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Chelsea was very unhappy that her mouth was still calling another male’s name at such a time.

He really wanted to kill her.


But she said she would listen to him tomorrow night, and he could do whatever he wanted, which was a great temptation to him.


So he raised his head from her p*ssy and pressed himself against her again, confirming, “Really”


Moussa nodded.


Chelsea pushed his finger into her chrysanthemum as he wickedly smiled, “Then I’m going to f*ck you here.”


“No, I’ll die of pain.” Moussa frowned and begged him.


“No, it’s already loosened up.

I can put in three fingers.” Proving that he was right, he inserted another finger into it.


Moussa hissed in pain and hurriedly covered her mouth.

Deflated, she thought, “Forget it.

Just let him go in.

He is so interested in there.

It is only a matter of time before he has to go in.” However, when she thought of the pain, Moussa could not help but wince.


Seeing that she did not answer for a long time, Chelsea impatiently urged, “Say it quickly.

If not, I am now going to f*ck you in your front hole.

You have to keep your voice down.

If you shout so loudly, as usual, you will wake him up.”


Then he spread her legs, and his big c*ck was on her p*ssy and was about to go inside.


Moussa was shocked and quickly stopped him, “No, I promise, I promise.”


Chelsea kissed her happily and laughed, “Wife, you are an excellent wife.

Tomorrow night, your husband will let you experience a lot of pleasure.

I won’t go in tonight, but you have to suck me out with this little mouth on top.

I’m so swollen I can’t stand it.” He said so while rubbing his c*ck in her p*ssy.


Moussa glared at him in anger.

He asked her to suck it out for him, so what was the difference between that and putting it in Then she thought it would make less noise.


And so she compromised and went down on him.

Moussa appeared to want to please him too.

She no longer just held it like she did the last two times, with her tongue refusing to touch it in any way.


Her small tongue licked the top a few times, twirling in circles as it rubbed, and the smallmouth opened to its fullest to take in the huge head.


“Mmmm… ” Chelsea sounded comfortable.

He felt her soft mouth wrapped tightly around his huge c*ck.

Her tongue was so unskilled that it would sweep around, and occasionally her teeth would bite, causing him some stinging pain.


But it was so comfortable, wrapped in her tight little mouth.

The feeling was exciting and relaxing.


She spent a good time and finally got half of it in, but she couldn’t get the rest in.

She had to play with her hand on it.


Her tongue kept sliding on the top, imitating the action of pumping in and out.

However, her mouth was numb, and Chelsea still didn’t want to come.


Moussa got impatient and spat out the whole thing.

Then she looked up and complained, “Why aren’t you coming”


Moussa could not keep up with his pace.

He made her lose her breath, and she had to push his hand while she whimpered.


Hearing her uncomfortable whimpers, Chelsea was upset and quickly made a dozen or so strokes.

Then he let her go and quickly pulled himself out and came.


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