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The following day, Chelsea first boiled the bathwater for her and then oppressed her in the bathtub again and again.

And only then he helped her take a good bath and then carried her back to bed for her medicine to continue sleeping.

Then he prepared breakfast and ate it to go hunting.

He had accompanied her for several days already.

It was time for him, the chief of the tribe, to lead the tribe to go hunting.


Moussa woke up, and it was almost noon.

She rubbed her sore back and got out of bed, scolding Chelsea in a low voice for being a ‘stinking lion,’ but her heart was still happy.


After all, he began to be considerate of her and pampered her.

He would boil the bathwater for her in the morning, help her take a bath, administer her medicine, and prepare breakfast for her.

Even in her world, few husbands could do that for their wives, right


Moussa changed her clothes and ate breakfast.

No, it should be lunch now.

She went to the backyard to look at the seedlings she planted.

She didn’t know if the soil quality was good there.

Anyway, they all grew very strong, tall, and thick.

A lot thicker than the ones in her world.


Huh, there seemed to be a few more plants than yesterday.

Every morning for the past few days, she noticed that there appeared to be more seedlings.

At first, she thought she had misremembered them, but then she paid attention to them and found that there were indeed more than the first day.


In other words, there should be someone secretly helping her in planting.

Without thinking, she knew it must be Ryan.

By the way, she hadn’t seen Ryan in the past few days because he had gone hunting with the tribe instead of Chelsea.

She was really grateful to him.

He went out hunting and still didn’t forget to dig these seedlings back for her.

She wanted to thank him properly when she had the chance.


After looking around, the village was so quiet that there weren’t many people left.

Moussa went back to the house to get a basket and decided to go out independently.

She was almost familiar with the environment, so she shouldn’t be lost.


Moussa walked around for half a day but did not pick much wild fruit.

It was easy when she followed Ryan and Chelsea, but how could it be difficult for her.


Suddenly somewhat frustrated, she sat on the rocks under the tree.

She rested; she was so tired.

There was no one to talk to.

How boring.


Oh! Moussa’s eyes lit up.

She suddenly saw something like an egg in the grass.


Moussa rushed over and hugged it with great effort.

Haha, it was really an egg and a very big egg.

It was great, she could add something to her meal tonight, and she had an egg to eat.

In Moussa’s impression, eggs were delicious.

It should be the same in this other world, too.


Holding the egg happily, she walked back to the house.

When she passed by Ryan’s house, she suddenly stopped.

Right, she could invite Ryan to her home for dinner and thank him at the same time.


With her mind made up, she knocked on Ryan’s door.

While knocking, she shouted, “Ryan, Ryan.”


The door soon opened.

Ryan also seemed to have just returned based on his wet look.

The male beasts who went out hunting had a good habit of going to the river to take a bath before returning to the village.

It was to wash off the smell of blood, and another reason was to hide the smell and prevent the trapped beasts from seeking revenge.


Seeing Moussa standing outside the door, Ryan appeared to be very surprised.

He smiled and said, “Why are you here Come in and sit down.”


“I came to invite you to my house for dinner.” Moussa said as she walked inside and looked at Ryan’s home, a wooden bed, a wooden table, a few wooden stools, a large wooden cabinet, and a few snow-white animal skins hanging on the wall.

The layout was similar to theirs, although very simple, but clean.


“Chelsea sent you” Hearing that she had come to invite him to dinner, Ryan asked, somewhat doubtful.


“No, I wanted to come.

I went out today and found a very large egg, so I thought I’d invite you to eat with me.” Moussa replied, putting down her basket like a treasure and taking the egg out from it.


Ryan hooked the corners of his mouth at her words.

Chelsea would not be so generous as to invite him to dinner.

He hadn’t given him a good look in the past two days, so he was probably jealous.


But he was happy that Moussa thought of him.

Hearing that she had picked up an egg, he was also excited to come over and look at it.


“Watch out.” Ryan shouted.

He grabbed the egg in her hand and threw it out.

Then he took her to the door and dashed.


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