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Chapter 211 Little Girl And a Dog

Translated by littlecloud

Edited by littlecloud


Zhao Mei grabbed Zhang Qingyu hand with a look of surprise on her face.


Zhang Qingyu looked at her indifferently.

If it was the original owner, she would actually have hatred, right


In order to put more valuable things in the car, the daughter can be abandoned.


“Okay, Qingyu is all right, you don’t need to feel bad.”


Zhang Huasheng, who was standing on the side with golden glasses, quickly comforted Zhao Mei.


Hearing this sentence, Zhang Qingyu carefully looked at Zhao Mei.

Forgive her for her bad eyes but she really didn’t see a little bit of sadness on Zhao Mei’s heavy makeup face.


“Younger sister, although it was us who left you at the first, it was because of your illness…otherwise we will never abandon you.”


Zhang Yang also stood up from the sofa and walked towards Zhang Qingyu.




Zhang Qingyu nodded.


Anyway, whatever they say, it has nothing to do with her.


“Qingyu, what do you mean by this, uncle and auntie have come to apologize to you, but you still look like this, it’s really unfilial.”


Yan Xi suddenly stood up and accused Zhang Qingyu.


“My family’s affairs have something to do with you”


Zhang Qingyu glanced at her impatiently, this woman has to intervene in everything.

What did this matter have to do with her


“Qingyu, how can you say that, Yan Xi was supported by our family, and I also regard her as a younger sister.”


Zhang Yang quickly stood up and spoke for Yan Xi.


After all, at the end of the world, the ability users were very powerful.


Adding Zhan Qingyu a person with supernatural ability, their family will enjoy exceptional advantages and will become very powerful.


Yan Xi got financial support from them since childhood to adulthood.

She will definitely help them and cannot be offended.


Besides, they also heard that Yan Xi’s relationship with the Lu family eldest lady was still very good.


His biological younger sister, who used to be a sick child, could actually activate the supernatural ability, but now she was dripping with sarcasm.

Zhang Yan only hates that he has no supernatural ability.


When they arrived at the northern base, he also need to looked at people faces.


“You treat her as a younger sister, that’s your business, not mine.”


Zhang Qingyu sat down on the sofa on the side, and Xiao Ji squatted beside her.

Its big dark eyes stared at the group of people in front with indifference.


“What do you mean”


Zhang Yang frowned suddenly, and looked at Zhang Qingyu unhappily, isn’t it just because she has the supernatural ability


This younger sister was getting more and more off the road.

She used to be weak and always followed behind him.

He looked at her with disdain, but now she was talking to him like that.


This difference made Zhang Yang very unbearable.




Zhang Qingyu’s expression was cold, and she didn’t want to talk to him.


“Brother Zhang Yang, forget it, Qingyu doesn’t like me, and there is nothing I can do about it…”


Yan Xi shrugged.

Although she said she didn’t care, but the embarrassment in her eyes can still be seen.


It should be said that although Zhang Qingyu was his biological younger sister, but compared with Yan Xi, Zhang Yang still prefers Yan Xi.


After all, Yan Xi was beautiful and sweet, unlike Zhang Qingyu who used to be weak as if she would die if she was scared.

And now she was even more annoying and sharp tongue.


“Alright, don’t talk about this.”


Seeing their sibling were about to quarrel, Zhao Mei came over and interrupted quickly.


Hearing what his mother said, Zhang Yang’s expression changed slightly, then sat on the side and stopped talking.


“Qingyu, it is said that Xiao Ji has supernatural abilities.”


Zhao Mei walked over to Zhang Qingyu and sat down with a kind smile on her face.


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