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Let The Virtuous Be

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


The bedroom door was pushed open immediately afterward, and Moussa guessed Chelsea had come back.


When Chelsea pushed the door open, he saw Moussa lying on the bed, and Ryan was standing by the bed.

The room also smelled faintly of medicine, so he guessed that Ryan had come to bring medicine to Moussa.

However, when he thought that she was injured in that kind of place, and he might have helped her with medication, he felt a surge of fire and suppressed it.

He asked in a hostile tone, “Ryan, why are you back so early ”


From the corner of his eye, Ryan caught sight of the bloodstains on the animal skin lying on the bed.

He was so distressed that he could not kill Chelsea.

Ryan also seemed to be holding back his anger and also did not have a bright face, saying, “I came to see if Moussa had recovered, but I did not expect her to be more injured.”


“She is my partner.

I will take care of her if she is injured.” Chelsea did not like his tone of unconcealed concern for Moussa.

Displeased, he said that.


“A responsible male should take good care of his female.

How could he let his female get hurt twice If you can’t take good care of her, then step aside and give a more worthy person a chance.” Hearing that he still refused to admit his mistake, Ryan could no longer suppress his anger and did not care about the consequences.

The words in his heart came out in his mouth.


“Huh!” Chelsea looked at him and sneered, “To step aside and give a more worthy person a chance.

Don’t even think about it.

She is already my partner.

She is destined to be my partner only.

Even if I mistreat her, she can never leave me.

I advise you to mind your own business and go back to your house.” Chelsea clenched his fist and strongly suppressed the fire in his heart.

If it were not for the fact that he grew up with him, he would really like to beat him up hard.


“You…” Ryan was so angry that he could not speak.

He clenched his fist and wanted to punch him.


“Ryan, thank you for bringing the herbs to see me.

I have been much better.

You go home first.” Moussa looked at the two men who seemed to be fighting with swords.

She hurriedly spoke up to stop them.


Ryan looked at Moussa.

He took a deep breath, forcing down the fire, and nodded to her.

“Then you take care of your injuries.

I’ll go back first.”


After saying this, he did not even look at Chelsea and slammed the door and went out.


After Ryan left, the room immediately became quiet.

After some time, Chelsea snorted coldly and stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at her.

He mocked, “Why Am I not good enough for you Got your eye on Ryan”


Moussa was sad that Chelsea had treated her like a venting tool last night.

She understood that he was probably mad last night and thought she would forgive him if he would apologize to her today.


But she didn’t expect to wait for him and talk about her like she was his property.

Now that he said that again, Moussa was also furious and said out of turn, “Yes, I do fancy Ryan.

He’s gentler than you, more considerate than you, more-”

“Bang!” Moussa had not finished speaking when Chelsea punched the bedboard beside her.

The bedboard was broken out by him with a ‘bang.’


“Ah!” Moussa screamed in fear.

As soon as the scream ended, Chelsea’s cold, hellish voice came to her ears.

“It’s too late to regret it now.

You’re already my partner.

You’re destined to spend your life only letting me.

If you want someone else to f*ck you, unless I’m dead, you won’t be able to do it.” After that, Chelsea also slammed the door and went out.


Moussa was left alone on the messy bed, quietly weeping.

She did not mean to say that.

She was just too angry.

How could he be so heartless to her


“Ah!” bellowed a miserable cry.

Sander became the tenth beastmen to be knocked out.


Today, Chelsea was very unusual to gather everyone over to practice hunting skills.

Although males often got together to practice hunting skills, he seemed to be too brave today.

He had knocked out ten beastmen in a row, and then no one was willing to come forward to compete with him.


“Logue, come on.” Chelsea saw no one was willing to go forward to compete with him, so he called out a name.


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