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Chapter 33

I'll Only Let You Hold Me

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


She was afraid that he might break hers.

She knew that this was the fire of desire and jealousy that he had been holding in for a night.

She hurriedly clung to his neck and ingratiatingly stretched out her little tongue to lick his Adam’s apple, gasping for breath as she licked it.

“I don’t dare to do it again, Chelsea.

Ah! Spare me …… from now on.

I only let you hold.

Ah! Husband ……”


With the phrase “only let you hold,” Chelsea’s heart finally felt more comfortable and asked, “Only me To let me f*ck”


Moussa only begged him to cool his anger quickly.

No matter what he said, she obediently repeated after, “Mm… Only for you, for you to f*ck.”


Chelsea was satisfied.

Lowering his head to capture her earlobe, he asked, “Then do you feel good with me”


“Yes…  Feel good.

Chelsea, husband… You are so good… So strong … ” Chelsea suddenly hit hard the most sensitive spot inside her p*ssy.

She couldn’t control herself and shuddered with Chelsea and came.


Chelsea apparently discovered that unusually tiny bulge.

He was curious in her trembling climax.

She kept on tightening her p*ssy, but he kept on smashing it several times.”Ah! Don’t… Don’t hit it! Ah ah ah!” Moussa’s body was more sensitive because of the climax.

She could not stand that kind of stimulation.

She kept shaking her head and screaming, her hands were randomly pushing, and her legs were tighter around his waist.

She wanted to move her waist back to avoid him, but somehow she slammed herself back into him and met his blows.


Moussa became crazy from the constant overlapping stimulation.

She desperately clenched herself, not knowing if she wanted to squeeze him out or to suck deeper.

The smooth and soft body squirmed in his arms like a snake.


Chelsea couldn’t withstand her extreme tightening and was overwhelmed by her suction.

He growled and stabbed her hard again, spurting out against her most sensitive point.


After calming down, Chelsea seemed dissatisfied that he was out so soon.

He still held her against the wall.

His hands were rubbing her buttocks and refusing to take out the softened member.


Moussa whimpered and cried for a while.

Finally, she calmed down and suddenly remembered that the tribe was still waiting for Chelsea to help Ryan build the house.

He even pinned her down and made love in the house.


So she pushed him away and urged, “Chelsea, the tribesmen are waiting for you to help Ryan build a house.

Get it out quickly.”


Chelsea also knew that he could not delay any longer.

Unwilling to pull himself out, he let go of her.

While putting on the animal skin skirt, he said in a stern voice, “Little thing, I’ll clean you up when I get back tonight.” After saying that, he walked out.


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