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Chapter 167: Leo Takes the Stage(2)

“Tyler Freeman.” The fifth participant from the Red Moon Academy introduced himself.

“Leo Magnus.”

“If you think you can tire me out with what little mana you have left, good luck, because its not going to work on me.” Tyler said to him.

“How do you know that I have little mana left” Leo asked with a raised eyebrow.

“And I dont plan on tiring you out. Im going to defeat you and then do the same to that student who defeated Valery.”

“Your bluffs wont work on me. With the amount of Fire Blasts you have spammed, I would be surprised if you have more than a third of your mana left.” Tyler smiled.

Leo merely smiled at his words. If Tyler knew that his mana was actually completely full, hed probably die from shock.

“Leo, dont go overboard with your mana regeneration. Youll definitely raise suspicions if you keep using mana like you have unlimited mana.” Lilith suddenly warned him.

“I know. I will defeat him with a single magic spell.”

“Oh And how are you going to do that”

“Just wait and see.”

The buzzer resounded a moment later, signaling the start of the tournament.

Tyler immediately pointed his wand at Leo and began casting his spell, but before he could even finish halfway with his spell, Leo rushed at him at a speed that took everyone by surprise, even leaving behind a trail of fire behind him.


Leo zoomed through the stage faster than a racing car going at full speed.

When he arrived before Tyler, Leo did not stop and continued charging forward, striking Tyler in the chest with his shoulder.


Tyler released a loud cry as he felt his ribs being shattered before his body was sent flying off the stage.

Many people within the audience stood up when they saw what just happened, their faces filled with shock, but it was not because Leo had managed to win the match.

“He didnt use Fire Blast!”

“That Leo! He can use magic spells beside Fire Blast!”

“That was Flame Dash, a Tier 3 magic spell!”

“Holy **! Leo actually knows a Tier 3 magic spell! And he can even silent cast it!”

The audience was in an uproar because Leo had used a magic spell that wasnt Fire Blast for the first time, and it was even a tier above Fire Blast.

Before this, pretty much everybody assumed that Leo only knew Fire Blast, but was no longer the case, and they began wondering what else Leo had hidden in his sleeves.

“How dirty!”

“Damn you, Leo!”

The Red Moon Academy students began cursing at him shortly after snapping out of their daze.

Leo turned to look at them and spoke while picking his ear with his pinky, acting quite obnoxious, “Huh What are you talking about What was so dirty about that”

“You mislead everybody with your Fire Blast and defeated Tyler using such a dirty tactic!” One of the exclaimed.

Leo raised an eyebrow and said, “How is that dirty Because you assumed that I can only use Fire Blast I never made such claims, so dont blame me for making your own assumptions. Furthermore, even if I purposely mislead you, so what about it Is there any rule that states I must reveal all of my secrets and skills to my opponent before the match You guys sound so stupid right now.”

The Red Moon Academy was fuming in anger now, and it was not just the participants. Even the students in the audience were stomping their feet in anger, as they all believed that Tylers loss wasnt deserved.

“Enough. I will deal with him.” A calm voice suddenly resounded, and the participants turned to look at Opal Tempest, who was already approaching the stage.

“Opal Tempest,” she quickly introduced herself.

“Leo Magnus.”

“This will be a tough match for you, Leo. After all, your fire magic is very weak to her water magic.” Lilith said.

And she continued, “Of course, I am assuming that you will not use anything above Tier 3.”

Leo didnt respond to Liliths assessment and remained silent, seemingly pondering about something.

Opal also didnt say anything after her introduction.

The moment the match began, Opal created a water barrier around her.

Even though he knew it was pointless, he wanted to see what would happen if he attacked her water barrier with his fire magic, so he casually threw a Fire Blast at her.


A sizzling noise resounded as his Fire Blast was instantly consumed by Opals water barrier.

‘Interesting… Leo thought to himself after seeing the results.

Meanwhile, Opal used this chance to send out a spell of her own.

“Water Burst!”

Spikes suddenly emerged from her water barrier before shooting out like some kind of explosive.

Leo quickly protected himself with Fire Barrier.


This time, his fire evaporated the small water projectiles.

He smiled when he saw this, and he mumbled, “Fire may be weak to water, but water isnt invulnerable to fire. If I want to defeat her, I will need something much stronger than Fire Blast— something that will completely evaporate her water.”

It was at this moment Opal suddenly cast a Tier 4 magic spell.

“Hydro Pump!”

A stream of water that could penetrate even steel flew at Leo.

And to everyones surprise, Leo didnt even bother dodging it and stood there silently.


Leo poured as much mana as he could into his Fire Barrier to increase the heat it generated, turning himself into a small sun.

Unlike Fire Blast, Leo could add as much mana as he could into the Fire Barrier, and coupled with his mana regeneration, the strength of his Fire Barrier reached unprecedented levels.

It had gotten to the point where even the audience could feel the heat from their seats.

As for Opals Hydro Pump, it was evaporating faster than it could reach Leo.

‘This guy… Just how much mana did he put into his Fire Barrier No… How does he still have this much mana left! Opal cried inwardly.

Once the water stopped, Leo made his move.

“Now its my turn.” He spoke in a nonchalant voice as he pointed his palm at Opal.

The following moment, a ring of fire appeared on the stage and surrounded Opal before shooting up into the sky, completely trapping her inside.-

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