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Chapter 30: The End of the 30-Win Streak

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In the direction of the Silver Galaxy, 137 light-years away from West Cloud Planet, was another administrative star of the Earth Federation, Planet Macaw.

It was already late at night in the capital city of Planet Macaw. In an extremely wide manor outside the city, a sharp scream suddenly sounded from a bedroom that was still lit.


Elvy held her head with both hands, her face filled with disbelief and anger. She kept shouting as if something unbelievable and unacceptable had just happened.

Of course, her voice was crisp and pleasant to the ear. Even if she shouted like this, it would only make people feel that it was a little noisy at most, but it would not be ear-piercing.

After shouting for a while, Elvy seemed to feel that it was not enough. She scratched her head twice, but she accidentally pulled off a few strands of golden hair. It was so painful that the corners of her mouth twitched.

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However, this action made her even angrier. She simply stood up, turned around, and smashed her fists on the bed behind her.


The bed frame made of high-intensity alloys creaked and groaned under her furious smash, as if it was about to collapse.

Just as Elvy was about to punch again to vent her anger, her bedroom door was suddenly knocked open. A tall young man with golden hair who looked a little similar to her rushed in with a panicked expression.

“Elvy, are you alright” The young man rushed to her side and grabbed her fists that were about to smash down. He observed her before gently exhaling and calming down, “Whats wrong What happened Why are you so angry”

It was fine if he did not ask, but this question immediately reminded Elvy of what had happened.

This time, she was no longer shouting angrily. Instead, she pursed her lips and actually cried.

“Brother… I… I failed…”

This young man was Elvys biological brother, Dunleavy.

Seeing two large drops of tears flow out of Elvys eyes, Dunleavy immediately panicked. He hurriedly took a piece of tissue to help her wipe her tears and asked softly, “Failed What failed Its fine, its fine. Even if we fail, we can try again. Didnt Father often teach us…”

“How can it be so easy to start all over again!” Elvy stopped her tears and shouted angrily as she pointed at a large table by the bed. “I obtained 29 consecutive victories with great difficulty and was about to obtain 30 consecutive victories, but I lost this last round!”

“Ah” Dunleavy glanced at the strange-looking Martial Soul game interface on the table and blinked as he understood the situation.

It turned out that this precious sister of his had only lost her composure because of a certain winning streak in Martial Soul…

Looking at Elvys aggrieved expression, Dunleavy could not help but find it funny.

Elvy clearly did not like to practice martial arts since she was young, so she was about to turn 14 this year and had only cultivated to the initial-stage Overlord Body realm.

Otherwise, with her talent and aptitude that had also inherited from her parents, coupled with the various resources and martial techniques that her family had grasped, even if she did not become an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist, she should at the very least complete the body refinement and become a fifth-stage Overlord Body Realm Martial Artist.

In the end, ever since she was pulled into the Martial Soul game by her friends last year, she inexplicably began to develop a strong interest in cultivatting martial arts and began to cultivate seriously.

However, because she had not built a good foundation since she was young, even with the full support of her family this year, she had only reached the perfection of the initial-stage Overlord Body realm and was only a step away from becoming a second-stage Overlord Body.

Of course, being able to cultivate from having no foundation to the perfection of the initial-stage Overlord Body in slightly more than a year was already sufficient to prove that Elvys martial arts talent was extremely high.

“Alright, its said that this Martial Soul has already attracted many experts to enter. Not only are there Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists, but even Void Break Martial Artists are playing. Its very normal for you to lose to others,” Dunleavy comforted with a smile.

“Hmph! You dont know anything!” Elvy did not appreciate his kindness. She pursed her lips and retorted, “I chose the random challenge mode of the same level. The game system will only arrange for opponents of the same level as me. Otherwise, how do you think I obtained 29 consecutive wins”

“Opponent of the same level” Dunleavy was immediately stunned, “You mean the opponent is an initial-stage Overlord Body Martial Artist”

Seeing Elvy nod, Dunleavy was puzzled.

Although Elvy had only started to cultivate martial arts for a year, her talent was outstanding. Moreover, because she cultivated the “Gaia Holy Light” cultivation method that her grandfather had personally taught her and was reputed to be one of the ten great internal cultivation methods of the federation, she had also grasped a few external martial arts techniques unique to her family. Although she could not be said to have become an expert, she was definitely the top existence among martial artists at the initial-stage Overlord Body realm.

The only people who could defeat her at the same level could only be those young martial arts geniuses with special family inheritances in the Federation.

Thinking of this, Dunleavy felt very curious.

Which family in the federation was this martial arts genius, who suddenly appeared, from

“Elvy, whats the name of the guy who defeated you” Dunleavy asked after connecting his personal terminal to the game data that she had thrown to the side.

“Its called…” Elvy suddenly blushed slightly and sneered,” Youll know when you see my battle records. ”

Deng Liwei was a little surprised by Elvys reaction, but he did not think too much about it. He entered Martial Soul and chose the ID “Free Flower Pistil” on his friend list to read her combat records.

Sure enough, most of the records of Elvys battles were green in color representing victory. Only the top, which was also the most recent battle, turned into a blinding red color representing defeat.

Dunleavy deliberately counted and discovered that before this failure, Elvy had indeed obtained a total of 29 consecutive wins.

According to the official rules of Martial Soul, as long as one obtained 30 consecutive wins, they could complete an achievement. While obtaining a title, they could also obtain some practical rewards.

Of course, Elvy did not care about these so-called rewards. What she valued more was the title of “30 consecutive wins”. This would make her appear especially proud in front of her companions.

Dunleavy roughly flipped through the records of the previous battles and confirmed that Elvys opponents were indeed all initial-stage Overlord Body or even Novice Realm opponents. There were no opponents at a higher realm than her.

When he flipped to the top of the list, Dunleavy could not help but be stunned.

It was no wonder she had that expression when she asked what the opponent who defeated her was called.

This guy who had defeated Elvy and made her dream of 30 consecutive wins was actually called… “Virgin 001″…


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