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Chapter 29: Entering Martial Soul

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Chu Nan let out a long sigh and threw himself on the bed. He lay on his back and looked at the ceiling with a depressed expression.

Dong Fang glanced at him and was instantly amused.

“Hey, Chu Nan, whats with your expression”


“Huh Youre still unhappy What about those students who were eliminated by you Wouldnt I be even more unhappy if I got eliminated in the second round”

Due to the fact that more than half of the students had been eliminated in the first round yesterday, the progress of the qualification competition today was much faster, and it was getting faster and faster as time passed.

In just one morning, he had already finished three rounds.

Chu Nan obtained three consecutive wins without any suspense, but Dong Fang was eliminated by a classmate with similar strength in the second round.

“What right do you have to be unhappy” Chu Nan rolled his eyes at him, “Youre not willing to focus on martial arts at all. Otherwise, with your talent and resources, you might even be an Internal Breath expert now. How can you not even deal with a third-stage Overlord Body You deserve it!”

“Im indeed not unhappy. In any case, Im not interested in martial arts.” Dong Fang chuckled and was not angry at all. He lowered his head to look at Chu Nans expression and asked,” Im curious about you. Why are you unhappy”

“What Im unhappy about is that these three battles were too short, causing me to end before I could even satisfy my cravings. If only they could last a little longer…”

Chu Nan sighed and looked regretful.

Although there were three consecutive battles in the morning, each battle only lasted for a few minutes, preventing him from collecting enough combat data. It was not helpful to him and made him very dissatisfied.

“Damn, kid, youre really posturing after benefiting.” Dong Fang could not help but curse, “You beat up the other three and eliminated them. Now, youre complaining that the time they lasted was too short Why didnt I see that you were such a freak in the past”

“Youre the freak.”

Dong Fang frowned and thought for a moment before suddenly asking, “Right, Chu Nan, speaking of which, is the Nine Revolutions Technique that powerful Youve only broken through the third level, so how did you become so strong in an instant That kid Luo Li might have underestimated his opponent, but the strongest of the three people you eliminated earlier has a fourth-grade Overlord Body. I think you won quite easily.”

Chu Nan glanced at him and knew that if his sudden change in attitude fell into the eyes of others, they might think that he had been deliberately hiding his strength and had only revealed it recently. However, in the eyes of Dong Fang who was with him practically every day, it would appear suspicious.

However, Dong Fang would not believe the changes in his body even if he said it out loud. It would only become more troublesome.

Chu Nan thought for a moment before taking out the Hong Clans Long Fist and throwing it to Dong Fang.

“Its not only because of the Nine Revolutions Technique, but also because of this.”

“Hong Clans Long Fist” Dong Fang flipped through it and frowned, “This doesnt look like a very powerful martial technique.”

“Its very useful to me. Thats right!” Chu Nan suddenly stood up with an excited expression. “Dong Fang, lets go play Martial Soul!”


Half an hour later, Chu Nan and Dong Fang appeared in the virtual arena of Martial Soul.

“Hey, Chu Nan, whats wrong with you today Why do you suddenly want to play Martial Soul again” Dong Fang still looked at Chu Nan in confusion.

“What do you mean by crazy I didnt play before because I was always tortured after I came in. Of course, I felt that it was meaningless. But now, Im much stronger than before. Why cant I play”

“Hmm… that makes sense.” Dong Fang nodded. With a move of his finger, a virtual system menu appeared in front of him. “Its been more than a year since you last played. There are many changes to Martial Soul. Ill tell you about it first. You…”

Before Dong Fang could finish speaking, he discovered a flash of light beside him and Chu Nans figure disappeared.

“Damn, this kid is too anxious!”

However, Chu Nan did not listen to his explanation and directly chose the system to match his opponent.

The future of Chu Nan changed as he appeared on a wide platform.

Looking around, there were no special decorations, and the vision looked very wide.

This was the most ordinary and low-level combat platform in the Martial Soul. It was very suitable for Novice-level martial artists to spar.

Chu Nan did not have any objections and only focused on the countdown.

When it counted to 37 seconds, a light flashed across the platform and a figure appeared.

“Heh, such a skinny kid dares to come here Dont cry and call me mom later!” When the person opposite saw Chu Nan, he immediately laughed mockingly.

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Chu Nan could not help but grin.

The scene before him could not help but remind him of the day when Luo Li appeared in the virtual space.

At this thought, he suddenly had a question.

The optical supercomputer in the logistics center of the academy that was responsible for assisting the students in logistics, physical examinations, and healing was said to have been bought from the Noctem Chamber of Commerce at a high price. The Martial Soul game he was playing now was also developed and maintained by the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. The matching access terminal was also produced by them.

Was there a connection

The bearded opponent assigned by the system did not give Chu Nan much time to think. As soon as the countdown ended, he roared and rushed towards him.

Chu Nan focused his gaze and laughed.

This guy was burly and his footsteps were steady. At first glance, he looked like an expert, but now that he attacked, he was immediately exposed.

From the speed and strength he displayed, he was clearly only a beginner martial artist who had barely reached the initial-stage Overlord Body realm. Not to mention comparing him to the current Chu Nan, he was probably much weaker than the previous him.

Seeing that he had arrived in front of him, Chu Nan slightly tilted his body, raised his leg, and accurately kicked that persons lower body.


After a loud bang, that person only had time to scream before turning into a ray of light and disappearing.

“Congratulations on winning this battle, Virgin 001. You obtained 1 point from this victory.”

The female voice sounded and the corners of Chu Nans mouth twitched.

Last year, he was brought into Martial Soul by Dong Fang. At that time, it was his first time coming into contact with it, so he knew almost nothing about it. He even handed the registration to Dong Fang. He did not expect Dong Fang to directly give him such an ID. He had really been screwed badly.

Of course, it was not impossible to change his ID.

However, the ID was tied to the game access terminal. If he wanted to change the ID, he had to change the terminal. At the same time, he had to submit an application to the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. The procedures were extremely troublesome and required a large amount of money.

Chu Nan did not have time or money, so he could only make do with it.

After leaving this match, he did not stop and directly started the next random match.

Perhaps because there were too many low-level martial artists like him, he only waited for less than five seconds before another opponent appeared.

This time, his opponent was not much stronger than the burly man from before. Chu Nan only took a glance before kicking him again.

Then, the battle began again.

Another opponent of the same level.

He was sent flying by Chu Nans kick again.



After defeating five opponents in a row, Chu Nan frowned and withdrew from the battle.

“Heh, Chu Nan, I thought you were too satisfied with beating up those rookies and were unwilling to come out.” As soon as he appeared, Dong Can sent a message.

Chu Nan looked around and discovered that Dong Fang was no longer at the initial entry point and had gone off to do something.

“Whats the point of abusing these rookies Dong Fang, tell me how to get a higher ranking opponent”

“Oh Kid, youve become stronger and more arrogant now. You want to find a higher-level opponent Its simple, just increase your level. Otherwise, even if you take the initiative to challenge them, those experts will definitely not fancy you.”

“So simple”

“You think its easy Let me tell you, if you want to increase your level, you have to win…”

Before Dong Fang could say anything, he realized that the system had already notified him that Chu Nan had entered the combat room again. He could not help but shake his head.

“I thought that this kid was not interested in martial arts like me. It turns out that it was only because he was too weak in the past…”


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