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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 4: Give Me One Month

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Chapter 4: Give Me One Month

While news of Leos return spread throughout the academy, Leo himself was focused on his classes, completely oblivious to how much his return is affecting the academy and the students within.

At the end of every class, students from nearby classrooms would rush to his classroom to see if the rumors were true.

However, because they were not allowed to enter the classroom, these students were only able to look at him through the door and windows.

“Holy **! Its true! Leo is actually alive!”

“He looks like Leo all right, but theres something different about him. He doesnt feel as powerful as before, and even his aura is completely gone.”

“What did you expect from someone with amnesia He may be Leo, but hes not really Leo until he fully recovers his memories.”

“How long do you think it will take him to remember”

“Only God knows.”


Leo pretended to not notice the students outside his classroom and continued to learn more about this world andLeo from his classmates that were more than eager to help him recover his memories.

“Can you tell me a little more about myself At least who I was before I lost my memories.”

“Of course! Should we start from the beginning”

“Sure.” He nodded.

Thus, the students began telling Leo about his own achievements from the day he started school.

“The school bullying situation was at its worst when you first joined the academy a year ago. None of the normal students dared to retaliate against the magic students, but you were the only exception. No matter who tried to bully you, you would fight back and win.”

“Thats right! You were not only strong— you were unbeatable! None of the magic students could defeat you, including some of the elite students!”

“Due to your masterful swordsmanship, the students eventually started calling youSword Emperor Leo!”

‘Sword Emperor Leo Sounds like something straight out of a fantasy novel. How embarrassing… Leo thought to himself.

“Youve also won many tournaments, becoming the first knight in the academys history to win a tournament where magic students are allowed to participate.”

“Not just magic students, you have even defeated many vampires! Very few students in this academy have the capabilities to fight them. Of course, youre the only knight amongst these students! The rest are the witches.”

“Witches” Leo raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, theyre a special title given to talented magic students with a certain magic aptitude. All Witches have S-Rank in Magic Talent. In other words, theyre all geniuses.”

“Speaking of witches, you actually have a girlfriend who is a witch.” One of the students there suddenly said.

“What I have a girlfriend” Leos eyes widened with shock, as this was the thing he least expected to hear.

“Yes, her name is Valery, and shes one of the few elite students in this academy.”

“Valery…” Leo repeated her name in a dazed voice.

‘The school beauty, Valery, is my girlfriend! No way! He cried inwardly.

In his previous world, Valery was one of the academys top beauties with countless admirers, and she even had a fanclub of her own with over 10,000 members.

Although hed seen her a few times, he has never actually spoken with her before.

While it didnt sink into his mind before, Leo now truly understood the vast difference between him and the previous Leo of this world.

In his old world, he was a loner with no real friends, much less a girlfriend. He was often bullied by other students who were jealous of his top grades despite being a commoner. Meanwhile, theLeo of this world was the complete opposite.

He had friends, people who looked up to him, and even a girlfriend. He even suppressed the school bullies, giving hope to the other students.

‘How envious… Leo sighed inwardly, and he wondered if he had what it takes to replace the old Leo.

After the final class ended, Leo stood up and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going, Leo Lets talk some more! We still have a lot to tell you!”

“Sorry, but I promised Miss Camille that Id see her as soon as my classes are done. We can speak tomorrow.” He said.

After waving at the students, Leo walked out of the classroom and started making his way to the infirmary.

However, because there were no more classes left, the other students that didnt get to see Leo flooded the wide hallways, making it almost impossible for him to leave.

“Oh my god, its really Leo!”

Most of the students there were ordinary students, and they were ecstatic to see their idol alive.

Suddenly, a loud and aggressive voice resounded in the hallway.

“Get out of the way, you trash!”

“I swear Ill **ing blow everyone here away with my magic! Ill give you all three seconds! Three…! Two…!”

The students there quickly made way for this person.

Leo narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this person.

Short green hair and a gangster-looking face.

‘Kayn… It appears that this bastard is still a dickhead even in another world…

Kayn was one of many bullies that Leo had to deal with in his old world, so it wasnt too surprising for Leo.

“Hahaha! Youre really alive! This is great! I thought I would never get the chance to take revenge on you for what youve done to me after hearing that youd kicked the bucket! Now that youre back, fight me, Leo!” Kayn shouted while pointing his finger at Leo.

Leo took a deep breath and spoke in a calm but puzzled voice, “Im sorry, but who are you Im suffering from amnesia, so I dont remember you…”

“I dont care if you have your memories or not! Fight me!”

“Sorry, but Im a little busy right now. Perhaps we can deal with this another—”

“Either you accept my challenge or I beat you up right here and now!”

Leo gritted his teeth in frustration. He thought that hed be able to live a somewhat different life in this world due to his reputation for being strong, but hes already encountered a bully on his first day.

“Whats this Are you scared! HAHAHA! I cant believe my eyes! To think Id get to see such an expression on the Sword Emperors face in my life!” Kayn laughed madly.

“Who said Im scared” Leo suddenly spoke with his hands grasped tightly into fists.

