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Chapter 29: Repel, Classmate

Translator: Lordbluefire


The catguy swordsman dashed up to Lu Yuan.

By using a strange breathing rhythm, an air current appeared on his longsword, and he slashed it out toward Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan also swung his sword toward the catguy swordsman with his Military Swordplay.


When both swords clashed, sparks splattered and they were both pushed back a step.

Lu Yuans pupils contracted slightly. This guy was a little strong.

It had to be known that Lu Yuan had engraved and recorded an elite-grade gene.

He didnt expect that despite this, he wasnt able to win against this catguy in strength.

It was because the refinement rate of Lu Yuans gene wasnt high enough.

If his refinement rate had reached 50% or higher, things wouldnt have been so troublesome.

It was a pity that refinement rate was something accumulated with time. He couldnt help it either.

The speed of his refinement was actually considered very fast as it was.


After the first sword collision, the catguy swordsman immediately changed his footsteps, and his body moved horizontally for a distance.

At that exact moment, a fireball flew out from behind the catguy swordsman, shooting toward Lu Yuan.

The scorching temperature caused Lu Yuans pupils to contract intensely.

Without thinking, he instinctively kicked into the ground and dashed toward the left.

As a result, the fireball passed by Lu Yuan, and the high temperature caused a charred scent on his head.

Even with the defense of Blackiron Body, if Lu Yuan took on this attack forcibly, hed suffer serious injuries.

When Lu Yuan dodged, the catguy swordsman pushed forth once again, slashing his longsword out.

Still unsteady, Lu Yuan could only hurriedly put up a block with his sword.


He backed off a few steps.

The moment he did, another fireball came flying over.

Just like this, he could only dodge again.

The catguy swordsman and the elementalist had smooth teamwork, their attacks connecting well. Hence, Lu Yuan was suppressed by them.

Just then, the guard-type human fighter had recovered some strength, so he strode forward, dashing toward the catguy elementalist in the distance.

Seeing that the guard-type fighter had come charging over, the catguy elementalists countenance changed. He launched out a fireball toward him.

The guard-type fighter raised his shield and blocked the fireball.


The fireball exploded on the shield. However, the guard-type fighter let out a stifled grunt and took a step back.

He bellowed, “What are you guys still waiting for ! Everyone, attack this elementalist!”

The other three came back to their senses from their sorry plight, charging toward the catguy elementalist.

Upon seeing this, the elemental-type fighters brows furrowed.


The gaze of Xiye, the catguy swordsman who was attacking Lu Yuan, flickered.


As he let out a loud bellow, his arms bulged up and all the skin on his body became redder. He then grabbed onto his longsword tightly and slashed it down fiercely.

The intense sword wind blew and Lu Yuans hair fluttered.

As a result, Lu Yuans gaze flickered and he grabbed tightly onto his longsword as well, activating the Blackiron Body at full power. Spirit energy gushed and the longsword blocked in front of his body.


A power that was stronger than earlier caused Lu Yuan to take a few steps back.

Taking this opportunity, the catguy swordsman backed off and arrived in front of the catgirl, Moli, who had fallen.

He picked Moli up and then retreated.

Spirit energy seethed through the elemental-type fighters body, and he kept on launching fireballs one after another, not caring for his spirit energy depletion as he quickly suppressed everyone.

At the same time, he quickly retreated with the catguy swordsman.

The three of them quickly hid in the depths of the underground palaces passageway.

Lu Yuans speed couldnt be compared to catguy. Moreover, there was also the fireballs suppression from the catguy elementalist. Therefore, he didnt dare to head on forward and merely frowned and watched as they made their escape.

As for the other four gene fighters, they heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the three hunters leaving. It was as if they had turned weak.

This was especially so for the guard-type fighter. His shield was pierced into the ground for support and he kept on panting.

Lu Yuan took a look at him and realized that he was covered in blood, his countenance extremely pale.

After getting a breather, the guard-type fighter rummaged around and a crystal bottle with red liquid appeared in his hand.

He then opened the crystal bottles lid with his mouth and drank the liquid inside.

After a short while, Lu Yuan saw that the guard-type fighters complexion looked better and his panting wasnt as heavy as well.

The wounds that were bleeding also stopped bleeding within a short time.

Lu Yuan knew that this was a recovery potion.

It was a type of genetic potion that could hasten the recovery of ones wounds.

He had thought of buying a bottle of that earlier, but just a recovery potion used by probational fighters would cost $8,000 a bottle.

He couldnt afford it at all.

After the guard-type fighter drank the recovery potion, he looked toward Lu Yuan and broke into a smile.

“Friend, its all thanks to you this time around. Otherwise, the four of us would probably not be able to escape.”

Lu Yuan shook his head. “Even without you guys, if I were to encounter hunters, they wouldnt let me off either.”

To speak the truth, if Lu Yuan were to encounter those three catfolks by himself, without these few people to help hold them off, hed probably have to pay quite a big price to be able to escape.

He could tell that the catguy swordsman and elementalist had quite a good teamwork.

