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Tian Xin ruthlessly pinched herself on her thighs, hoping to use the pain to wake up from her sleep.


“Hiss,” Tian Xin sucked in a cold breath from the pain, and her down there contracted violently with it.

Meanwhile, a muffled grunt was heard, and her lower body stopped getting jacked constantly.

Tian Xin was satisfied and opened her eyes, thinking she had finally woken up.


As soon as she opened her eyes, the handsome blonde’s face zoomed in front of her.

At the same time, a hoarse and deep male voice with obvious lust sounded in her ears, “Little thing, you’re awake” He said and kissed her on the lips as he started to move the huge thing buried inside her.


“Ah!” Tian Xin finally realized that something was wrong.

This didn’t seem to be a dream, and it was just that she was so sore and weak that she could only let him spread her legs wide apart.

He held her hips high as he moved in and out ferociously.



Who are you” The shocking and frightening feeling made Tian Xin’s whole body tense up.

The already sore hole was even more painful, and even her abdomen hurt.


“Tian Xin baby, my name is Ryan.” Ryan mashed into that red and swollen hole relentlessly without a second thought.

Nevertheless, his mouth was still very cooperative in answering her questions.

Her name was Tian Xin, he already knew.

She had introduced herself to the big lion, and he was always called ‘big lion’ or ‘golden hair’ by her because he couldn’t speak when he was in beast form.


“Uh!” The hell did she want to know his name She wanted to know why he did this to her Tian Xin screamed in her heart.

It seemed that the entrance of her womb had been f*cked by the man and could not be closed.

The fluid came out with his every stroke, making her breathless with anger and relief.


“That’s good, baby.

You must be feeling good, too, with all that water coming out.” Ryan wanted her affirmation, hoping that she would be satisfied with his ability and thus willing to be his partner.


But it sounded downright humiliating to Tian Xin, leaving her embarrassed.

Yet her sore and numb p*ssy was entirely out of her control.

It was twitching involuntarily, contracting violently, and finally reaching the peak.



So tight.

How can it still be so tight after all the f*cking So comfortable.

Roar!” Ryan roared, slamming deep inside her and cumming along with it.


“Mmm!” What he said made Tian Xin ashamed and annoyed, but the hot blast inside her made her involuntarily twitch and come with it.


“Get out.

You get out quickly.” Tian Xin regained a little strength and cried while slapping the man panting heavily on top of her.


Ryan was satisfied and pulled his rod out of her as he was told.

Without the rod plugging, a red and white fluid flowed from her.


“Huh” Ryan was shocked, wondering why there was red.

Did he hurt her Ryan reached down to check.

As soon as he moved, he was pushed away by Tian Xin.

In a daze, Tian Xin had shrunk to the corner with her clothes wrapped around her, looking at him in horror.


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