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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 47: Boss Room

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Chapter 47: Boss Room

After clearing every monster they encountered on the 3rd floor until they reached the staircase, Leo finished one of his quests.

[ 10,000 Magic Experience, 50 Magic Points]

“I have finished the quest that requires me to kill monsters with magic. I also have enough Magic Points to increase my magic power. Im going to do it before the boss room to increase my chances of killing it.”

“Alright.” Miss Camille nodded.

‘Not only will my magic power spike again after this purchase, but my Magic Shop will also level up. I wonder what happens then. Will there be more purchase options Leo wondered to himself as he opened up the Magic Shop to purchase Increase Magic Power for 100 Magic Points.




{Magic Shop}

[Awaken Random Affinity: 300 MP]

[Increase Mana Capacity: 3,000 MP]

[Increase Magic Power: 5,000 MP]

[Improve Magic Affinity: ]

[Increase Mana Regeneration: 20 MP]

[Acquire Random F-Rank Passive Skill: 100 MP]

[Acquire Random E-Rank Passive Skill: 500 MP]

[Acquire Random D-Rank Passive Skill: 1,000 MP]

[Total MP: 21]

[Shop Experience: 70/20,000]

‘Oh Increase mana regeneration and passive skills This Magic System is getting more and more interesting! Leo thought to himself after seeing the upgrades the Magic System had provided the Magic Shop.

‘And since I have 21 Magic Points left, I might as well increase my mana regeneration as well.

[Mana Regeneration: Recovers mana every second]

‘Does this mean I will recover 5 mana every second! This is amazing! Although its not as powerful as Miss Camilles S-Rank artifact, Im sure itll eventually reach that point and even surpass it!

“Are you done yet” Miss Camille asked him sometime later.

“Yes, Im finished. Lets go.” He nodded, and they proceeded to descend the narrow staircase until they reached the bottom of the labyrinth.

Unlike the first three floors of the labyrinth, there was no forest on the fourth floor.

The fourth floor appeared to be underground in some kind of cave, and there was a narrow path that led to a massive gate in the end.

This gate oozed with a dangerous aura that made it difficult for those with a weak mentality to approach.

“Im guessing thats the boss room” Leo asked the obvious.

And he continued, “What can I expect inside A massive boss Or will I be fighting a group of monsters”

“It depends. You will fight one boss most of the time, but there will be times where you have to fight two— even three bosses at once.”

“Theres something else you should be aware of before you go inside. Once you enter a boss room, you will not be able to leave until you either defeat the boss and all of the monsters inside or use a teleport artifact, so its literally do or die.”

Leo swallowed nervously after learning about this information.

Although he wasnt worried at this moment because of Miss Camilles presence, he might not be able to feel the same way in the future when he has to enter labyrinths by himself.

“Alright, Im ready to fight the boss.” Leo said after taking a moment to prepare himself.

As they approached the menacing doors, Leo could feel the ominous aura wrapping around his body, making him feel even more uncomfortable, and it felt like he was being watched.

Once they were before the doors, Leo pushed it open just slightly enough for them to walk through.

The moment Leo and Miss Camille walked through the doors, it slammed shut behind them, startling Leo for a moment.

“T-This is the boss room” Leo was amazed by the scenery before him.

He had expected the boss room to be similar to boss rooms in video games, which mostly consists of enclosed rooms where theres very little space to run.

However, this boss room before him was the complete opposite.

The room was anything but small, and it was so vast that Leo could not see the end.

“Are you sure this is the boss room It looks just like the first floor.” Leo said in a dumbfounded voice.

“Just wait.” Miss Camille said.

Literally seconds after she said those words, Leo could see the scenery change right before his eyes.

The green trees were withering at such a rapid speed that he could see them turning green to brown within seconds. Once the trees were withered, Leo could see a big shadow descending from the sky, landing in the middle of the room.

The moment this entity landed in the middle of the room, all of the withered trees began to burn, turning the room into a sea of fire.

Leos eyes widened as he stared at this entity that resembled a butterfly, but it had a pair of flaming wings.

The butterfly was about 10 meters tall, and every time it flapped its wings, fire balls would fly all over the place.

“Are you sure this is an E-Rank labyrinth! This monster looks incredibly threatening and powerful! And its freaking huge!” Leo exclaimed a moment later.

“Thats a Fiery Butterfly, a D-Rank monster, but its been enhanced with gargantuan. All boss monsters are stronger than normal monsters because they all have what we callmodifiers, something that empowers them, making them somewhat unique monsters. Gargantuan is a modifier that increases the monsters size and overall strength. Its one of the more powerful modifiers out there. However, this makes it a lot easier to hit them, so as long as you can avoid its attacks, you will be fine.”

Leo stared at the Fiery Butterfly with narrowed eyes. After taking a deep breath, he cast Void Spear and started to overcharge it.-

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