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My Superstar Idol System Second Chance - 2

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Back to the present, I was currently studying this "system" of mine.

Of course I knew what a system was, I had been reading novels and fanfiction after all, but this one was a new one.

I wasn a dumbass, so I knew that it had probably been written about before, but like, I never read novels about idols because they brought up painful memories, so I never knew about anything like this.

Well, for right now, all this was telling me was that I had my job planned out for the near future at least.

Become an idol... well, the quickest way would be to get on that new survival show coming up.

If I remembered correctly, instead of being rigged like a lot of other survival shows, this one was done to make it as fair as possible, with the last 5 idols standing being the ones that made it into the new boy group that SPK entertainment had planned for.

But the problem was the "how" in getting onto that survival show.

Luckily, I knew some things about the survival show, after all, I had been an idol in my first life too.

Yes, I had been an idol whilst also being a piece of **, surprising, right?

Although, back then, I had relied purely on my looks to get into my boy group, but I had learned singing along the way.

But my looks...

Not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I was ranked one of the top 5 hottest men in the world for 3 years in a row, before I disappeared off the idol scene due to cancer.

And, whilst many in the populace were sad about my departure from the group that I had been in, most other idols had secretly rejoiced, as what was not to hate about a guy who had relied on only his looks to get where he was?

Anyways, what I had been trying to get at was the fact that I definitely had the ability to get on the show, once again, I had my looks, but other than that, I had definitely improved my singing during the time I was an idol in my past life, and my dancing, well, lets just say I did a lot of that during my second life.

Cough cough... it was definitely not in gentlemen clubs... cough cough. (A/N: Male strip clubs, for the uninitiated.)

It was for assassinations, okay?

Back to my predicament, I continued to think about how I would get on the show, specifically, how I would use the information that one of my fellow idols that had been kicked out of the show but had later been brought into another group had told me.

"I never meant to be an idol in the first place. I was only put on the show because I had been break dancing in the park one day when the producer of the show walked by and I caught his eye."

Remembering his words, I knew that I had to exploit this opportunity.

Sorry man, but like, I gotta do this.

Looking at my wife who had fallen asleep and was leaning her head against me shoulder, well, I couldn help but make a promise in my heart that I wouldn fail her again in this life.

In that one second, a rare, true, expression flashed on my face, as I smiled warmly, taking in her beauty, kindness, and love in its entirety once again.

She was probably one of the only two people in this world who could make me smile like this, and that was why I would treasure her.

After all, I wouldn see her for a while after this.

So I would enjoy the moment.

Leaning my head on hers, she reacted to my touch and shuffled her own body a little, getting into a more comfortable position, all of this in her sleep.


Maybe it was because I was now over a hundred years old mentally, or maybe because this body was currently 16 years of age physically, I couldn bring myself to truly "love" her in the way that she loved me, not just yet at least.

My feelings for her right now were those of trying to repent, to atone for my past sins.

Maybe, along the way, I would be able to experience true love.

But, at the moment, this would do, as I reciprocated her snuggles with my own.


"Ha-neul, weve landed."

Feeling her careless whispers in my ear, I slowly opened my eyes like a normal human would do after a long nap.


"Why didn you wake me up?" I asked, seeing that we were the last ones left on the plane.

"I just wanted to look at your sleeping face for a second longer." She replied, poking at me teasingly.

I smiled again.

Damn, I was smiling a lot now.

Yes, I had only smiled twice, but compare that to living a whole life where I only genuinely smiled once every half year or so when I visited my little sister again.

Now, I had genuinely smiled twice in one day, that was an accomplishment, I guess.

Taking the time to go through all the stages of being woken up from a nap, I decided that now was the best time to do it.

We were the only ones left on the plane after all, and I knew that my heart would only hurt even more if I pushed this off any longer.

Oh how the happy moment we were having together would end so quickly.

But, I had already made up my mind.




"Uhm, Ha-neul?"


I just continued to stare at her, biting my lip, as my troubled mind still hesitated, even though I had said just a moment earlier that I had already made up my mind...

"Is this about the wedding? I know it was quick, and we haven consummated it yet, but I truly do love you..."

"I-Its not about that... Look, So-ra, I want to become a man worthy of your heart."

"W-what do you mean?"

Looking at her, I could already guess that she had guessed what I was about to say next, as she looked at me with an expression of somebody that was worried with a little bit of shock and fear mixed into it.

"Kang So-ra, my wife, the daughter of Kang Min-ho, president of Kang Corporation. Would you allow me this one request?"

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