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This repetitive action was done many times.

Moussa was a little sleepy, but he did not stop.

It was as if he wanted to kill all the fish in the river before he would stop.


Moussa could not stand it anymore, so she sat on a tree branch and said to Chelsea from a distance, “Chelsea, that’s enough.

It’s too much.

We can’t eat it all.” The fish carcasses on the shore were spread out in several layers.

It would take a long time to eat them all, and how in the end would they be transported back to the village


Hearing this from her, Chelsea obediently stopped his action.

He scurried to the tree branch two or three times.

Sitting down next to her, he gasped and said, “Is that enough” Then he glanced at the shore, then nodded and said, “Looks like a lot.

Now you can eat fish soup for as long as you want.”


Moussa got those black lines.

“These fish will go bad in a few days.

Winter is better.

You can freeze them.

When spring comes, you can’t put them in.” Without refrigerators here, storing food in hot weather was a major problem.


“That’s true.” Chelsea also thought of this problem.

In the past, they came back from hunting and ate the leftover parts to avoid spoilage.

They would pickle them, but the taste was worse.

The fish had to be preserved, which was a little tricky.


“Right, I thought of it.

Chelsea, we can make a big cold storage.

So that in the future, you can always freeze the leftover meat.” A sudden flash of brilliance came to Moussa.

Although there was no refrigerator here, so much ice in the river could make an icehouse.


After hearing Moussa’s idea, Chelsea thought it was feasible.

He said he would do it.

First, Chelsea took the shape of a beast and carried Moussa back to the village.

Then he summoned his men and divided them into three groups, digging the cellar, transporting the ice, and collecting the fish.


Seeing that she had nothing to do, Moussa went to Ivy’s house to chat with her.

In addition, check out and study the little baby in her belly.


When it was almost dark, Chelsea and Sander came back.

Once they entered the house, Moussa ran over, grabbed Chelsea’s arm, and shook it, asking, “Have you finished the ice house”


Chelsea reached and pinched her little nose, replying, “Well, it’s all done.

Want to go check it out”



Wait, let’s eat first.

I have everything ready, and when we finish eating, you can show me.”


Moussa saw that his face was a bit tired.

She knew that he must be exhausted, so she pulled him to sit down at the table and then served him dinner.


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