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Moussa was really frightened.

She kept crying quietly in Chelsea’s arms and ate very little dinner.


She was still sniffling until bedtime.

Chelsea coaxed her for a long time, but she still cried endlessly.

He was a little annoyed by her crying, so he kissed her directly and dragged out her slippery little tongue, and nibbled on it fiercely.


Moussa got breathless by his aggressive action, yet she was afraid of Ryan sleeping nearby them.

She didn’t dare to take any heavy movements and only pushed his mouth with her small hands.


When Chelsea had enough of kissing, he finally let her go.

Moussa raised her head and breathed heavily, and forgot to cry.


Chelsea saw that it was a good trick, so he grabbed one of her legs and hung it on the side of his waist, and his hand went down and massaged the girl’s slit between her legs.


Moussa was startled and almost cried out in surprise.

She bit her lower lip and pushed him with her small hands, and kept twisting her waist to avoid him.


However, where could she hide from Chelsea He grabbed her two restless hands and raised them above her head, holding them down.

One leg was pressed against Moussa’s leg so that she could not move.


His big hand became more reckless rubbing.

His middle finger went inside and started pumping.

While doing so, Chelsea kissed further down to her erect red button and kept nibbling on it.


Moussa could not move and did not dare to make a sound.

She could only bite her lower lip to resist the rising pleasure in the lower body.


However, the body’s reaction was often not controlled by willpower.

Moussa’s flower flowed water beyond control under Chelsea’s endless pumping.

A lot more water flowed, and the sound of splashing kept increasing.


Moussa was afraid that Ryan would hear it.

She was so ashamed that she was about to cry again, but she didn’t dare to make a sound.

She could only shake her head repeatedly and shouted no silently.


At that time, a slight snoring sound came from Ryan’s direction, indicating that he was already asleep.


Moussa flattened her mouth in aggravation and whispered, “Ryan is here.

Please don’t do it.”


Chelsea looked up and kissed her on the lips, saying in a low voice, “He is already asleep.

What are you afraid of I am thirsty, and your down there is dripping wet.

I want to drink.”


He said so and went down to her body, bending her thighs outward to present her whole p*ssy to him.

Moussa wanted to close her legs in shame, but he spread them even more.


Although it was completely dark and there was no light in the house, he could still see clearly in the darkness, a natural ability of beasts.


Chelsea looked at the pink squirming involuntary.

He swallowed his saliva and kissed it.

He was sucking hard as he pressed his mouth against hers, freeing up a hand to play with her arse.


Moussa was getting itchy and uncomfortable.

She raised her hands above her head and grabbed the animal skin beneath her, and moved up.

As soon as she moved, Chelsea drew her back forcefully, and then he stuffed two fingers into her arse and worked harder.


Moussa winced in pain and dared not move again.

He sucked her p*ssy and swallowed it with a big mouthful.

The sound was so loud that she was frightened, afraid of waking up Ryan.

The only way was to beg him softly, “Husband, please, don’t do it.

You will wake up Ryan.

Tomorrow night, I’ll listen to you.

Tomorrow night, you can do whatever you want.”


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