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Peaceful Coexistence

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Tian Xin was furious and went forward to grab its ears.

No matter whether it could understand or not, she said, “Big lion, I am telling you, I am your savior, so your life is mine.

So from now on, you have to listen to me.

do you hear me”


He looked up in displeasure as his ears were pulled.

Yet his gentle temperament made it impossible for him to lose his temper with a female, let alone a female who resembled Moussa.

Anyway, he was alive but a walking corpse.

It was okay if she said something, so he nodded a little.


“Uh,” Tian Xin was stunned again.

“Wow, the TV really did not deceive me- this animal is really humane.

Oh, it can actually understand.”

“That, that ……” Tian Xin finally found her tongue after getting lost for a long time.

She then said, “Then after I let go of you, you can’t bite me.

Do you hear me”


The big lion nodded again.

This time Tian Xin could almost confirm that it could really understand her.

Wow, she found a treasure.

If she sold it to the circus, she could make a lot of money.

With the idea of a large sum of money falling from the sky, Tian Xin smiled so much that her eyes were closed.


By the way, was the lion a state-protected animal It was not allowed to buy and sell! Wait, is there a lion in China Oh, it seemed I had not heard.

Did she just happen to see a lion smuggled in from abroad


“Hey, big lion, which country are you from Is it China Or are you smuggled in from abroad” Tian Xin asked curiously as she kicked the big lion lying on the ground with her toes.


Ryan sighed and ignored her.

What country What smuggling He could not understand what she was talking about.


Tian Xin was pleased that the lion did not respond and shrugged indifferently.

In any case, she did not expect it to really open its mouth to answer her.

If it really opened its mouth, Tian Xin was afraid that she would be frightened to faint.

However, there was only her and a giant lion here, and if she did not talk to it, she could only speak to herself.

How sick ah.

Even though she was now talking to a lion, it was ill enough.


Tian Xin saw that the big lion really did not mean to eat her, and only then carefully untied the rope for it.


As soon as Ryan got free, he stood up from the ground.

Then he shook the fur on his body and went in the direction of the cave.


“Hey, big lion, where are you going” Tian Xin yelled while walking behind the big lion.


When she saw the big cave where Ryan lived, she exclaimed, “Wow, what a big cave.

There is water, wood, and …” there was even a beast shell on the fire.

How did it look like someone was living there


Tian Xin looked at the big lion lying weakly on the side and asked excitedly, “Big Lion, is there someone else living here Is it your master Where is he now” If someone lived here, then that would be great.

Then she could walk out of this dense forest and go home.

She was excited at the thought of going home, but the big lion did not respond to her words, so she could not help but be a little discouraged.


On second thought, never mind.

Anyway, even if it reacted, Tian Xin couldn’t understand it.

A monk could not run away from the temple, so she would wait here and always wait for its master to return.


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