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Chapter 79.2

Foreign invasion

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The following day, Chelsea hugged Moussa, who was sleeping soundly.

He was awakened by the long whistle of warning outside.


There was a foreign invasion.

Chelsea was so nervous that he shook Moussa awake, told her to stay inside and not go out while getting dressed, and then ran out.


Moussa was shaken awake by Chelsea but still dazed and did not know what was happening.

When she woke up, she wrapped herself tightly and ran out, but the battle was over.


Pulling over to ask a beastman who was cleaning up the battlefield, she was told that the bears and tigers had seen more than a dozen female beastmen stay in their village for the winter while they had none there.

So the joint attack came, and a female was captured amid the commotion.

It was Chelsea and several males who went after them.


Mousa’s heart suddenly seemed to be seized by something.

Although she had not seen the bear and tiger tribe, they dared to come over and sneak an attack and must have prepared for it.

Could Chelsea beat them He must not be injured.

Moussa was worried and stood at the entrance of the village and kept looking around.


Several beastmen came to persuade her to go home and wait, but she refused.


Moussa had been waiting from early in the morning until noon until he finally saw Chelsea, and a few people ran back quickly.


Moussa was excited to welcome them and gradually got closer to find that Chelsea was holding a person in her arms, who happened to be Philo.


Moussa froze for a moment.

She did not expect the captive female to be Philo, and Chelsea was carrying her back.


After carefully looking up and down at Chelsea, she saw that he was not injured and then relaxed.

She stopped in her tracks, not feeling well.


Chelsea also saw Moussa from afar and saw that she did not stay at home obediently.

He approached her and whispered, “You go home first.

I’ll be back soon.” He frowned a little unhappily.


“Oh,” Moussa answered and turned around to walk back.


But Chelsea’s soon was not too soon.

Moussa waited until dark for him to return.

She wanted to go out to look for him, but when she thought of him holding Philo, she was furious and simply ignored him.

She undressed and went to bed.


But the wind was howling outside, and the house was cold and quiet.

It was chilly all around, and it felt cold to touch anywhere.

Moussa tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep a bit.

Chelsea used to tire her out every night and then hold her tightly in his arms and hug her to sleep, so she couldn’t feel the cold at all.


The person warming her was not there today, so she felt cold no matter how many layers of animal skin she was wrapped in.

In any case, she could not sleep.


Moussa tossed and turned until dawn but could not sleep.

Suddenly she heard the slight sound of the door opening.

Moussa hurriedly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.


She heard footsteps slowly approaching and then the sound of turning over on the bed.

Moussa smelled the familiar smell and knew it was Chelsea coming back.

She wanted to wait for him to come over and hug her before shaking it off, but he didn’t come over.


She couldn’t help but think of how angry she was.

Chelsea had been in someone else’s house, and now he didn’t even bother to touch her.

In that case, she was still here to do what Was she waiting to be swept out of the house


Thinking of this, she could not help but get teary eyes.

She lifted the covers and sat up.

She just wanted to get out of bed and was pulled by Chelsea, asking somewhat puzzled, “Where are you going this early”


Moussa did not turn around, retorting, “I want to move out so as not to be in the way here.”


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