell hes practiced for the past month!”

“Clearly, its not powerful enough to break Finns barrier.”

“What the hell is that idiot doing!” Kevin suddenly exclaimed in an angry manner.

“Doesnt he realize how much mana hes wasting by doing that! Even if he can eventually break Finns Fire Barrier, he wouldve spent a large amount of mana to do so, and Finn could easily create another Fire Barrier afterward and use far less mana than what Leo needs to break it!”

Unbeknownst to Kevin and everyone there, even though Leo was using a lot of mana to spam Fire Blasts, his mana regenerated fast enough to negate all of that, so he was still at full mana.

Eventually, Leo got bored of casting just Fire Blast, so he decided to change it up a bit.

“So I need 13 Fire Blasts to get through your Fire Barrier, huh” A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Leos face.

Over a dozen magic circles suddenly appeared before Leo. Instead of casting a single Fire Blast, he has decided to multicast them!

Although it was possible to cast magic spells without showing its magic circle, it was much harder to do so while multicasting, so much so that even Leo couldnt achieve it with his current experience.

“What the hell” Finn muttered in a dazed voice when he saw the magic circles.

And before he could react, Leo released all of the Fire Blasts he had been overcharging.

Fourteen Fire Blasts exploded on Finn the following second, instantly destroying his Fire Barrier before sending him flying.

Fortunately for Finn, he didnt fly off the stage, so he was still in the match.

Unfortunately for him, Leo had already begun casting his next set of Fire Blasts.

“You have got to be **ing kidding me…” Finn uttered these words with a look of disbelief on his face right before another set of Fire Blasts knocked him unconscious and sent him flying off the stage.

The whole stadium was dead silent after witnessing the spectacle.

“W-What the hell is going on Just how did he achieve such ridiculous casting speed” Jennifer, who was part of Valerys team during the Wilderness Training Course, muttered in a dazed voice from the spectators area.

“Forget about his casting speed… He just multicast 14 Fire Blasts at once! His mental strength is ridiculously strong!” Conan, who was also from Valerys team, said.

Once the silence broke, the whole stadium erupted with noises and chattering.

Even though most of them didnt want to admit it, they were very impressed by Leos performance just now.

“Even though hes won, hes probably used up most of his mana by now.”

“Looks like the Four Witches Academy might be winning this one.”

“No, its still too early to tell. They may have more people, but most of them are exhausted. If the Red Moon Academys last fighter can defeat Kevin without spending too much mana, they still have a good chance of winning.”

However, to everyones surprise, Leo remained on the stage even after winning the match.

“Does he plan on weakening the next opponent for Kevin I guess it makes sense, especially considering their situation, but I doubt it will have much of an effect.”

Sometime later, the fifth fighter from the Red Moon Academy entered the stage.-

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