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“Ah!” The cold, stinging sensation made Tian Xin snap out of the afterglow of her climax.

With a jolt, she struggled to get up to see what he had stuffed in.


But Ryan pressed her small waist from behind, spread her legs even wider, and heaved in.

The big hard rod roughly stretched the p*ssy wide open, and Tian Xin could not support the force of this burst.

She flung herself onto the bed, her naked upper body pressed against the soft fur, her buttocks sticking out high in the air, her red p*ssy constantly contracting, like a thirsty mouth, greedily sucking on the man’s hot iron.


“Oh, little sl*t, you are biting me really tight.

Comfortable I’ll give you a taste of the fire and ice too.” Ryan said and wickedly picked up a long column-shaped ice cube.

He smiled evilly and stuffed it into Tian Xin’s somewhat red and swollen as*hole.


“Ah! don’t,” Tian Xin shook her head violently.

She closed her eyes and cried shrilly.

The ice cube was put into her p*ssy and as*hole simultaneously, making her shiver involuntarily.


However, her body was hot and cold in these two extremes, yet tensed and numbed.

The intense stimulation made her collapse, involuntarily wriggling her body and screaming.


Ryan was getting excited by her squirming.

He was feeling the sharp contraction of her inner walls.

Ryan could not hold back any longer.

He panted heavily and let his desire run wild inside her.

“Little sl*t, baby, you’re so wicked.

Look how hungry you are down there, sucking me hard.

Listen, it’s calling out to me.

Is it comfortable Hmm”


“Comfortable, so comfortable.

Ah! Faster! Faster! Good.

It’s cold.


So hot.

Ah! Harder.

Give me.

Ah!” Tian Xin couldn’t stop crying, not knowing what she was saying.

She had completely lost her mind.


“Ugh!” Tian Xin’s p*ssy was under the attack of ice and fire, and Ryan’s big rod was also under the same.

Seeing her wholly subjugated under him made Ryan feel satisfied and spread her legs wider.

Each time he slammed into her, he penetrated to the end.

Each withdrawal was ruthless and swift, and the flesh hit with a loud popping sound, turning all the lustful water at their union into a white liquid foam.


Only after a long time, when all the ice inside Tian Xin’s body had turned into water, Ryan hissed.

He shuddered his narrow buttocks and spurted all the thick essence inside her.


“Mmmm,” Tian Xin was f*cked to the point of falling apart.

She let out a muffled grunt when she was blasted by him, and she fainted.


Ryan came on her sweaty body and breathed heavily after.

Looking at her little face, still covered with tears, he could not help but lovingly stretch out his fingers and gently wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes.


He sighed softly: This little thing, a real piece of work.

Tian Xin’s a mother, and she’s still so restless.

It makes me nervous thinking about when she’ll disappear again.

What should I do with her


When Tian Xin woke again, she saw Ryan staring at her in a daze.

Tian Xin moved a little and felt her body aching as if it were not hers.

In particular, the two places between her legs were on fire, and she couldn’t help but remember her bold behavior earlier in the day.


Her face could not help but blush.

Her emotions barely stabilized.

She nudged Ryan, and she still had a matter to clear up, and the case could not just pass unexplained.


“Ryan, let me ask you.

Do you still like Moussa” Tian Xin asked.

The two of them had a child, so what else could they be She asked, just to make herself feel at ease.


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