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My Superstar Idol System Separation - 3

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Getting onto my knees, I held her hand up to my chin as I looked up at her trembling eyes.

"Please, even though we have just been married and have only gone as far as to kiss, as your husband, would you grant me this one request?"

"W-what is it?"

"Please, allow me a year to become a man equal to you."

"W-what would this mean?"

"No contact, at all."


She was visibly shaken, as her whole body started shaking.

Keep in mind, we were in the aisle of a plane, so she could hold onto one of the seats to support herself, but she never did, only grasping onto my hand, as she gripped it tighter.

"Please, I beg of you."

Lowering my head, I held her hand to my lips, as I gently kissed it.

And then, with my lips still on the back of her hand, I waited for her response.

"I... I..."

Seeing that she was still hesitating, I took one final action.

Slipping my hand out of hers, I got completely down on the ground and pressed my forehead to the floor of the plane aisle.

"B-but, Ha-neul!"

I stayed silent, keeping myself in that position.

Please, I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, let me repent, let me become someone that you can be proud of.

As if trying to transmit this message to her, I thought about it over and over again as I "looked" at her in my mind.


Shouting this, she grabbed her purse before stepping on my back and leaving the plane.

Ahh... to see a legendary assassin being stepped on by a woman before being left all alone, what a funny sight.

What a sorry sight.

After waiting a few minutes, continuing to stay in that position, I finally got up again, took my luggage, left the airplane, and then hailed a taxi headed towards my home.

It was a place I hadn been to in 4 years, according to this timeline at least, as I had left it when I was twelve to go study overseas so that I could get a better education, and so that my noona could focus on her idol activities.

I wonder how you

e doing now, Noona.


"Im back!"

Expecting a projectile to crash into me, I held my arms out, but the projectile never came.

Ah, she must be practicing right now, or she might be on a "job".

Thinking about how busy she was, I decided that it was best to make her a meal, so that she wouldn need to cook one herself after a long day of whatever she was doing, whether it was "work" or idol activities.


Taking a look in the fridge, I couldn help but grumble a little bit.

She can even take care of herself.

Seeing the barely stocked fridge, I quickly dressed again for the outside world and walked to a local supermarket that I had seen was still there after all these years on Naver.

Shopping quickly, I carried the ingredients in plastic bags whilst running back home, using my skills to make sure that everything was still perfectly fine even under the stress of my run.

"Click click click!"

Firing up the gas stove, I quickly started reducing a stock, as I was making soft tofu stew.

A dish full of flavor whilst being mostly healthy with little calories, it was a great dish for my sister, and I knew that she probably couldn make it herself due to the amount of time it took to make something like this.


Tasting the soup, I found it a little bit salty, so I added in more stock.


Mmm, perfect.

Turning off the stove, I put the lid on the pot, wanting to keep it hot.

Looking out the window, I noticed that the sun had already set, and the crickets had been chirping since a while ago.

It was a nice day, so I opened the window, letting the cool night breeze flow in and ruffle the blinds.

Coming back into the kitchen, I resumed my cooking, as I started to prepare the side dishes and I also set the table.

Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was already 11:00, I couldn help but complain in my mind.

Come on Noona! Its so late and you

e still out there working your ass off?

She was really committed to whatever she was doing, I had to give her that.

Shes gotta be home in at most another hour right? I guess Ill start heating up the soup again.

Continuing with my work, I waited for my Noona to come home.



Covering my yawn with my hand, I bid farewell to the workers at the agency before heading home.

Ah, when will I see Ha-neul again?

Thinking about that little kid that had always been running around my legs, I couldn help but chuckle a little bit.

I had practically raised him up after his parents had died, and then my parents had died, and so I was more of like a mother to him.

But there were also all those times where he had to take care of you.

Indeed, he had practically became my caretaker every time I finished a concert or had gotten off a particularly hard job, making me dinner and tucking me in bed.

Such a sweet kid.

It was honestly too bad that he had that darker side to him that he tried so desperately to hide.

It was one of the reasons I had sent him overseas, to maybe change him a little with a new culture.

Because, if our familys monster also took up residence inside him, I wouldn know what to do. I had already inherited it, and I wouldn know what to do if he somehow got it too.

Even after all this time, I could only feel emotions when I was around him or thinking about him, everything else was just fake.

If he became like me, but couldn show emotions to anybody at all... my heart would break.

Wait, why am I even thinking about him? He still has two years of schooling left.

He was only 16 after all, and so he wouldn graduate high school until he was 18.

But then, something broke me out of my thoughts.

Seeing the lights inside my house already lit up, I quickly stuck my hand in my coat and held onto the knife hidden there.

Noticing that a window was open, I decided to use it as my point of entry, easily jumping through it from the garden behind my house and onto the carpet inside the house, without disturbing a single speck of dirt or a single leaf on my basil.

Crouching, I completely hid my presence and made my way to the kitchen, where I could hear someone humming.

I creeped up behind the man in front of the burners.

And then, I pounced.

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