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Tóng Yáo was napping in the car when the vehicle suddenly swayed, hitting her head in the process.

Pain coursed through her whole body, making her feel uncomfortable.

At this time, the car turned into a red carriage.

If it was an ancient palace, wouldnt she be a mere concubine

“What happened” Tóng Yáo yelped.

“Miss, two clueless servants were not being careful and accidentally slipped, startling you.” A voice outside explained weakly.

Miss Servants

Something was wrong.

Tóng Yáo entered into a misty area, where she gently lifted the red curtains dangling from her carriage and stared at the greenery outside.

The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining.

The breeze was mixed with a light, floral fragrance.

There was also another 13 year old girl with two hair buns on her head.

When the girl noticed Tóng Yáo sticking her head out, her face visibly paled and tightened her hands before she respectfully replied, “Miss, we are about to arrive.”


Not long after, the carriage stopped.

Four servants gently let down the carriage Tóng Yáo was in, their hands gently reached out for Tóng Yáo to hold.

Tóng Yáo glanced at them, they were really professional, how could their acting be so realistic

“Ninth sister, why were you so late”

Tóng Yáo saw a beautiful woman appear from the bushes.

The woman grabbed her wrist intimately, acting as if she was incredibly close towards her.

This woman may be beautiful, but her performance was mediocre.

Although this woman was obviously being insincere, she still pretended to show a close relationship with her.

Tóng Yáo narrowed her eyes before improvising an excuse and said, “On the road just now, I was delayed by two servants.”

The beautiful woman was adorned with green, silky clothes.

She had thick makeup painted onto her face, making her skin look as white as a ghost.

If not for the fact this womans face didnt look bad, Tóng Yáo wouldve ran from fright.

“Ninth sister, did you prepare those people yet” The beautiful girl pulled Tóng Yáo to the side and whispered.

Tóng Yáos lips slightly rose.

Smiling, she blinked, then blinked again, her heart muddled with confusion.

Seeing her like this, the beautiful woman pulled down her face, “Ninth sister, didnt you say that you wanted to punish that trash Go outside, hire some thugs and punish that bitch.

How could you forget about that”

Tóng Yáos smile was quickly disappearing.

These days, do you need to find some rough men to deal with trash This beauty in front of her was definitely a scorpion.

But right now, she was a partner-in-crime with this no-good woman.

“Relax, how could I forget Cant you see, Ive brought four with me today.” Tóng Yáo looked behind her and grinned.

Werent those four ready-made

The femme fatale followed Tóng Yáos gaze with gleaming eyes, four servants This Dōngfāng Mínghuì was very bloodthirsty in order to punish that trash.

In order to punish the bitch, she didnt even try to be subtle with her plans, really too stupid.

Well, if this plan was discovered in the future, she would have nothing to do with it.

When Tóng Yáo saw her poisonous smile, she knew something bad was going to happen.

She quickly excused herself for a bathroom break and took the servant girl with her.

“Are you really treating me as a lady” Tóng Yáo had a fierce expression on her face.

Adding on to the fact she was always a moody person, all the servants knew about her unpredictable nature.

In one second she may smile at them, in the next she may come up with ideas to torture them.

The servant girl felt her legs soften.

She slammed down to kneel on the ground and replied, “Miss, this servant has always treated you like a lady.

What has this servant done wrong”

Tóng Yáo took a step back, not used to seeing this sort of servant treatment.

She did not realize that in the eyes of others, she appeared disgusted towards the girl, planning to abandon her.

The servant girl was scared to death, her body on the floor trembled as she tried to give an excuse, “Miss, this maid servant will change her ways, give this servant a second chance.”

She didnt eat people, why was she so scared Tóng Yáo roared, “Fine, if you respond honestly to my questions, this lady will forgive you.”

“Miss, you ask, Cuier will definitely answer to all the things you want to know.”

So it turns out her name is Cuier, Tóng Yáo nodded her head thoughtfully, “I ask of you, what do you know of our plan, is there anything that could make this better Tell me, I want the details, do you know of them Just say everything.”

When Cuier heard this, she cried.

“Speak, otherwise, haha, you look good today.”

Cuier was grinding her teeth, “Miss, you and Lady Four were discussing to find some people to scare Lady Seven.

Lady Four said, simply scaring Lady Seven would not be enough, to vent ones hatred, you should completely destroy her so she will not rob you of any man.

So you listened to the words of Lady Four and found five rough men who said they wanted to ruin Lady Sevens innocence…”

The crime sounded so cliche, what kind of brainless moron would think of this plan

Before Tóng Yáo had time to digest, Cuier added on, “Miss, this servant doesnt know what she did wrong, you wish to punish this servant, but this servant still wants to persuade you to not to get too close to Lady Four.”

Tóng Yáo stared at the kneeling servant.

“Okay, get up.”

Cuier couldnt believe it, Miss just let her off that easily

“Quick, crouch down, that bitch Dōngfāng Wǎnyù is coming.” The beautiful scorpion grabbed Tóng Yáo to hide behind a big tree.

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù Lady Seven Lady Four Lady Nine

“Strange.” Why did these names sound so familiar Tóng Yáo massaged her temples with two fingers, desperately thinking.

“Ninth sister, whats strange” When the snake-like beauty listened to Mínghuìs words, she thought she made some mistakes in her plan.

