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Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Chelsea kissed and stripped Moussa.

His one hand was around her waist so she couldn’t move, and his other hand went down and pulled at the little ball of flesh at her flower.


Although Moussa was reluctant, her body had already become familiar with his touch.

After a few strokes, she became wet, causing Chelsea to mock her softly, “You’re getting wet so fast.

You’re excited here too, aren’t you”


Moussa was so ashamed, but she couldn’t resist his strength.

Seeing that he was determined to be here, she simply didn’t struggle anymore.

She closed her eyes and acted like an ostrich, letting him toss and turn.

She really hated this increasingly sensitive body.


“Baby, open your eyes.

If you don’t open them, I’ll keep doing it until you do.” Chelsea flipped her over to propped up with her hands on the ice bricks, and her feet spread wide apart.

He bullied her from behind, wrapping one hand around her breasts and rubbing her snow-white plumpness as he stuck one hand into her womanhood and worked it up.


“Mmmm,” Moussa felt weak from his repeated stimulation.

Knowing that he always did what he said he would do, she was forced to open her eyes.


The moment she opened her eyes, Chelsea withdrew his fingers and said, “Baby, watch how I f*ck you.” Then with a thrust, he pushed in hard from behind.


“Ah! Hurts,” Chelsea was always impatient to do foreplay.

Moussa was not wet enough yet, he rushed in.

Moussa shouted in pain when he got in.


“Good girl, endure a little.” Hearing her shouting in pain, Chelsea slowed down the speed.

He slowly went deeper and deeper.



Bad, you always …… make me endure a little.


Yourself why.





Hold back,” Moussa complained as she gasped in pain.


“Baby, who made you so tempting I can’t hold back even if I want to.

See how l do it.” Chelsea laughed lightly and held Moussa’s head with one hand, forcing her to look directly at the blood-curdling image reflected on the ice brick.


The picture was so lustful that Moussa could clearly see her flower trembling slightly as it swallowed his huge member bit by bit.


“Mmm,” the lewd picture stimulated Moussa.

She couldn’t help but moan.

Her flower kept flowing again.


“Baby, is it nice You see how gluttonous you are.

You actually ate the whole thing.” Chelsea verbally stimulated her while he started thrusting hard.


Moussa saw that every time he pulled out, a bright red tender flesh could be rolled out as if countless tiny tentacles were desperately trying to retain him.

When he pushed in, they all retracted again.

This picture was too exciting.

Moussa could not stand it and wanted to turn her head away, but Chelsea held her head to prevent her from moving.

She had no choice but to tilt her head back and softly beg him, “Don’t talk, please.

Don’t talk!”


“Okay, baby, I won’t say anything.

Watch carefully and see how I f*ck you, huh” Chelsea said and started thrusting hard.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa felt her flower was on fire from the friction of his hot rod.

She raised her breasts uncomfortably, and her hands, which were propped up on the ice bricks, lost their strength, and her whole body was stuck to the ice bricks.


“Hiss,” Moussa’s entire upper body was pressed against the ice brick.

The cold touch gave her a jolt, and her flower involuntarily tightened.


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