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“Oh, husband ah.

That’s the name of the male partner of our tribe, which the female calls to her male partner.” Moussa forgot for a moment that this world did not have that appellation.

She rushed to think of an explanation that he could understand.


Chelsea nodded and asked curiously, “What should the male call his female partner”


“Wife.” Moussa responded.


“Wife, wife.” Chelsea repeated the words twice and felt good.

Then he smiled and said, “I will call you wife from now on.

You can no longer call me Chelsea.

Just call me husband.

Wife and husband are quite interesting.

Let’s hear it.”


“Husband.” Moussa leaned into his arms obediently and called softly.

She suddenly felt that it was not bad to have such a husband.

In this different world, one could change one’s life through one’s own hands.

At least, the heart was peaceful and quiet without the conflicts of the big city.


“Wife.” Chelsea, as if compelled, lowered his head and kissed her tenderly.

It was not easy to make a rough male beast like him be sweet and affectionate.


In the days that followed, the relationship between the two heated up dramatically, and one could say they were inseparable.

At night, Chelsea was still very aggressive but also tried to control his strength as much as possible not to hurt Moussa.

And Moussa also adapted to his thickness, learned to please him, and gradually began to enjoy the pleasure brought by his thickness alongside the pain.


During the day, Chelsea walked her around the village where she could go, telling her where it was safe to go and where it was dangerous for her not to go.

He led her around to dig up those strange grasses she described.

Knowing that she was tired of roasting, he even went down to the river to catch fish for her to eat.


When he returned to the village in the evening, he also took her to visit other beasts’ homes to get to know other female beasts.

There was no one to accompany her when he was not in the village.


But those female beasts did not seem to like her very much.

When they saw her, they were only modest and not very enthusiastic.


The friendliest to her was the female beast called Ivy.

She had white skin, a pair of bright, clear, light blue, gentle, smiling eyes, and chestnut hair that was soft and shiny.


The entire person looked very gentle and soft.

Moussa also had a good impression of her, but after hearing him call his partner ‘Sander,’ Moussa began to be uncomfortable.


In her mind, she kept recalling the night she overheard her outside their window, moaning loudly.


“Sander, ah! Harder! Screw me!  Ah! So comfortable! Ah! So hard, you are so strong! I love you so much, ah!”


It was too embarrassing, and Moussa was too bashful to look up at her.


Chelsea seemed to understand Moussa’s discomfort, especially after seeing her face blushing.

He also guessed that she remembered what happened.

So after saying goodbye to Sander and Ivy, he took her little hand and led her home.


Chelsea teased her as they walked, “Well, did you remember that night when we eavesdropped outside their window”


Moussa raised her head and looked around cautiously to make sure no one else was around before whispering, “Keep your voice down.

It would be bad if they heard you.”


Chelsea smiled and said comfortingly, “It’s okay, they already know.”


“What, they knew” Moussa exclaimed.


“Yeah, at least Sander knew.

The beast’s nose is very sharp.

He must have smelled us that night outside his window.

But don’t worry, they don’t mind people peeking in.

There are always soon-to-be adult beasts watching to learn.

It s normal.” Chelsea did not care much.


“What How can someone peek That.


Did someone peek from outside our window” Moussa was shocked and turned white.

She stopped and asked anxiously.


Chelsea originally wanted to say that there were, but looking at her scared pale face, he shook his head and said, “No, no.

If there were, I would have told you.” The truth was that on the first night she became his partner, almost all the soon-to-be adult beasts came to peep.

But because she shouted so miserably, those little beasts laughed at him for not being skilled.

He fixed them severely, threatening them that whoever came to peep again would be beaten up.

So no one came to peep again.

However, it appeared that someone came to eavesdrop again recently.


Moussa looked at him doubtfully and comforted herself, thinking: if he said there was none, then there was none.

Boo-hoo, otherwise, she would have no face to live.


Since then, Moussa had developed a good habit.

Regardless of how hot the day was, as long as Chelsea wanted to touch her, the first thing to do was close the windows.

She was afraid that there were really soon-to-be adult beasts peeking through.


When they returned home, Moussa was still uncomfortable inside and refused to let Chelsea touch her.

Chelsea was so impatient that he stripped off her clothes and pressed her to the bed until she passed out.


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