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Moussa was unable to dodge the white mess that it got all over her body.

Sitting there gasping for air, she was in tears like a poor thing and was glaring at him.


Chelsea laughed lightly and pulled the animal skin under to wipe her clean.

Then he removed her clothes and cuddled with her to rest.

He coaxed softly in her ear, “Okay, baby, do not be angry.

I will help you take a bath in the morning.”


Moussa glared at him again and retorted in a lowered voice, “Then you cannot seize the opportunity to bully me.” He helped her take a bath every morning for the past few days, but only after he had ruthlessly bullied her in the bathtub.


“Little thing, how is that bullying You are always screaming that you are enjoying my-“.


However, before Chelsea could say anything, Moussa covered his mouth and warned in a low voice, “Don’t speak nonsense.”


Chelsea did not give in and pulled down her little hand and refuted, “Where am I talking nonsense Are you not satisfied with mine”


“You … ” Moussa was exasperated.

The more she didn’t let him talk, the more he spoke.

He was too thick-skinned to know what shame was.

So she turned around and ignored him.


Chelsea insisted and nibbled on her ear, threatening, “Say it, or we’ll try it again.”


He so tormented Moussa that she could only say perfunctorily, “Okay, I’m satisfied.

Go to sleep.

I’m sleepy.”


Chelsea was very dissatisfied with her dismissal and bit her on the neck.

He said hatefully, “Little thing, you dare to dismiss me.

Let’s see how I will fix you tomorrow night.”


Moussa closed her eyes and concentrated, thinking, “That’s for tomorrow anyway.

Let’s leave it for tomorrow.”


Today she was drained.

After being scared by that green thing, crying all night, and messing around with Chelsea, she was physically and mentally exhausted.


With Chelsea around her back and his unique male scent, she suddenly felt so relieved.

It was like she was not afraid of anything with him around.

It was not long before Moussa fell asleep.


She slept sweetly, but there were two who could not sleep peacefully throughout the night.


One was Chelsea behind her.

Although the desire was temporarily relieved, he was not satisfied.

He was busy soothing the little thing in his arms, and he did not have time to think.

Now that Moussa was asleep, the scene of her being held in Ryan’s arms in the evening kept playing before his eyes.


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