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Medusa and a Magical School Chapter 31_Don't open it

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They are in the dormitory. They will soon

knock on our door, don open it" we heard

senior Eiras voice instruct us.

What the hell was wrong with this senior?

She thought she was the boss perhaps?

Finally, the school was taking a step towards

finding a way to save the students and curb

the whole virus pandemic but she wanted

us to not open the door. To go against the

rules and jeopardize the whole situation the


wish I could go over to pull her ears and

instruct her to stop being a bad girl. Her

mother would not be proud to hear her

daughter who was the top student in the

school was advising the school juniors into

breaking the school rules and not following


"What are you saying? And you


supposed to be our senior?" Mia crossed

her hands across her chest and gave the

senior a scolding look.

"The school would not be proud to hear a

senior, a top student at that was promoting

rebellion amidst the juniors" Mackenzie


The girls spoke my mind! God bless them!

I had to say something, I needed to say

something. "Your mama won be proud too"

I twisted my head and squeezed my face at

her to show my disgust.

The girls both turned to me "Medusa, really?

" they chorused.

Okay what have I done wrong again, was it

bad to support their motion?

"What?" I blurted in wonder.

"Very nice of you to remind someone of

their mother whom they haven seen in

years," Mia said to me sternly. She sounded

like my mama, it felt like one of mamas


"its fine Ive seen her occasionally When I

go on missions. I never fail to go visit her,

even if it was from afar. Im good, I finish my

missions early so I usually had time to

spare for visits" senior Eira shrugged. She

sounded sad, so even a strong lady like her

could fold. Nice to know she was still a

human and had some emotions left in her.

After what she did with the door, I thought

she had lost all the humanity left in her. A

normal person would not be so carefree

about leaving someone to die.

"Even on the last visit? You went to visit her

still?" Mias voice broke my thought. She

sounded concerned.

"I did not, we finished the mission late this

time" she answered in a low tone.

I saw Mia sigh heavily while putting a hand

on her chest. " Oh thank the Lord, what if

you went and the infected boy go with you?

You would have jeopardized her life. Thats

the thing about following rules, the rules

were there for a reason. Go on missions,

don go visiting parents!" Mia hollered

again. Scolding the senior like she was a

little girl. Mia can be such a talkative! Uhm...

I know, Im talkative too, so what?

I knew if it wasn for the situation of things,

Mia would have gotten herself in trouble for

speaking to a senior that way. Worst, she

might not only put herself in trouble she

might get us included too and we would be

awarded yet another week of after-class

chores. I would not forgive her.

The way you got them in trouble too and

the way you got them loads of after classes

chores also, a voice in my head whispered

to me.

No! The situation was different, I was only

trying to help while Mia was being arrogant

because she always feel her opinion

surpasses others opinions. It was two different Scenarios, I shushed the voice away. I refused to be taunted by a mocking inner

voice, I almost say out loud.

Senior Eira was not a person of patience,

that much was clear. With the way she

teleported to Mia and grabbed her hair,

while gazing at her with deadly gazes.

Poor Mia, she had lost her glasses. She

couldn even see well but she knew how to

run her mouth to the wrong people. She was now reaping the benefits of running ones mouth

anyhow and anywhere.

The way youll reap yours too, the voice

whispered again. I almost slapped my head

in annoyance, why was the voice in my

head messing with me?

What was it anyway? It was whispering to

me and it felt real. Could that be my powers

? Ability to speak to an unknown voice in

your head? I am turning 18 in less than 3

weeks. Maybe that was it, symptoms of

developing your ability.

But then, how sillier can I get? Who gets

the power of speaking to a voice in their

heads? Nobody right? Good, discard my

previous thoughts.

"I never got near my mum whenever I go on

random visits while on missions like that. I

stay a reasonable distance away. Do you

know how that feels? She doesn even

know who l am, I see her live her life happily

without me, I saw my dad too and my

siblings living happily without me being in

their lives while I was miserable they

weren in mine any longer but then, I still

had to go. Do you know what that feels like?

"Senior Eira spitted and pulled Mias hair


" Just say you

e sorry Mia" Mackenzie


" Im... Im sorry!" She screeched in a


I felt like her sorry was either from

Mackenzies advice or the pain she felt

from the pulling of her by the senior. I know

Mia, she might not even feel remorseful at


I actually felt the buried pain of the senior

and the unsaid words that hid behind her

spoken words and the hot tears that were

supposed to flow down her cheeks which

she blocked away from with the deadly look

she was shooting at Mia.

Sometimes, it was better to cry and let it all

out instead of being strong and stocking all

the pain in. That way, we would have real peace. I wanted to say to her but what if she

misinterprets it and decides it was my hair

she would pull next? Or maybe my bangs or

maybe she would break my legs. Oh no,

those were my points of pride. If I lost them,

how would I still have the hope of seducing

senior Oliver? How would I be able to raise

my head up high and talk to the annoying


Oh Medusa, why did you think of that

annoying senior with a feminine name


Anyway, I couldn bring my thoughts to

words so, I kept quiet.

I do not think Senior Eira had any thoughts of

releasing Mia anytime soon as she still had

the bloody look in her eyes while her golden brown irises fixated on Mias darting one.

A knock diverted our attention and she

let go of Mia.

Remember how I said Mias hair was so

scattered and looked unkept before? Good,

the unkept look had now taken a triple pace.

Now, she basically looked like a girl on

Halloween as her hair stood above her head

scattered in multiple strands.

She quickly used her fingers to comb the

hair down and swallowed while moving

toward the door. She was probably thinking

it was her time to retaliate as the senior had

said not to open the door. She was going to

open the door.

"Don " senior Eira stopped her in her tracks

with a whisper.

"Why shouldn I?" She said almost shouting, intentionally wanting to alert the people


"Shhh" the senior touched her lips "Don

open the door, lets Iay low, and then they will

go away thinking the room had no occupants. They do not have the time to

waste on one room" she reasoned.

She doesn want us to open the door, there

must be a reason.

"Why?" I whispered.

"There is no time to explain that now." She

turned to me.

"I am getting the door, you heard the

instruction from the school authority, they

said to open the door to get tested" I saw

the stop being a bitch that Mia couldn say

out loud dangling around her words.

"Ok, if you want to get the door, its just you

three if they ask. Im getting out of here" Senior Eira said at last after an ugly silence.


The silver-haired girl had warned us and we

didn listen, now we were in this mess

instead of laying comfortably in our beds

back in our hostel. Currently, senior Eira was

warning us too what if something bad

happens because we refused to listen


"Wait, Ill go with you" I ran to Senior Eira

surprising Mia as she glared at me

disappointedly but she managed to

maintain a composed face.

I could tell she was expecting me to be on

her side.

Surprisingly, "Wait!" Mackenzie said also "

I will go too then "

Now its the both of us with senior Eira,

leaving Mia the only one not supporting the


"Mia?" I called her persuasively, she needed

to rethink her decision.

She gulped loudly to our hearings, I could

tell she was on the verge of crying. "Just..

go" she finally said her voice breaking and

hands on the door handle.

"Very well then" senior Eira said and took

mine and Mackenzies hands in hers before

teleporting us out of the room.

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