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Ice House

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


On the other hand, Sander also sat on the edge of the bed with a bowl.

He fed Ivy the food little by little with a gentle expression.


Moussa wondered, “There is nothing to say about this male to his female.

This is just a few months pregnant, but he is so concerned and protective.

Even feeding, he is too considerate.”


After the two finished eating, they came out of Ivy’s house.

Chelsea brought Moussa around to the hillside behind the village.

It took seven twists and turns to go to a very hidden cave.

After moving the big stone at the cave’s mouth, Moussa felt a rush of cold air.

She didn’t expect him to choose the location of the ice house here.

You must first pass through the village and use the big stone to seal the cave entrance to come here.

So it was really safe enough.


The further they went, the colder it got.

Moussa couldn’t help but shrink into Chelsea’s arms.

Chelsea simply wrapped her up in his arms by ripping off the entire cloak.


After walking about 50 meters, the cave suddenly widened.

Looking up, Moussa saw a circle of ice bricks placed neatly along the cave’s perimeter straight to the top of the cave.

The ice bricks were surrounded by a lot of ice troughs in front of ice bricks.

The fish Chelsea caught in the morning were frozen inside, and the bottom of the cave was also paved with a thick layer of ice.

The area around and underneath was constantly expelling cool air.

Wow, what a big ice house! It was also gorgeous and felt like a crystal palace.


Moussa liked it.

She pulled Chelsea and walked around on the ice.

Although Moussa wore animal skin boots under her feet, Moussa still felt the cold soles of her feet.

She looked at Chelsea and was jealous that he didn’t feel cold at all with his bare feet.

So she put both of her feet on his feet with bad intentions and then wrapped her arms around his waist and let him lead the way.


“You’re a naughty girl.” Chelsea laughed and chided.

He doted on her and kissed her.


“Hmm,” Moussa suddenly felt a chill on her chest.

He actually put his hand inside her dress and rubbed her breasts.

She struggled in shame.


“Baby, I want you.

Give me that, okay” Chelsea let go of her lips and licked the sensitive skin under her ear.

With a lust-stained husky voice, he seduced her.


Moussa wanted to cry.

He was too sexually active.

How could he think of that kind of thing whenever he saw her, no matter where he was.

Helplessly, she hammered his chest and said.

“Go home! Let’s go home.”


“No, I want to do it here.

I’ve been thinking about it all day,” said Chelsea.

Whether she agreed or not, Chelsea kissed her passionately on the ice with force like fire.


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