“Fourth elder sister, altogether, are there a total of nine daughters and three sons” Tóng Yáo suddenly blurted out.


Ninth sister, whats wrong with you Whyd you suddenly ask that”

Tóng Yáo stood up and grabbed her servants hand.

In a serious tone, she said, “Cuier, am I called Dōngfāng Mínghuì, and the Fourth Sister Dōngfāng Lizhu”

“Yes, miss, whats wrong”

Cuiers affirmation undoubtedly confirmed Tóng Yáos suspicions.

The news hit her in less than five thunder strikes*.

(TN* You know how animes and comics can make a character be so surprised theres thunder shocks and lightning in the background Thats basically whats being described here.)

“Ninth younger sister, crouch down, that bitch is coming.” The scorpion beauty lowered Tóng Yáos head a little, oblivious to the fact that Tóng Yáos looked as if she was about to collapse.

Tóng Yáo felt that this situation was going to kill her.

Sure, she could accept that she time traveled on a car, transmigrating into a rich lady that had food and necessities provided for her.

But why did it have to be Lady Nine!

When she attended university, she read a fantasy-romance novel.

It was a fun story, the plot was complex and fascinating, gaining mass popularity.

From being a waste to being a generation of the heavens, the female protagonist encountered all sorts of ups and downs, experiencing hardships that were unimaginable to ordinary people.

She could still recall the name of the book– 《A Genius in-Making, Rise of the Waste》and that was because the author dropped the novel.

Of course, it was actually well written.

There were all sorts of face slapping, those who had bullied and tormented the protagonist would all become cannon fodder, allowing the readers to joyfully slam their hands on the table in response towards their fate.

Among the cannon fodders was Dōngfāng Mínghuì.

Her end was truly one of the most miserable.

“Hehe, little miss, with fine skin and tender muscles, can this brother touch it”

“Elder brother, will you let me have a taste later on”

“Bad boy, go away.”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù glared at the group coldly, as if she was staring at the dead.

Those who serve their masters will eventually act like them.

Under the scorpion beautys influence, the four servants who disguised themselves as savages really seemed to have the same scent as them.

Tóng Yáo remembered, the current female protagonist wasnt the type to be easily abused.

She was already given the chance to improve her physique and wait for her growth.

All of Mínghuìs miseries originated from todays event.

Tóng Yáo pulled Cuier away and whispered to her, causing Cuier to swiftly retreat.

However, Dōngfāng Lizhu didnt notice any abnormalities.

She was staring nervously, looking forward to what was happening with Dōngfāng Wǎnyù.

Just as the four servants surrounded Dōngfāng Wǎnyù, wanting to tear off her clothes,

“What are you doing!” Tóng Yáo rushed out and waved at them with a stick, forcing the four people to retreat.

Dōngfāng Lì Zhū gnashed her teeth together, her heart filled with hate, her plan was just about to succeed.

What was Mínghuì doing with her brainless mind

The four rough men looked at each other, although they were confused on what was going on, they had already started to retreat.

Seeing as they were bold not to fully disappear, Tóng Yáo shouted angrily, “Still not retreating Do you know who this lady is”

The four men were bold, but they were also under the command of Dōngfāng Mínghuì.

They understood her unstable temperament.

If they happened to offend Lady Nine, she would certainly repay them back with spite, sealing their fate.

Therefore, the four servants slipped away.

Tóng Yáos back oozed of sweat, she was fearful that her actions wouldnt have been meaningful enough to be understood.

“Are you done playing” Dōngfāng Wǎnyù sneered.

Hearing this made Tóng Yáo angry, but this was a small issue, so her anger quickly withered away.

She gave her a rare look, “Done playing Does this lady need to play around to handle this drama”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù glanced at her coldly, “Tell me then, why did you suddenly appear”

Tóng Yáos lips curled as she looked up at the sky, “The weather is good today, so this Miss decided to come out.

Am I not allowed to be outside just because youre outside as well”

Tóng Yáo did not appear to be lying, Dōngfāng Wǎnyù even felt this person was a little different than before.

“Then, take some time and relax.

Ill leave first.”

Seeing Dōngfāng Wǎnyù depart, Tóng Yáo felt instant regret.

She wished she could slap herself two times.

She shouldve hugged that womans thigh, her golden thighs!

If she held that womans thigh, then perhaps her death wouldnt come by.

“Hello, uh, Seventh sister…”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù snorted coldly, making an expression as if she caught her red-handed, “Do you have another trick up your sleeve”

Lacking self-confidence, Tóng Yáos hands quivered, she stammered, “No, I just want to go back with you.”

Dōngfāng Wǎnyù neither allowed nor refused her, but the two walked together, one in the front, while the other followed behind.

As Tóng Yáo wracked her brains to find a way to please the protagonist, five stealthy people abruptly emerged from the forest.

“He he, an unexpected harvest.”

“Two beauties in one encounter, big brother, we struck rich.”

Tóng Yáos heart thumped loudly, realizing shed forgotten about something.

Oh yeah, Cuier said she already hired five people to deal with Dōngfāng Wǎnyù……

It was true, if you do things that will make you die, you will die.

真是不作死就不會死。 = No zuo no die = If you dont make trouble, you wont die.

Meant to poke fun at people who get karma for the trouble they cause.

Grammatically similar to “Long time no see”


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