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Chapter 81.1

Talk About It

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


This time Chelsea was very faithful to his word and soon returned.

But from time to time, Philo will have some situation, and Chelsea had to see how she was from time to time.


He also had to go out on patrol every night.

The village elders also came to join in the fun and called on him several times to go over and talk, making Chelsea busy.


Moussa used to complain that he was too clingy.

This was good.

He stayed at home for less and less time and came back most of the time to eat and sleep.

Even Chelsea’s most enthusiastic bed sports ended in a hurry that Moussa felt as if he was treating her perfunctorily.

Moussa wanted to talk to him properly, but she could not squeeze time at all.


Mousa really could not stand it.

Seeing that Chelsea had dinner and had to go out, she grabbed him and said she would not let him go.


Chelsea helplessly took her into his arms and whispered, “Wife, what’s wrong Hmm”


“You’re not going out tonight.

Let’s talk things over.” Moussa said firmly.


“Baby, you be good.

I know I’ve left you out for a while, but when I’m done with this, we’ll talk again, okay” Chelsea patiently rubbed her hair and soothed.


“No, I want to talk now,” Moussa told herself she couldn’t be soft.

He had time for Philo, so why didn’t he have time to talk to her She didn’t want to overreact like last time, so she had to speak to him first.


Chelsea frowned.

He did not want to waste his time in meaningless talk.

Chelsea was too busy these days.

Every time he managed to have intercourse with her, he was afraid of being disturbed, so it was all over in a hurry after he had quenched his thirst.

Today, since she would not let him go, Chelsea would treat himself and feed her well.

By the time he had made her pass out, he would leave again.


“Then let’s go to bed and talk.” Chelsea made up his mind.

He picked Moussa up and carried her to the bed amidst her cries of surprise.

Then he was on top of her, and his unruly hands began to peel her clothes off.


“Chelsea, you stop.” Seeing that he was trying to do something terrible again, Moussa became angry and annoyed.

She started to struggle hard.


Chelsea nibbled her lips.

His one hand held her waist to prevent her from struggling, and the other hand grabbed the cherry red of her breast and squeezed it hard.

Moussa opened her mouth in pain, and Chelsea smoothly pushed his tongue in.

He rolled her little tongue and enjoyed savoring it.


“Mmmm,” the tingling sensation spread throughout Moussa’s limbs.

She was suddenly soft, without a trace of struggling strength.


Chelsea felt her go soft, and the hand that was around her waist traced downward.

After rubbing her firm little ass for a moment, he pulled her legs apart and plunged his fingers into her wet and tight hole, fiddling with it.


“Mmmm,” Moussa’s whole body became ecstatic, making tiny moaning sounds between her lips and his teeth.


Chelsea stirred for a while, then had to resist and pulled his fingers out of her.

Then he pulled her legs into an “M” shape.

He pressed his huge body against her opening and then thrust it to the end with ferocious force.


“Ah!” Moussa screamed out in pain as he made it hurt a little.


Chelsea was determined to make her unconscious.

He didn’t stop to let her get used to it, and he started thrusting hard.


“Ahhhhh!” Chelsea’s mega stick quickly rubbed against Moussa’s inner walls.

The glans pounded heavily into her womb each time, and the force from each deep stroke made Moussa scream loudly.


“Baby, do you feel good Your inside is really tight.

It’s been done by me for so long.

How come it’s still so tight Phew! So good, it’s biting me.

I will let you bite.

I will let you bite.

I will f*ck you to loosen!”


“Ahhh! Gently.

Ummm,” Chelsea’s increasingly intense movements knocked Moussa out of breath.

She screamed while tilting her head back to take a big breath of air.


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