Moreover, each of them was probably not weaker than him, so it was too hard to take all three of them by himself.

He was still a little weak.

Lu Yuan felt that he had to continue to work hard. As for the matters today, he could only consider himself unlucky.

Lu Yuan took a look at the arrow on his shoulder and pulled it out hard.

The pain caused him to frown.

After taking a look at the blood that was flowing slowly, Lu Yuan felt that he probably had to prepare some medicine too.

Not just recovery potions. He also had to prepare some speed explosion potions and strength explosion potions as well.

Hed have them as trump cards to handle different situations.

However, all of these would need money.

Lu Yuan suddenly realized one thing.

He was dirt poor.

Just then, an uncertain voice rang out.

“You are... Lu Yuan”

Both Lu Yuan and the guard-type fighter were stunned, and they looked in the direction of the voice.

It was the young-looking attack-type fighter who was holding onto a longsword. He was quite an elegant-looking young man.

Right now, this young man was looking at Lu Yuan with a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.

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Lu Yuan looked at this young man and found him a little familiar, but he couldnt recall who the latter was.

“You are”

The young mans eyes opened wide and he let out a cry of disbelief.

“You are really Lu Yuan! Im Zhuo Ming! Zhuo Ming! The one from the same class as you! The Zhuo Ming who has undergone awakening in second year!”

Hearing this, Lu Yuan suddenly recalled something.

“Zhuo Ming So its you.”

Gene fighters awakening ceremony was held once a year, a total of three times in the three years of high school.

This Zhuo Ming was a gene fighter from his class who had awakened when they were in the second year.

As gene fighters needed to cultivate and enter the Land of Origins, they had little time to attend classes.

Hence, the last time Zhuo Ming attended a class was four months ago.

The original Lu Yuan was unrelated to this matter and was considered to be from two different worlds with Zhuo Ming. Therefore, Lu Yuan couldnt recall Zhuo Mings appearance too clearly.

He hadnt even realized that this was his classmate.

The guard-type fighter couldnt help but ask.

“Little Zhuo, you guys know each other”

Zhuo Ming nodded. “En, Leader, hes my classmate.”

After saying that, he looked at Lu Yuan with astonishment in his eyes.

“I saw in the classmates group chat that you have awakened this time around and it has only been a few days. Why are you so strong”


Hearing this, the other few also let out surprised cries.

All of them looked at Lu Yuan with astonishment.

The guard-type fighter also looked stunned.

“Friend, did you just awaken!”

A skinny young man holding two short swords looked very envious.

“It has been three years since my awakening, but I havent even made a breakthrough to tier-1. Arent you too strong”

Another elegant-looking lady holding a longbow stared at Lu Yuan and said, smiling.

“Lu Yuan, arent you too amazing Can you teach me how to get stronger”

Lu Yuan understood that he seemed a little strong from their point of view.

He smiled. “I was lucky and opened a chest before, receiving some gains. Thats why my capabilities are passable.”

Hearing these, the few of them fell silent.

Treasure chests depended on ones luck.

It could only be said that Lu Yuans good luck made others envious.

Since Lu Yuan wasnt planning on chatting too much with others about this matter, he smiled and said.

“Your condition doesnt seem too good, does it Are you heading back”

The few of them came back to their senses and then the guard-type nodded, smiling bitterly,

“This trip to the underground palace is a huge loss. Putting aside that we didnt have gains, weve pretty much used up our medicine. We even lost three party members, so we plan on returning and reorganizing first.”

Zhuo Ming looked at Lu Yuan.

“Lu Yuan, what about you”

“I have just come in and plan to continue to explore.”

Hearing this, the guard-type fighter gave it some thought before saying.

“Then youll have to be careful. Those two catguy hunters have escaped. If they were to encounter you alone, theyd probably make a move against you. Moreover... That catgirl archer seems like she hasnt died. As they should have some medicine, she might be able to recover too.”

Lu Yuan nodded. “I know.”

When he saw the guard-type fighter taking out a recovery potion, he had thought of this problem too.

He should have stabbed her one more time.

It was a pity that he hadnt thought of the possibility of them having recovery potions with them. Moreover, that catguy swordsman had come very fast.

He suddenly felt his head aching a little.

Wasnt the reason he came to the underground palace because he wanted to avoid that Vimy Corporations pursuit

Why did he offend more people when he had just come

(Arent things too hard on me)

(I just wanted to develop in peace.)

“Since you know, then I wont say much. Be careful!”


“Do you have a communication crystal Should we add each other”

“I havent bought one.”

Lu Yuan hadnt returned to Sandstone City, and he didnt have the spirit crystals to buy this thing either.

The guard-type fighter revealed a regretful expression.

“Alright then, well be heading off first.”

Zhuo Ming looked at Lu Yuan and said, smiling.

“Lu Yuan, Ill be heading off first then. Be careful. Oh, right, Ill add you after I go out. Lets keep in touch on Lightchat!”

Lu Yuan thought about it and didnt refuse. He nodded. “Alright.”


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