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Chapter 34



Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Looking at his back leaving, Moussa wanted to cry.

She didn’t do anything.

Why should she be cleaned up


Rubbing her sore waist, Moussa slowly stood up and went to the bathroom to rinse herself off.

She was ready to go out and see what she could do to help.

After all, she was the reason why he burned his house down.


After taking two steps, she felt some pain in her belly.

She put her hand on it and rubbed it.

She was worried if the stinky lion had really broken it.

Then it occurred to her that, crap.

She seemed to be getting that thing.

She always got delayed for a few days every month.

There was no calendar in this place, and she barely remembered how long she had been here, but it felt like it.


She had forgotten about this kind of thing.

What should she do There were no sanitary napkins, tampons, or anything like that here.


In the end, she had no choice but to get a piece of animal skin.

She made two holes in it and then slipped her legs into it, pulling it up to her waist.

Using the stronger grass, she tied a small lump on the side of the excess part and made a simple panty to wear.

This was better than nothing.

Although it might not be helpful, it was better than the blood flowing out directly.


As soon as Moussa got out, the beastmen had cleaned up the burned remains of Ryan’s house and brought in enough wood.



Chelsea and Ryan led the beastmen to stake a few sturdy planks of wood into the ground for a good and secure foundation.

Moussa did not dare to go over and disturb him.

She saw some females standing next to her, holding buckets of water, bowls of water, and so on.

They brought water to the males to drink.


Moussa stiffly walked over and greeted them, “Hello everyone, my name is Moussa.”


Several females looked back at her, indifferently nodded at her, and turned away.


Moussa was momentarily struck.

She awkwardly stood there and did not know what to say.


“Moussa, you are also here.” A voice suddenly came from behind Moussa.

It made Moussa flinch and turn around to see that it was Ivy.


She nodded at her apologetically and said softly, “Ivy, hello.”


Ivy smiled gently while walking to her side and said, “You still remember my name.

I thought you would not remember it after Chelsea only introduced me once.”


Moussa smiled at her awkwardly, thinking how could she not remember it That embarrassing incident really stuck in her mind.



Seeing her embarrassment, Ivy changed the subject and said, “In the future, when you want to go out to pick wild fruits, call me.

I’ll go with you.

It will be more interesting for two people to be together.

I’m bored alone.”


Moussa’s eyes lit up in surprise when she heard this and said, “Really That’s really great.

Ivy, thank you.”


Ivy laughed at her words, “What are you thanking me for it’s not a big deal.” Although Chelsea specially came to ask her, she was curious about this small female.

It made Chelsea especially came to ask her and made Ryan even burned down the house for her.

This small figure was not simple at all.

The two bravest males of the new generation in the tribe were quite protective of her.


Actually, the green python was only just hatched, and its killing power was still feeble.

It should not be difficult for Ryan’s skill to finish it off.

However, it was impossible to protect her safety fully, so he chose to set his house on fire with the green python.

It was really like something Ryan would do.


Both of them chatted about one thing or another while the beastmen finished putting up the pilings and came over to rest and drink.


When Chelsea saw Moussa, he walked over quickly.

Embracing her and kissing her on the lips, he asked in a low voice, “Why are you out You’re not tired”


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