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My Superstar Idol System Noona (1) - 4

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A/N: So, Ive missed a few chapters of MSIS this week (3 chapters), so Ill be doing them all today.


Deftly dodging the knife that had been headed towards my head, I quickly ducked down, in case the assassin was aiming for my neck next by switching their grip, and then I swept my legs towards them.

You see, I had somehow come into a body that had already been trained for assassination, the same body that I had in my second life. It was probably just a benefit of the system, but, it was helpful, so I wasn complaining.

Tch, thin air.

Realizing that I had hit nothing, I threw the pot with the food still warm in it up into the air and turned to look at my opponent.

In that moment, we both stopped, before I extended my hand out to catch the falling pot along with all the stew that had fallen out whilst it was all still in the air, all in a half crouched position.

Standing back up, I put the stew back on the counter before looking at Noona.

"Come on, I know you can recognize me."

After all, she had stopped her assault, whether that was because she was confused or because she had an inkling of who I was, was still a question that needed to be answered.

I was pretty sure it was the second possibility, because she was extremely trained in her job, so she should have been able to recognize me, but then again, I had grown a lot during the past 4 years, especially because it was my teenage years too.



"Goddamn you mother**er!"

Letting her hit my head, I just stood there, a little bit shocked that her first reaction would be getting mad at me.

No hug? No kiss? No tears?

Damn, reading too many romance mangas in my past life had certainly took my expectations to another level.

This was the reality of living in a sibling relationship, unfortunately.

Feeling my head being grabbed, I braced myself, as she started kneeing me in the face.

Welp, my hand was there in front of my face in less than a half a second taking the brunt of the force, but it wasn like it didn hurt.

"How can you do this?"

Grabbing my hair, she pulled me back up until we were looking each other directly in the eyes, her nose touching mine.

"Do what?" I asked, a snarky smile still on my face.

"Don act like you don know! I would know that muscular structure the moment I saw it anywhere. You became an assassin, didn you?"

"And why can you scold me? You

e an assassin."

"B-but I did it so that you didn have to be one..."


Welp, that was one emotional second. Was me being an assassin really that bad?


I take that back.

"I have no **ing clue what you

e talking about."

Ill just act fool.

"But you just said that you were an assassin!"

"No, I said you were an assassin."

"B-but you implied it!"


Act fool, act fool, act fool...

And then, she went in for the kill.

Pinching a certain part of my body, and seeing that I had a substantial amount of muscle there, she knew.

After all, only assassins ever used that muscle, no other job did.

Knowing that the game was up, I relented.

"Fine... But hey, it wasn like I wanted to..."

Casting my voice lower when I said the last part of the sentence, she immediately understood, as she had gone through the same pain.

"Those mother**ers, they said theyd only take me in, but they took you too?"

"The traits that we inherited are just too good, I guess."

You see, even though I was her adopted brother, if you went back 4 steps along the family tree, you would see that we had the same great grandparent.

And, whilst she was only a part of the branch family, I was a part of the main family.

The only reason she had been forced to become an assassin was so that I wouldn be one, as she wanted to protect me from the horrors of this world.

I was her only remaining family after all, branch family or as an adopted one, and so she unconditionally loved me.

And so, she had sacrificed for me, like I had sacrificed for her during my second life.

I understood her decision better than anyone, because I had done the same, and that was why I couldn hate her or anything for becoming a villain-like entity.

After all, I was the true villain here, and so I had no right to look down on others.

"Ah, but youll never find those guys."


"Because they

e dead."

Yup, the first thing I had done before anything else was that, as soon as I landed in Korea, I had called up the "League" and had put up assignments for hits on all the elders of our family.

Of course, I had done it with my sisters money, but she didn need to know that.

She was almost a billionaire after all, whether more of it was from her job or from her idol work was for you to decide.

"Did you get them?"

"Nope, but I put out hits for them. Should be getting results in a few days."

"And whos money was it?"



Wincing, I braced myself for impact again, but it never came.

"What are you doing just standing there? I wanted them gone too. I just never thought of this method for some reason."

Looking up and seeing that Noona had somehow already put all the food on the table, I grinned a foolish grin.

Ahh... it was good to be back.

Smiling this whole time, I had a good dinner with her, as I told her about everything that had "happened" whilst I was overseas, enrapturing her with stories of my escapades and the like.

"Oh yeah, you won believe it but I..."

Pausing for dramatic effect, she knew that it was important, so she looked at me clearly, with her mouth full of food looking so cute!

"I got married."


Spitting all the food in her mouth onto my face, she calmly wiped her own mouth before looking at me with an evil look in her eyes.

"And who might my new sister in law be? And why haven you introduced her!"

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