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Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Chelsea did not come back last night.

Moussa had trouble moving, so she could not get up to cook and had no dinner.

Moussa was starving all day, and her body was still suffering.

So she was sad and miserable.

She kept crying on her bed and ended up sleeping when she was exhausted.


She was in bed in the morning when Ivy woke her up.

She heard her enthusiastic chatter, and after a long time, she finally understood what had happened.


She anxiously asked, “Is Ryan alright Is he wounded or something”


Even though Ivy was a little confused why Moussa didn’t care if Chelsea was hurt, she first asked Ryan, but she still answered truthfully.

“Yes, he’s not injured, but now he’s paralyzed and unable to move.”


Moussa let go when she heard this and choked back in the middle.

Even if she was angry, she could not refrain from asking with concern.

“Then Chelsea, is he injured”


Ivy shook her head and said, “Also fine.” Only then did she realize in hindsight that something was wrong.


Amazingly, there was a big cracked hole in the bed near Moussa.

At first glance, it was fist-sized, and the animal skin on the bed was also bloodstained.

A potent sperm odor was also present.

Moussa seemed to be wounded as well and could not move, lying there.


All these things, coupled with the fact that Chelsea and Ryan fought, followed by Moussa’s concern for Ryan’s injury, made Ivy think of a very absurd story in her mind.


Ivy was shocked by her own thoughts.

She swallowed hard and asked in a shaky voice, “Moussa, you were not with Ryan when Chelsea saw you, are you”


“Eh” Moussa was a little confused about what she was talking about.


Ivy looked at her disheveled appearance and couldn’t help but yell anxiously, “Was it when Ryan f*cked you and Chelsea saw it” She could think of no other reason for Chelsea and Ryan to fight, as well as the large hole in the bed and the sperm mixed with blood.



Cough ……” Moussa was shocked to hear that.

She was just about to open her mouth to explain when she accidentally choked on her saliva and coughed.

When she coughed, the wound on her *sshole was stretched, and she hissed in pain.

The pain caused her to gasp.


Ivy saw her coughing and gasping, thinking she was weak.

The disapproval was very much on her words.

“I said, Moussa, oh, how could you do this Chelsea is so good to you.

How dare you betray him Is Chelsea unable to satisfy you in bed” Ivy asked suspiciously.

But how could Chelsea look very powerful He didn’t look like he couldn’t do it in bed.


“You…” Hearing such a thing, Moussa almost choked to death with shame and annoyance and thundered, “What are you talking about Ryan and I are just friends.

We did not do anything.”


“So, this is Chelsea’s” Ivy asked as she frowned, pointing with some disbelief at the remaining traces on the animal skin.


Moussa followed her gaze and turned her head to look.

With great shame, she pulled over the animal skin full of marks and hid it under her body, giving a few inaudible ‘en.’


“No,” Ivy exclaimed.

She asked, somewhat incredulously, “You’ve been partners for so long before he touched you” Then she smiled to herself.

She looked just like her when Sander f*cked her for the first time.

She couldn’t move and lay in bed for a few days.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t right.

Moussa had just become Chelsea’s partner when she lay in bed for a week.

Chelsea was brave, and she didn’t know that this new, delicate-looking female couldn’t stand him.


Moussa howled in her heart.

How Ivy asked for the root of the matter made her explain how she had two holes down there.

Chelsea only touched the back one, whereas the front one was almost broken by his penetration.


Ivy saw Moussa’s face red with shame.

She pursed her lips and refused to answer.

Although Ivy thought nothing was embarrassing about this kind of thing.

On the other hand, Moussa was not willing to say it, so it was fine.

So she changed the subject and asked, “What’s the matter with this big hole in the bed Don’t tell me it’s because Chelsea f*cked you too aggressively and accidentally done it.”


“You …” Although Moussa knew nothing was taboo with the way beastmen spoke, she was still a bit uncomfortable with such a blunt way of asking.

She hesitated for a while before stammering, “I made him angry.

So he bullied me hard, hurt me, and did not apologize.

I was angry, so I said some angry words.

He punched a big hole in the bed in anger, and that’s it.”


What she said was too vague.

Ivy thought about it for a while and figured out what was happening but was sure that the two had a fight.


Therefore, she said, “It’s okay, you don’t have to care too much.

It is common for partners to quarrel and argue.

If you satisfy him in bed, he will definitely be submissive to you.

By the way, Chelsea didn’t come back all night.

You haven’t eaten yet, right”


Although Moussa was furious and did not want to meet him or something, it was useless to mention this to Ivy.

She would not understand, and she was indeed a little hungry, so she nodded and said “yes.”


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