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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 202 - Paralyzing Effect

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Chapter 202 - Paralyzing Effect

“Theres something off about this…” Lilith said with a frown on her face.

“Sarah and the others— theyre still asleep, and I have been keeping a close eye on them since we entered the Labyrinth. Theres no way they couldve done this, unless Sarah can somehow Silent Cast her poison magic.”

“If not them, then who could possibly be responsible for this poison! Were the only ones in this Labyrinth!” Leo said.

“Forget it, I need to wake Lia up.”

However, his body had become so stiff that he couldnt even lift a finger.

‘Fortunately, I have the Magic System and Auto Potion.

Thanks to the Auto Potion, Leo was able to consume the antidote potion without needing to physically drink it.

After drinking the potion, he quickly regained his movements, and he shook Lia up the following moment.

“Lia! Wake up! Were under attack! Theyve finally decided to move!”

“Hmm” Lia slowly opened her eyes and sat up from his legs, seemingly unaffected by the poison.

‘This girl… Just how strong is her poison resistance Leo realized this, but he was not in any situation to ponder about it.

After waking up, Lia looked around and said, “This poison… Its different.”

“Different From what” Leo asked.

“From Sarahs poison.”

“What are you implying That Sarah isnt behind this” Leo became even more confused after hearing Lias words.

“More like someone beside Sarah is using this poison. Whether or not shes involved, I cannot say for sure.”

“Unbelievable… If that is really the case, then we have made a grave mistake and misunderstood them. Im really glad we decided to wait for them to act first before doing anything, or we couldve potentially killed some innocent people.”

Leos back was soaked in cold sweat when he thought about killing innocent people due to a misunderstanding.

However, he still wasnt absolutely certain that Sarah and the others were innocent.

A few minutes later—

“Nothings happening.” Leo mumbled when nobody attacked them.

However, right as Leo finished his sentence, he noticed that about 250 meters away from their tents the space was distorting, and a moment later, four figures appeared out of thin air. Three men and one woman.

“What the hell! Where did they come from” Leo pointed at these people and exclaimed.

Lia narrowed her eyes at them and spoke in a calm voice, “It seems like they have been hiding their presence with a magic artifact. Theyve probably been waiting for us down here.”

“So were not the first ones to enter this dungeon…” Leo gritted his teeth upon realizing this fact.

“What should we do They dont know that were still fine, so we can take them by surprise.” Lia asked him.

Leo frowned and said, “If we wait too long to deal with them, Im afraid that the others might get hurt, and it will all be my fault.”

“So what do you suggest” Lia asked.

“Im going to confront them.” Leo said after a moment of silence.

“Why Youll just ruin your advantage of surprise.” Lia couldnt comprehend it.

Leo smiled and said, “Because I dont need any advantages to deal with these weaklings.”


Lia felt a tingly sensation coursing through her body when she saw the arrogant smile on Leos face.

“You stay here just in case, though.” Leo said to her before approaching the door.

Meanwhile, Lilith went to check on the others, and sure enough, they were still asleep, but they all had unpleasant expressions on their faces, almost as though they were having nightmares.

‘Theyre probably awake but cant do anything due to the poison. Lilith thought to herself.

Long before Leo noticed that he was poisoned and shortly after he set up his camp, four individuals that had turned invisible with the help of a magic artifact poured colorless and odorless towards the direction of Leos campsite.

“Although this Invisible Numbing Gas is very slow to activate, once it activates, they wont be able to lift a finger, and it will be easier than taking candy from a baby to capture Leon then.” One of them, a female assassin, spoke in a low but grim voice.

“What are the chances that hell have a magic artifact that will protect him from our poison” Another one asked.

“Even if hes not paralyzed, the others will be. I dont know what kind of magic artifacts Camille Light gave him, but I doubt he will be able to defeat the four of us by himself.”

“What should we do with the others”

“Well kill them, of course,” said the female assassin with a cold smile on her face.

Several hours later, the female assassin spoke, “Alright, even an A-Rank Adventurer should be completely paralyzed by now. I will secure Leon. The rest of you can go kill the others.”

“Alright! This is what I have been waiting for!”

The magic artifact that had been keeping their presence hidden and their figures invisible deactivated when they started moving towards Leos campsite.

However, after reaching within 50 meters of the campsite, they came to a sudden halt when the door to Leos tent opened, and out came a handsome young man with a playboy face.

“T-Thats Leon! Hes not affected by the poison, after all!”

“At least we got the others.”

“Who are you guys And why are you attacking us” Leo asked them.

“Our identities do not matter. What matters is that were here for you, Leon. Why dont you be a good boy and come with us.” The female assassin said to him.

“If you resist, its going to hurt,” said one of the male assassins.

“We were ordered to bring you back alive, but that doesnt mean we cant rough you up a little.”

Leo narrowed his eyes slightly after hearing their words.

‘Their order is to keep me alive Thats the complete opposite of the bounty that wants me dead. Whats going on Are they not here because of the bounty Then why else would they be here Did someone else put a different bounty on me He wondered inwardly, feeling puzzled about the whole situation.-

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