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A calm and gentle breeze passed by ruffling both of their hair. There was a deep silence. Jonathan was dumbfounded, what the kid said did not even have a lick of logic. Within a few seconds, the rain began to start.

"You what?"

"I killed myself that number of times. It does not seem to work so I wonder if I am doing it wrong."

The man was not sure if he meant it in a literal sense or mental. There was one thing for sure, he needed to help this lost child. Death was not the answer to his problems.

"Come with me to the city." He offered.

"What would I do there? Are your means to kill lying in wait there?" The boy curiously asked.

"Stop talking about dying. We can help you. To the public, the monster association is a group of humans that fend off monsters. That is true... but what they do not know is that there is a high number of monsters that do the fighting." As Jonathan explained he removed his black leather gloves, revealing his normal hands.

The boy tilted his head in confusion, not sure what he was trying to demonstrate. In the next second, the mans hand changed color to silver and became as hard as iron.

He then swung his fist against the trunk of a tree, breaking a huge chunk.

"What do you say kiddo?" He asked.

The boy pondered about it for a while. As he mentioned before, he was only interested in dying. Happiness was something he abandoned long ago.


"YOU FREAK!" A voice filled with rage shouted at the top of his lungs.

They cranked their heads to the source of the noise to see a silhouette coming from the woods.

"How dare you steal my dream! As if that was enough, I became a **ing freak like you! This is all your fault, he came here because of you!" Marcus emerged from the shadows. Yet he looked odd, to say the least.

His skin was very pale and his once brown hair had become gray like that of an elderly man. Wrinkles surfaced on his face.

Something is not right! He is not talking about my coming here. Jonathon formulated. His mind was glued to the words freak like him.

"Get back, I think he is-" a vociferous snapping sound echoed through the forest.

Marcus hand was split into two as a slender sharp bone slid out. Blood dripped down the bone to the ground and yet he did not wince once. Jonathon concluded that the audible snap sound was created as a result of his nerves and skin being severed.

"I will pay you back in full!" Marcus yelled, running to the dark-haired kid wielding his weapon.

He had never fought before so instead of performing piercing action, he swang the sharp bone.

Luckily, the man had moved in time to thwart the swing. His hands were silver making them as hard as iron.

This is impossible. He was not a monster when I came. He gave off the smell of a human, what happened? Thoughts steered in his mind, trying to find all sorts of conclusions.

"Leave here." He ordered the boy wearing the mask as he fended off Marcus slashes. Instead of killing, he tried to subdue the boy.

"L-Leaving? Even if you manage to run, I...will find you! And I will make sure you die, suffering in agony as you do. Because of you, that thing did this to me!" Marcus yelled, his eyes tearing up yet filled with absolute hate.

Someone did this to him? Anyways, the kid has to run, he most likely fought minor crazed monsters. However, this one is sane and more importantly, someone he knows. Even amidst battle, he showed concern.

He looked back only to see the black-haired boy fidgeting with his gas mask not moving a single muscle in his legs to escape.

"Death would be the very first gift I would receive. Unfortunately, though, I promised madam Kinder I would protect her farm from rodents pests..... and monsters." He said moving forward with every word spoken.

Jonathan was about to tell him to listen to his words and run...until he saw the maniacal look in his eyes. A look he knew all too well, the look of someone expressing great killing intent.

Through the eyepiece on the mask, the boys once brown eyes shone in a deep red color. He approached Marcus and stopped until he was within striking range.

"And look what we have here... a monster." He said staring deep into Marcus eyes.

The poor boy could feel the intent to kill. Sweating profusely he ceased all movement, he was not sure how to act. He was sure he was as twice as strong as a normal human now, yet his body shivered due to the threats of a boy who was a year younger.

"Those eyes, you have done it before! How many did you kill, you sic-" Marcus accused but held his mouth before he uttered any words to provoke him. Tears streamed down his eyes as his head faced the ground.

"Are you going to kill me? Please... I-I am sorry. Sorry for the way I treated you ....sorry for trying to kill you and sorry for everything else just please ....do not kill me!" Marcus begged while kneeling on the ground.

Seeing this pitiful display of this once courageous boy, he knelt before him and raised his chin. Marcus watched nervously while watching him bring his mask-covered face near his.

" No I-" The fourteen year old spoke but a a deafening noise erupted in the woods followed by a blur that grabbed his head and ramming him through buildings. This happened in barely second.

A gust of wind followed blowing harshly, the attacker left a blue trail that soon dissipated from the air. Jonathans eyes widened as he realized they were being attacked.

He was about to run in the direction they went to but he immediately sensed a presence near him.

Emerging from a tree, a person leapt onto him but he evaded by black flipping. Now that the attacker was in front of him, he discovered....it was not a person. A monster with black scales covering its body, reptilian like eyes and long claws that touched the ground.

"That is him! He turned me into this!" Marcus yelled.

"Turning a human....into a monster?" Jonathon uttered.

Suddenly, creepy laughs escaped its mouth. It opened its jaws to produce words " I am just carrying the will of a true god."

After saying its words, it left no time for investigator to process the words as it claws extended further and it dashed to the inspector.

"You will tell me more of this...god after I render you half dead." Jonathan spoke with confidence as flames crawled up his arms.


After ramming through multiple trees, the silhouette slammed the boy against large rock.

It was yet another monster, its torso looked human. Yet, its legs were glowing in a blue color that left a blue trail as it ran.

"Are you unconscious with just that?" The monster shook its head in disappointment.

It raised the boy by the neck against the rock as its hand drew closer to his face.

We were ordered to bring the boy, but I want to see his face. What makes this week creature worth it It thought wanting to remove his mask.

As soon as his hands touched the mask, the boys eyes shot open revealing crimson red eyes that seemingly hypnotized the attacker.

The monster snapped out of it but it was too late. Blood dripped down to the ground, a stinging pain surged up his arm, its brain sent messages to its body to retreat. The arm that was once placed on the mask now flew away.

The boy raised two fingers and plunged them into the creatures eyes. It released its grip on the boy as it screamed in agony. Retreat was its first though but even with its speed, it was useless without sight.

It crashed into a tree.

"I always wonder how it is to run at fast speeds. Moving from one place to another in a few seconds. Unfortunately for me, I was born with these legs... So give me yours!" He whispered into its ears as it rolled in pain. He raised his foot, crushing its head in one single stomp.

The dark haired boy then swept his gaze around the area. He was not far from Jonathon, so he decided to head back.

Leaves ruffled and footsteps were heard. His ears picked up on this and noticed he was surrounded.

"It that the boy we were to bring?"

"Clyde is dead."

Emerging from the ground, skies and trees. A brigade of monsters surrounded him with the intent to capture.

I apologize inspector, this might take a while. But not too long. He thought. A black and blue mist crawled over his legs.

Once it cleared, his legs lit up in a blue color just like the monster he has killed.

Witnessing this, the monstsrs instinctively moved back. Something about the boy felt wrong.

"None of you are leaving. You will join my collection and your souls will suffer along with me ..... until I die." Black sharp tentacles sprouted from his backside. Ripping his back and leaving blood to leak out.

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