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Lesson (1)

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Chelsea was shocked when he heard that.

A look of surprise flashed in his eyes when she called him ‘dear’ for the first time.

It seemed that he had done the right thing by letting Philo live in the house.


Then, he quickly and diligently helped her cut the meat in the bowl into small pieces and then picked up a bit and fed it to her.

Moussa smiled, ate it, and reciprocated by picking up a piece and serving it to Chelsea.


Philo watched the two fed each other so sweetly.

She was jealous and was not in the mood to enjoy the delicious food in the bowl.

After a few quick bites, she said she was full and went back to her room.


When Moussa saw her leave, she was not in the mood to perform any affection.

She took her bowl and stood up to sit at the farthest position from him.

She didn’t even look at him and lowered her head to eat her dinner.


When she suddenly became cold again, Chelsea realized that she had just intentionally cozied up to him to get on Philo’s nerves.

He thought she was so enthusiastic about him because she was afraid he would be taken away from her.


He could not help but glare at her.

Moussa did not care whether he was glaring at her or not.

She was eating as she pleased and was thinking about how to fix him tonight.


The two finished eating after a while.

Chelsea got up and simply tidied things up.

Seeing her dilly-dallying without the intention of going to bed, Chelsea was anxious.

Looking at the sky getting dark, he thought he could hug Moussa soon and was really itching to do so.

Yet, he did not dare to rush for fear of upsetting her.

The only choice was to lie down on the bed first and pretend to sleep.


After waiting for a while with his eyes closed, he finally waited until Moussa slowly climbed and curled up on the other side of the bed, far away from him.


Chelsea chuckled secretly and hooked her into his arms with one big hand.


“Ah!” Moussa was about to scream with her mouth open when Chelsea kissed her, swallowing all her screams into her stomach.


After a long time of hunger, Chelsea once again kissed the lips he had longed for and immediately felt his body was hot and unbearable.

Something underneath him was instantly swollen and stiff.


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