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Moussa satiated Chelsea’s desire, and he was in a good mood.

He kissed her until she was out of breath before he let her go and said, “You’re the one who provoked me first.

I was trying to be gentle with you.”


“Humph.” Moussa also felt that she was wrong.

She did provoke him first, so she changed the subject and said, “It hurts.

You take it out.

I want to take a bath.”


Chelsea pulled out his softened member obediently.

The water was already cold, and he was afraid she would get cold.

Therefore, Chelsea quickly stuck his fingers into her hole to help her get out the fluid inside.

Then he carried her out and wrapped her in animal skin, and put her back on the bed.


He also got ointment and gently smeared a layer at her entrance.

Looking at the red and swollen p*ssy, he felt somewhat distressed.

It looked like he couldn’t touch her tonight.


Moussa was tired and didn’t want to move a finger.

She lay on the bed, all dizzy and tired, and let him put the ointment on her.

Anyway, he had seen everywhere, and she didn’t have to be shy about it.


Chelsea helped her with the medicine, roasted, and got the wild fruit to feed her.

Moussa only ate a piece throughout the day.

She was indeed a little hungry and wasn’t polite to him.

Moussa let him feed her until she was full.

To be honest, she was a little tired of eating roasted and wild fruit every day, but there was nothing else to eat there.

She suddenly remembered that she had not watered the seedlings in her backyard today, so she struggled to get up to water them.


“What are you doing Why are you getting up It still hurts, doesn’t it” Chelsea saw that she would get up and hurriedly pushed her down again to keep her from moving.


“I have to go water the seedlings I planted.

I haven’t watered them yet today.” Moussa patted away his hand on her shoulder and struggled to get up.


“Okay, okay, you lie still.

I’ll go water your seedlings, okay” Chelsea couldn’t resist her and gave in.


“Can you do it” Moussa looked at him not quite trustingly.

He was powerful, but watering was a thorough job.

She was afraid he would trample her seedlings to death.


“How can I not do it Is it just a matter of watering What’s so hard about it” Chelsea was dissatisfied that she looked down on him and assured her.


“Do you know how much to pour You don’t want to pour the whole bucket, do you” Moussa doubted how he was going to pour the water.


“I-” She really asked Chelsea.

He originally wanted to pour the whole bucket down.

It would be fast for him and save time.

However, when she asked, he never had the nerve to say anything in case she would make fun of him.


Looking at his thoughtful frowning look, Moussa chuckled.

Then she smiled and clicked her tongue.

“Fortunately, fortunately, I did not listen to you.

If not, my hard-won seedlings would have been washed away by you.

Well, get my clothes.

I have to go and water them myself.”


Chelsea had no choice but to get her clothes, carry a water bucket with a torch, and follow her to the backyard.


Moussa let Chelsea held the torch and stood by while he watched.

She first surrounded the seedlings with a circle of soil, then scooped up a bowl of water with a wooden bowl and poured it over.

Then she moved on to the next seedling, and so on.


Chelsea watched from the side and felt very uncomfortable.

So it looked like his little thing was quite capable.

He got defeated, and his sense of superiority as a male seemed to have been hit.


Moussa finished watering and walked back to him when she saw that his face was not very good.

He seemed to be pissed off.


So she asked softly, “Chelsea, what’s the matter with you”


Chelsea coughed awkwardly and said, “It’s just some lousy grass.

You can’t come and water them every day.

They grow in the wild when no one waters them, and they grow quite well.”


Moussa was stunned and thought about it.

Yeah, she hadn’t planted before, so she came to water them every day.

There was no need to water more than necessary to kill them, but fortunately, Chelsea reminded her.


She was happy and hugged Chelsea’s arm and praised, “Husband, you are amazing.

Thanks for reminding me; otherwise, I would have gotten them to die.” No one knew who said that men were like children and needed to be praised by women from time to time.

Chelsea was a male beast, but it should also apply.


“What’s a husband” After hearing her compliment him, Chelsea was pleased with himself, and the gloom he had just felt disappeared.

But what exactly was that ”husband” Chelsea wondered.


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