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Translated by Ada

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She heard that she was a female from the fox tribe.

It was really like Ivy said.

The fox tribe’s females were splendid in bed.

Then it occurred to her that men seem to like women screaming loudly in bed.

Chelsea also said he enjoyed her screaming loudly.

She was so shy; did Chelsea feel unsatisfied with herMoussa hurriedly patted her hot face to stop herself from considering nonsense.

How could she think unashamedly of such things

“Pop! Snap! Pop!”


” Poof! Plop!”




The sound of flesh hitting and slapping violently accompanied by Laka’s moans rang out for an unknown period.

In the end, Laka was heard screaming, “Ahhh! So good.

So deep! Karida, ah! I want to be f*cked by you! Ah! ”


Right after that, there was no sound.

Moussa felt that it should be over inside.

She hurriedly splashed some rainwater on her face to cool herself down, then knocked lightly on the door a few times.

She said softly outside the door, “Karida, this is Moussa.

Chelsea has a fever, and I want to ask you for some medicine that can reduce it.”


There was a moment of silence in the room.

Then came Karida’s voice, which was still breathing unsteadily, “Got it, you wait.”


“Yes, okay.” Moussa obediently stepped back and waited outside the door.


Karida soon came out and seemed to be in a good mood, showing a lazy expression after satisfying his desire.

He handed Moussa a handful of herbs and explained, “Put it in water and boil it, then let him drink the water.

After that, let him exercise and sweat.

Then put the animal hide over him to sleep, and he will be fine.”


Looking at Moussa nodding while attentively remembering, his eyes flashed.

He went into the house to get a small wooden box and handed it to Moussa.

“My new formula to reduce swelling and pain.

There is an unexpected effect there.

You go back and try it.”


After saying that, he did not care about Moussa’s blushing face.

He snapped the door shut and went in.


Moussa loudly thanked and ran home, blushing.


Then she cooked the meat and then boiled the medicine.

She woke up Chelsea, who was still sleeping, fed him the food and the medication.


She coaxed him to lie down again.

She untied the animal skin on his arm and changed the medicine.

She saw that the wound seemed to be healing.


After being bullied by him last night, she went straight to sleep, and her hole was full of his stuff.

She was ready to go to the bathroom to wash off the sticky stuff.

She was in a hurry to get the medicine from Karida and didn’t have time to clean.

She felt something coming out when she moved, making her body uncomfortable.

But as soon as she turned around, Chelsea pulled her back, “Wife, you promised to sleep with me.”


“Okay, okay, you wait for me.

I’ll go wash up and be right back.” Moussa placated nicely.


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