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Peaceful Coexistence

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



Soon after, she relaxed again and began to enjoy this rare trip to the forest.

First, she got the lighter out of her bag and started a fire, then she cut off a piece of raw meat next to her and roasted it on a branch.

After seeing that it was almost done, she spiced it with seasoning by sprinkling it on top.

At the smell of the fragrance of meat, Tian Xin could not help but swallow her saliva.

“It smells good! I don’t know what this is, but the meat smells so good.”


From the corner of her eye, she saw the big lion looking her way and casually asked, “Do you want some” Then she thought it should be eating raw meat.

Tian Xin was surprised to see it nod to her.

Nevertheless, she cut off half of it with the sharp knife she was carrying and gave it to the lion.


The big lion almost swallowed it in one bite.

Then, licking his tongue, Ryan looked at the piece in Tian Xin’s hand.

Tian Xin reluctantly threw the half piece in her hand to him.

She had to feed the big lion to the fullest.

Otherwise, it might have moved to eat her if it was hungry.


Ryan was surprised to find that the little thing in front of him roasted the meat very well and was delicious.

It evoked his desire to eat, so he even ate three pieces to relieve his hunger.

If it were not how reluctant and painful she looked every time a good roast was thrown to him, he really wanted to eat two more pieces.


However, she roasted this for such a long time, and yet she hadn’t eaten a single piece.

Ryan couldn’t bear to let her continue to starve.

So when she roasted another piece and asked him if he wanted more, he gently shook his head.

Ryan saw her immediately let out a long breath.

She exaggeratedly wiped the non-existent beads of sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand, exclaiming, “Great.”


Ryan surprisingly found her very funny and unconsciously smiled, then froze.

How long had it been since he had smiled It seemed to have been so long that he couldn’t remember himself.


She and Moussa should be from the same tribe.

Were the females of their tribe all delicate and good cooks Moreover, he noticed in detail that she did not seem to know that he was a beastman and did not know that he could transform into a human form.

When Moussa first came, she also did not know about it.

She was frightened and fainted the first time she saw him as a beast.

Were males of their tribe could not transform


Ryan’s thoughts were confused.

Tian Xin had already eaten and drank enough.

She patted her belly, then pulled the animal skin cloak left by Moussa to cover her body and slept on the bed made of hay lying on her back.

Tian Xin was scared and frightened several times and escaped from death.

She was drained physically and mentally and needed a good rest.

She then thought about how she should go out from here.


It wasn’t long before Ryan finally came back to his senses.

He glanced in Tian Xin’s direction but found that she had covered the animal skin cloak left by Moussa on her body.

That was something that belonged to Moussa.

How could she just do anything with it In a flash, Ryan rose to his feet and scurried to her side, pulling the animal skin cloak off her body.


“Uh,” Tian Xin was sleeping and suddenly felt cold.

She thought she had been kicked again and fumbled to tug the cloak to her body.

Tian Xin then rolled over and pressed it firmly.

Ryan saw that she had yanked it back and rolled over and pressed it underneath her.

Unhappily, he raised his front paws to push her and tried to tug the cloak out again.


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