“You want to fight Sure, Ill fight you. However, I wont do it now. Give me one month and I will fight you. My body is still recovering from some serious injuries, so I wont be able to fight you properly now. Unless you dont mind fighting a man whos basically crippled. You wont be satisfied even if you win such a fight, right”

There was one thing the current Leo and the old Leo had in common— that they would always fight back the bullies.

Despite being bullied for most of his life, Leo never allowed them to push him around even if he ends up getting a broken leg by the end.

There was one thing he hated more than losing, and that was giving up on himself.

The hallway turned dead silent after Leo accepted Kayns challenge under certain conditions.

“Whats stopping me from acting ahead of schedule and beating you up now, huh!” Kayn showed Leo a grim smile.

It was at this moment the students on the other side of the hallway started moving to clear a path.

“I-Its Witch Valery! Everyone, get out of the way!”

Leo turned around after hearing this name, and sure enough, he could see Valery approaching his direction with a group of people behind her.

“Holy **! Theyre all from the elite class!” The students immediately recognized their elegant uniforms that looked infinitely more graceful than the ones worn by ordinary students.

Valery stopped a few meters away from Leo, and she spoke in a calm voice while staring at Kayn, “Do you mind”

Kayn sucked his teeth in frustration, but he didnt dare to go against Valery, one of the most influential students in the academy.

“I will see you in a month, Leo! And I dont care if youre ready or not by then! Were going to fight even if its the last thing I do!” Kayn growled at him before turning around and walking away.

‘I am safe… for now… Leo sighed in relief inwardly.

However, while his problem with Kayn ended, he was immediately greeted by a new problem.

“Leo… Is that really you” Valerys gentle voice resounded again, causing Leo to stare at her.

‘Even in this world, shes really beautiful… No, she even looks a little better here. DidI really date such a beautiful girl Unbelievable…

“Im sorry, but do I know you” Leo pretended to not recognize her.

A pained expression appeared on Valerys face after hearing Leos words.

“Leo, you bastard!”

One of the people standing behind Valery suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Leo by his collar in an aggressive manner.

‘John Leo also recognized this person.

Just like Valery, John was an immensely popular student in his old world.

“If youre going to challenge me to a fight like that person just now, I will have to refuse.” Leo said while staring into Johns eyes.

“John! Stop it!” Valery suddenly shouted at him.


John sneered coldly before releasing Leo and returning to Valerys side.

“Im sorry about that just now. Were not here to fight you. Do you really not remember anything About me” Valery asked him with a profound frown on her face.

“The only thing I remember is my name and that I used to be a student here. Thats all. Im sorry, but I am very busy right now, and I have someone waiting for me. If you wish to talk, find me another time.”

And without saying another word, Leo turned around and started walking away.

‘Even if you had a relationship with the previous Leo, I do not intend on continuing that relationship since I am not that Leo. Furthermore, I have no feelings for you, even if youre very beautiful. Leo thought to himself as he disappeared from the hallways.

Despite being given a life that he has always wanted, Leo had no intention of living a life that someone else had created. It just didnt feel right to him, even if his decision might end up hurting the people in that life.

Once Leo was no longer in the scene, Valerys expression turned cold, almost expressionless, her thoughts unknown.

“Valery, are you okay” John asked her.

“Im fine. In fact, I no longer feel guilty about our relationship now. Leo may be alive, but the Leo that I once knew and love is still dead.”

Hearing her words, John couldnt help but put a relieved smile on his face.

After leaving Valery, Leo went straight to the infirmary, where Miss Camille was waiting.

“Youre late. Class ended fifteen minutes ago. I thought I told you to come straight here immediately after class. Where the hell have you been” Miss Camille welcomed him with a bad mood.

“Sorry, but some people blocked my path, preventing me from leaving. I was even challenged to a fight by Kayn.” Leo sighed.

“Kayn I guess hes still mad about what you did to him.”

“What did I do to him” Leo asked with a curious face.

“You thrashed him in front of the whole school, and he was bedridden for an entire week from the injuries.”

“Hahaha! Serves him right!” Leo laughed out loud.

Then he remembered that hed agreed to fight Kayn.

“I wonder if Ill be able to do that in a month… I agreed to fight him, after all.” He sighed.

“You what I told you to stay lowkey!” Miss Camille frowned upon learning about his fight with Kayn.

“He was threatening to beat me up in front of the students! And I am no pushover! Dont worry, I have a whole month to prepare!”

“Kayn is ranked top 200 in the whole academy, and there are over 10,000 magic students in this academy. You wont defeat him even if youre given a whole year.” Miss Camille said in a nonchalant voice.

“N-No way…” Leos face immediately paled.

Miss Camille shook her head and sighed, “That is only if youre truly an ordinary person. Follow me.”

“Where are we going”

“To train, of course.”


“Do you want to win against Kayn or not I couldnt care less if youre killed by him, by the way.” Miss Camille narrowed her eyes at him.

Leo swallowed nervously.

“L-Lets train…” He said in a dejected voice the next moment.

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